2701 – Shopping Around with Colton Dunn

Colton Dunn



00 – Welcome in! It’s a new season! Jimmy talks about what we talk about and what is important to the show. 

Jimmy shows off his 86 45 shirt and talks about how it’s worse than a Gildan. 

JImmy did some more fan phone calls over the weekend. 

There are nine people who want a phone call but refuse to schedule it. 

Jimmy talks about the first solo show he’s done which he did for flappers. It went for 30 extra minutes!

He talks about some of the stories people asked for at the show including Oliver dancing with a motion sensor santa (or something) and the Retention Retention story! 

Based on the response, Jimmy will probably do more of these types of shows. 

Jimmy’s hoping these clubs are able to stay afloat during all this. 

Matt’s finally cut his hair! He talks about it. He did it himself with some clean up from Elise! 

10 – Charlie will not allow his hair to be cut! 

Jimmy reminds Matt that he is the parent and Charlie is the child. 

Eliot wonders if any of us have had bangs. 

Jimmy talks about Julie Dixon Jackson working on his family tree and getting more info on his grandfather’s mob adjacent life. He was Al Capone’s accountant for a brief moment and his grandmother was Capone’s wife’s best friend. 

15 – Jimmy shows off some old photos that Julie apparently tracked down. 

We get in deep into what’s going on in Garon’s life!

Dad heart procedure, brother tumor, job gone, covid exposure. 2020!

Australia isn’t real?!


Quokka! https://mymodernmet.com/australia-quokka-animal-smiling/#:~:text=Known%20for%20its%20charismatic%20grin,of%20the%20hashtag%3A%20%23quokkaselfie.&text=Though%20quokkas%20call%20a%20number,are%20taken%20on%20Rottnest%20Island.

25 – Talking about Eliot’s iphone password. Matt reads a recent email. 

Matt was apparently the keeper of this password and he had no idea. 

30 – I immediately guess the password. 

Roommates in the bathroom on the phone.

Colton Dunn is here! We’ll be right back!

We’re back! 2701! First episode new season new guest!

Jimmy talks about meeting Colton. 

35 – Jimmy talks about the family loving superstore and Colton! 

Jimmy has some questions about the show. 

Jimmy asks about Colton’s character using a wheelchair and how they decided on his casting over an actual handicapped person. 

Watch Superstore! 

They’re going back to work on 9.8! 

40 – Superstore shoots on the Universal Lot! 

Jimmy talks about how the set of Superstore doesn’t look at all like a set. It could be a real store. 

Colton’s son is named Adrian and is 7 months. His daughter is 4. 

Jimmy asks about the difficulties between raising a boy vs a girl. Colton talks about it. 

45 – Jimmy misses the baby years. 

Colton talks about the show shutting down and the final episode getting scrapped. 

Trivia time!

Trivia topic is: Let’s Roll – Dice Facts. 

Garon: Human Bones (10 pts)

Eliot: Human Finger Bones (10 pts)

Matt: Elephant Bone (4 pts)

Colton: Human Bone (22 pts)

Jimmy: Whale Bone (7 pts)

The Very First Pair of Dice Were Made From What Material? 

50 – Round the horn! 

It’s 85 in North Sherman Oaks! 

In Glendale, it’s 89! 

55 – Can we stop blaming the year? 

I watched My Spy! 

Jimmy watched a doc over the weekend!

Live From the Space Stage: A Halyx Story


60 – Matt has more questions for Colton as Jimmy writes out his answer. 

Colton wants to keep all the Jordan’s his character gets to wear and the diamond shirts designer. 

It’s a 17-hour flight from LA to Australia


1h10m – Eliot! The Bionic Bore. 

Object of Ridicule = Hochberg 

Someone got stuck in the elevator at the Familiare. They used the callbox to call the fire department. 

1h15m – Die Hard Christmas movie! We dive into that despite it being a joke. 

1h20m – Matt’s kids are back in school but via Zoom! 

Some zoom scares earlier but seems to be going okay. 

1h25m – Talking raising kids during this pandemic. I suggest handball. 

Matt guesses Elephant Bone.

We’ll be right back!

We’re back! Colton Dunn is here! Long time friend of Jimmy’s first time appearance on the show. 

Superstore is back to work soon! 

1h30m – Talking Ted Lasso. Colton loves it! 

Matt wishes it was longer. 

Colton’s answer is Human Bone!

Jimmy’s answer is whale bones.

Do we have a winner?

1h35m – Trivia answer following some dice facts (obvious facts)

The Ankle Bones of a Dead Animal.

Matt takes the win with his lowest bet!

1h40m – Colton talks about Boom Chicago. 

Colton talks about being born in Normal, OH and grew up in St. Pau then went to NYC. His first writing job in LA when he finally made it here was for Mad TV. 

Superstore talk! I don’t watch ☹ 

1h45m – Talking about how the cast is in real life. 

Jimmy’s giddy the show is coming back soon! 

We’re done! 

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth