26Y – Choosing Wisely with Dana Sdhwartz

Dana Schwartz

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher



00 – Welcome in!

Fire talk!

Matt’s charity of choice is We Didn’t Start The Fire. Or Yes, didn’t start the fire?

Arsonists anonymous?

Why arson?




Jimmy got an inversion table. He talks about it. 2 and 2 (minutes)! 

Jimmy and Oliver went to the driving range. They were only there a few minutes. There were way too many people there. 

Jimmy’s not a fan of the second floor driving ranges. He’s afraid to fall even though he knows it isn’t really possible. 

We hear various versions of The Man on the flying trapeze!

25 – The Chipmunk Song is the only Christmas song to reach #1 until Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You.

Apparently, Hit Parade is doing music trivia now. 

We’ll be right back with Dana Schwartz! 

We’re back!

Dana Schwartz is here! 

30 – Jimmy wonders if Dana and he have ever met. 

Dana talks about her visits with Kyle Anderson. 

Jimmy’s deep into the DNC Convention and Eco Challenge. 

Jimmy asks Dana for her celebrity expertise and specifically about Brad and Jen. 

Dana is kind of obsessed with Ben Affleck and Ana (Knives Out) walking their dog all the time. 

Jimmy is on board. 

Talking celebs keeping Oscars in the bathroom. 

35 – Celeb favorite swears ala Inside The Actor’s Studio. 


Ben Affleck won an Oscar for Best Screenplay (Good Will Hunting) and Best Picture (Argo).

Jimmy and Matt share Roger Ebert stories. 

40 – Matt shares Charlie’s rating system. 

Big mug of coffee for Dana! 

Sweater on a hot day?

Talking the convention

Dana is not a trump fan!

She broke up with her partner prepandemic. 

45 – She had one or two relapses. 

Marisa Tomei talk


Jack Palance gave the award to her. 

Avril Lavigne double?!


Dana has deleted all her dating aps. 

55 – Beetlejuice! He was a street kitten that Dana adopted. 

Round the horn! 

Temperature check! 

1h5m – Eliot doesn’t watch movies as a religion. 

Talking Marvel movies! 

1h10m – Dana loves Clue! 

My Y is Yes!

Dann sneaks her guess in (Yanni) and we explain it’s not a band! 

Yanni talk! 

Ted Lasso talk!

1h20m – Eliot researched our names! 

His name means to be ridiculed. 

Eliot’s Y was Yes but he switched it to Yardbirds. 

1h25m – Matt goes Yaz/Yazoo. 

It’s Dana’s turn! She goes with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Did not win.

Dana’s last concert was Laura Marling or a pod save America with Jenny Lewis. Actually it was Panic! at the Disco.

Choose Your Own Disaster is Dana’s book! 


Fan guesses.  

1h30m – Fan guesses and Dana’s tiny closet. 

Jimmy’s guesses:

5) Y&T

4) Yardbirds

3) Youngbloods

2) Yes

1) Yaz

Matt wins!

Dana gave us a perfect new idea for the game! Winner takes over! 

Dana has a few Dana Schwartz projects getting her paid, including two podcasts, scripts, and books! 

1h40m – Dana talks about her previous work situations!

We’re done!


My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth