26Q – Living Arrangements with DeAnne Smith

DeAnne Smith

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello! Q for Query!

As in what are you doing June 30? We’re doing a Live Stream! Get ready for it!

Jimmy had to go to Home Depot and had to leave when two pieces of white trash came in and refused to wear masks.


Up top my pandemic!

Jimmy got the covid test. Up the nose Kotter style!

He did it himself actually.

No covid for Jimmy! He then went and had an epidural for his back.

The vid!

10 – Matt wonders if Jordan was in full PPE. She was!

Why do coke workers work naked?

Why Coke workers are naked? from gtaonline

Jimmy has an office chair update for us.

He ended up at Recycled Furniture in Sante Fe Springs and is in love with his chair now.

We take a deep dive into The Munsters.

The short answer is that Eddie Munster [1] is mixed and with the randomness of mixed raced people his phenotypes give him what we consider a predominantly werewolf appearance, while still exhibiting traits that are commonly associated with vampires (e.g., sleeping in a coffin/chest of drawers).

25 – We’ll be right back with DeAnne Smith!

We’re back!


DeAnne Smith is back with us!

She’s over in Silverlake.

Talking masks!

30 – DeAnne talks people walking in the wrong direction on the reservoir.

Jimmy recounts his billy situation at Home Depot.

DeAnne moved down from Canada to the US. She settled in LA in March just in time for the lockdown.

Talking sports and covid.

35 – There was a live NNF coming up. CANCELED!

The Comedy Attic reopened apparently.

We talk to DeAnne about her Black Lives Matter efforts, including her sending boob pics to people who donated to BLM. She raised over 30k with her “sick rack.”

40 – Jimmy almost sent her his receipt for humor but didn’t want to be creepy!

“It’s a sweet rack!”

45 – DeAnne talks about being Agender and her boobs sometimes being an issue.

Round the horn!

50 – I Went on a hike!

Talking masks, trivia, no shirt no shoes no service signs.

DeAnne walks us through her “interesting” living situation.

55 – She has a “relentless witness.”

Talking separate beds as couples.

60 – DeAnne talks more about her relationship plans. They want to have a normal dating experience eventually.

1h5m – My Q is Quarterflash!


No I can’t name a single song of theirs.

DeAnne’s Relentless Witness is home! Nicole! Bye Nicole!

1h10m – Lots of time spent trying to guess Eliot’s L singer: Linda Rondstadt!

1h15m – Jimmy and family are binging Superstore. He loves it.

Eliot’s here! He watched Space Force and enjoyed it.

Apparently, no one else does though.

1h20m – Eliot’s Q is Queen!

Doc talk! I missed the title.

Southside Chicago is here!

Matt is going with Quarterflash!

1h25m – DeAnne is going with Quicksilver Messenger Service


We hear the fans!

1h30m – DeAnne talks about the one and only time she did acid.

1h35m – more fan guesses.

Jimmy’s Qs:

5) Quarterflash
4) Qucksilver Messenger Service
3) Queensryche
2) Queen
1) Quiet Riot

Talking foods during pandemic.

Oliver hates sushi or kiwi. Or meats.

1h40m – Jimmy stopped eating veal once he found out what it was.

We’re done!

Thank you DeAnne!

Should I offer up a dick pic for donations?!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth