25Q – Riding Through Mansions of Glory with Brendan Smith

Brendan Smith

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Welcome in! 25Q for question!

Jimmy just went off topic about a southern cat.

Kamala Harris talk. Is she Biden’s VP?

Jimmy’s having Kia troubles! He talks about it and using their satisfaction survey as a weapon.

Jimmy talks his driving test, he didn’t know how to parallel park.

The guys talk parallel parking and how turning to the center of the car is better.

10 – Amazing Race talk.

Matt and Jimmy’s new Amazing Race show?!

Uncle Garon!!

15 – Jimmy and Matt’s families are done with Masked Singer. Jimmy has grown to hate it.


Eddie Murphy vinyl and some sweaters from Kennedy Todd!

More mail!

Brendan Smith is here! He has a quick story.

Jimmy’s got a handful of money to give out if we can guess someone’s opening act.

30 – $93 to whoever guesses!

Jimmy panicking now because Brendan was there!

35 – Jimmy RUNS THE SHOW!

Money in Brendan’s hand!

One last piece of mail from Kia.

Board games!!!

What’s the vinyl?

Jimmy’s mom HATED Jerry Vale.

50 – DOUBLE OR NOTHING on the Anthony Newley album!


Brendan guesses 1968!

The correct answer is 1971!


The Brando Cast!

55 – Jimmy talks seeing Meatloaf in Chicago.

Iron Maiden show talk!

Jimmy’s seen them 5 times.

We’ll be back!

60 – We’re back!

It’s P today!

Brendan talks about his podcast The Brando Cast where he uses a band/music to spark conversation about anything else.

What is a karaoke fauxpas? Hotel California! Bohemian Rhapsody and American Pie also.

Brendan talks about doing Karaoke at the Farmer’s Market in the late 90s. Jeremy Renner was one of the regulars. Brendan talks about having a one night stand after performing Born To Run for a fan.

1h5m – He met this fan again at a party at Jonny Galecki’s house and then ended up waking up in some house in Beverly Hills that may or may not have been Simon from Duran Duran.

1h10m – Oliver on Beetlejuice 2: “It’s not gonna be good right dad?”

Talking Cats.

1h15m – Round the horn!

Brendan likes Samurai/ninja movies.

Bruce Springsteen talk!

Jimmy’s putting his $93 back on the table again if Brendan can guess his 2nd favorite Bruce song. Brendan was remarkably close! It was Lucky Town.

1h20m – My P is Peter Frampton. Jimmy had Flappers shows so he couldn’t see the final tour.

Brendan has never seen Frampton.

Trivia question!

Who was the first celebrity to guest star on “Sesame Street?”

Matt: John Lennon
Jimmy: Bill Cosby
Eliot: Frank Sinatra
Brendan: Wilt Chamberlin

The correct answer is James Earl Jones

It’s a $7 side bet whether or not Kareem Abdul Jabbar made it on Sesame Street.

1h30m – Eliot got recognized at the Mar Vista Art Walk by a fan named DJ!

They had a nice convo and DJ bought an art book of his friends for Eliot.

Eliot got another haircut. He did it himself. It is an improvement.

1h35m – Brendan lived in Palms when he first moved here.

Lots of Palms talk!

Eliot’s P is Paul Williams!

Matt’s P is Pete Townsend.

Brendan and Jimmy were at the same WHO concert also! That makes 3.

Talking Liam Gallagher opening for The Who.

1h40m – Jimmy vs Brendan Classic Rock Quiz!

Brendan: 4

Jimmy: 5


Brendan has a quick buzzing in story. He was a contestant on Remote Control Live. “The game is rigged you irish bastard.” – Colin Quinn to Brendan during a break after his buzzer was never working.

1h50m – Fan P!

Talking Billie Eilish not knowing Van Halen.


2h5m – Talking Genesis pre Phil Collins with Peter Gabriel.

More fans.

Jimmy predicts Paul Anka dies in 2020.

Jimmy’s: Paul Williams, Pete Townsend, Peter Frampton, Peter Wolff, #1 Phil Collins! No winner.

Sevens and then we’re out!

Jimmy gives to Brendan Smith: 20 (80s Music)

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My pleasure,

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