25M – Taking it to the Hoop with Paul Gilmartin

Paul Gilmartin

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


25 Michael McDonald


00 – Hello! I forgot Jimmy’s Tea.

Jimmy talks chicken and post offices.

Hot chicken!

When’s the last time you’ve seen an advertisement for a sporting good?

Response has been terrific on Jimmy’s Records & Tapes!

Rickey Henderson talk – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rickey_Henderson

Can he beat Jimmy?!

Everyone wants to race Rickey apparently.

10 – Jimmy talks about a Fantasy BB trade he was going to make with Schmidt and it turns out in reality the same trade happened.

Am I going to see Hanson?

15 – Jimmy doesn’t have a CD Player?!

Jimmy may be referring to the song Master Blaster.

Lots of uncomfortable stuff happening on trains on Halloween.

Eliot tells a story about some buskers dancing in costumes. One having an unsharpened machete.

20 – Private dancers?!

Eliot tells more train stories. Bags in chairs.

Bike boxes? People sleep in them?

25 – Eliot talks more about the transport, bike storage.

Jimmy tells Eliot he is a horrible story teller. Eliot says it’s the room.

2 Left Shakur!

30 – Paul Gilmartin is here! He’s wearing an interesting shoe.

Words with Friends talk. Paul is great at it apparently.

Talking powerups and game rules.

35 – Joe Piscapo and Merilou Henner talk.


Memory: https://abcnews.go.com/blogs/entertainment/2012/04/actress-marilu-henners-rare-super-memory-recalls-every-day-of-her-life

Commoners not allowed in the hills soon!

40 – Starship built this city!


Bad Religion talk.

Talking Kevin and Bean. It was Bean’s last show this week.

45 – Jimmy tells Paul about JR&T.

Paul wonders how Jimmy got on Kevin and Bean with that show. Jimmy informs Paul he’s been going on that show for years.

Lady Di vs Paul’s car.

Bit over Jimmy wants to know what really happened to Paul’s car.

50 – Foghat talk.

Paul talks about zeppelin vs foghat (foghead according to his dad)


Foghat performed at a catholic high school.

55 – Matt talks about his costume and hearing a story about someone wearing the costume and riding in their elevator at work for an hour reenacting the sketch.
Paul talks about his Halloween costume.

Been a while since Paul has been here!

Jimmy exactly guesses the episode Paul was last on.

Paul talks about his shoes and his growing interest in shoes. HE bought 6 pairs of shoes after the Kaepernick situation happened.

Paul talks about some horrendously colored shoes he bought.

We’ll be back!

60 – We’re back!

Paul Gilmartin of Mental Illness Happy Hour is here!

He had to do a cease and desist for another show called “Mental Health Happy Hour.”

Talking collectables.

1h5m – Jimmy and Paul talk baseball cards.

Paul’s ex Carla, scolded a guy at a store who was being super rude. “They should have killed you instead of Gacy, you fat fuck. Do some sit-ups!”

Metal Health/Illness Happy Hour?

1h10m – Round the horn!

TV trivia

Matt: 25 – Congressional Senate Public Access Network
Eliot: 25 – Congressional Senate Public Access Network
Jimmy: 20 – Cable
Paul: 15 – No answer.

What do the letters in C-SPAN stand for?

Cable Satellite Public Affairs Network

Matt talks Modern Love, Paul talks docs: Too Funny To Fail

1h15m – Dana Carvey Show talk.


1h25m – Back on the BBQ talk.

MAGA hat at the BBQ?

My M is Michael McDonald!

Dead behind the eyes apparently. Just full of caskets.

1h30m – Paul explains what happened to his car.

Eliot likes Fred Ferkel or is he Fred Ferkel?

Eliot’s M is Michael Bolton. Also voice of an Angel.

1h35m – Both Michael’s had a string of hits.


No one watched the live little mermaid special. Matt DVR’d it to watch over the weekend.


USC talk.

Matt’s M word is Mel Torme!

Paul still plays the guitar a bit but only for his lady friend.

1h45m – Paul talks about the guitars he has including the new Les Paul. He also talks about selling his first guitar which was also a Les Paul for rent money.

Matt may have just launched a new podcast for Paul: More or Les: The Les Paul Podcast.

Bon Jovi talk. Paul says he sounds like he’s always singing in a soda commercial.

Paul’s M is Michael Jackson, and not Mariah Carey.

Jimmy upset about Paul recounting a Dave Chapelle joke about Michael Jackson.

1h50m – Michael Buble is Paul’s M now?

1h50m – Eliot gives us the fans M.



1h55m – more fan guesses.

Mac Davis’ show is not coming back.

Talking Hee Haw!

2h – Boots Mittens and Fun – Paul Gilmartin’s new album?

Jimmy’s M words are: 5) Meatloaf 4) Mandy Patinkin! 3) Michael McDonald 2) Mike Oldfield 1) Midge Ur.

Talking our photogenics.

2h5m – Jimmy and Paul talk about Jimmy appearing on the show.

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth