2510 – Pumping up the volume with Cristela Alonzo

Cristela Alonzo

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


Cristela’s book! 

00 – Hello! Numerical order 2510!

Jimmy Jam Pardo!

My logo contest entry. Can’t believe it didn’t win!!!

Lots of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis talk!

Purple Rain vs Rhythm Nation 1814!

Get on the train Chicago!

We’ll be back at Vitello’s in November!

NNF Curse affected Los Angeles?!

Talking fires.

Talking buying a house.

Shade it up!

10 – PCAT 2020!! MAY 23! 9AM-9PM! Memorial Day weekend!

We need a new Logo!!

Jimmy announces a contest! New Show Logo for the entire show!

Prize: Sit in on the show or Garon for a Day for a live show!

Talking my cat passing away.

Jimmy does some Synchronicity 2.

“Hard to sing.” – Eliot “You’re not Sting!” – Jimmy

15 – Cat talk

20 – Shawn Doolittle. Jimmy found some pills in his little pocket.

Talking Terminator franchise.

Eliot RE tension on the Terminator set: Use it! Use it!

Jimmy saw Parasite! Best movie of the year?

30 – Cristela is here!!!

Her book is out! Music To My Years!

Spicy Queer!!

35 – My official anniversary is September 26, 2012.


We have to open some mail! It may take some time.

Mail!!!! We do have a theme song for everything!


40 – More stickers from Abbot!

Bad days good good days great!

Eliot found Spoony Shears!

45 – More stickers!

Jimmy talks about his Prince shirt arrest.

Who’s Johnny talk!

50 – Stickers continue!

Great batch of stickers Abbott!

55 – Cristela is back! Music To My Years! Her Maddow crush is strong.

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

2510! Cristela Alonzo is here.

Cristela felt weird bringing a copy of her book.

60 – Cristela talks about her incident with some network execs who got a little handsy.

Jimmy was at the Who concert last night.

“It’s fine.”

The Who set list:


Jimmy talks about a guy yelling out in the audience and Pete Towsend calling him a cu*t.

1h5m – Cristela saw James Taylor and got really drunk. They were yelling out Fire and Rain and we he finally played it, they started dancing.

Cristela loves her tour shirts!

1h10m – Jimmy not happy with the lack of book.

The new Wheel of Fortune? Jimmy turns letters?!

Jimmy will get a sleeve of Abbot Skelding work if he and Cristela get a show.

Round the horn!

Talking Cameron Crowe.

1h15m – Lots of Masked Singer talk.

Talking hosts.

1h25m – “Hopefully this weekend is better for you.” – Jimmy, which nearly kills Cristela.

She got her teeth fixed apparently.

1h30m – Jimmy talks about his braces. Cristela talks about having to learn how to smile again.

Jimmy interrupts the show to get directions to some store.

Bell jar!


1h35m – Welcome back!

Cristela is Def Jam laughing.

Arsenio talk.

Eliot’s doing all right! A thing happened. It’s not car related.

Someone offered to give him money via venmo. Sratch that he offered to pay for the groceries and have Eliot pay him via venmo.


Jimmy gives to Cristela: 20 (80s Music)
Matt gives to Cristela: 19 (90s Music)

Cristela can’t remember Nine Inch Nails.

Music To My Years! Go buy it!

Cristela talks about her tour “My Affordable Care Act”

See you next time!!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth