25I – Thinking on it with Cathy Ladman

Cathy Ladman

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Welcome in! Jimmy’s in the seat settled and comfy.

Weather event talk. Stay outside for tornados! Inside for fires!

Bird scooter talks.

The environment is dying guys.


05 – Jimmy missing stuff this morning.


Jimmy talks home life with Danielle and his jokes.

She saw his stand up in full for the first time in years this past weekend.

10 – Jimmy talks about his microwave and the catchy song it plays when it’s done. They love it!

Talking appliance noises.

Watch Gary Gulman’s special! Jimmy loved it.

15 – Jimmy gives the story of the Ji-ji-Jimmy Pardo! Audio effect and the wildly wrong for the show promo reel some bigshot producer made for the show.

Robert Blake as Baretta

That’s the name of that tune!

20 – My pronunciation comes up and then a brief mention of Masked Singer before going to Dodger talk.


25 – I’ve got shaggy symdrome! Bad posture.

Talking Eliot’s Car and mechanic!

35 – Cathy Ladman is here! She loves the chairs!

Cathy’s eating a bar! A Think Bar. She’s constantly thinking.

Cathy hasn’t done the showtime Women of a Certain Age show.

I’m a regular John Oliver!

Trump monopolizes the news so much.

40 – Talking LGBT Supreme Court Case.

Also clothes law.

No bare-assing!

45 – Talking Sagging-Pants.

More supreme court talk.

Decision in June.

Cathy Ladman is here!

You can’t impeach a president in an election year. – McConnel?

We’ll be back!

50 – We’re back!

Cathy wonders about the episode #.

Sherbet not sherbert?!


Curve vs Curb

Cathy was on Curb Your Enthusiasm twice! Including coming back this season!

55 – Talking Cathy’s father and her jokes about him.

Jimmy talks about meeting Carol Leifer.

Jimmy quotes her at every concert.
Cathy just got nervous when Jimmy called her a legend.

Jimmy asks about a record release that she was a part of.

Talking Paula Poundstone!

Cathy and Mindy are doing another podcast: I’ll Be With You In A Minute

60 – Talking early internet and chatrooms!

Talking the isolation of LA versus NYC.

1h5m – Jimmy has never been on the L in Chicago.


Roller Coaster talk!

Eliot not a fan of public transportation.

1h10m – Theme park talk.

Home town!



Cathy: 25 (Lockheed)
Matt: 11 (Northrup Gruman)
Eliot: 10 (Rolls Royce)
Jimmy: 5 (Shelby)

What is the only company to have produced engines that held the air, water, and Land speed records simultaneously?

Rolls Royce

Eliot gets it!

1h15m – Richard Jewell trailer:


Neil Young is my N
The Kurds did not help us in the Halloween Wars.

1h20m – Talking Perfect Harmony. Jimmy enjoys it.

Talking traditions and Cathy’s lack of religion.

She talks her eating disorder and using yom kippur as an excuse.

1h25m – Cathy is excited to see Gary’s special.

Plastic Nub! Eliot!

When did Casey Kasem start the American Top 40 countdown:

Cathy: 1967
Jimmy: 1969
Eliot: 1965
Garon: 1973



Slouching into murder!

1h30m – Talking Bravo and reality shows.

Talking The Osbornes and Ozzy’s obsession with Chipotle.

Eliot talks about the surprise GoFundMe to help with his car.

We have truly great fans!

Oldendick! Oldenrichard?

Nat King Cole is Eliot’s N.


Who is Cathy’s Favorite singer of all time? Frank Sinatra?

1h40m – Two fare zone! TFZ show?

Ed Beagley Jr power talk

1h45m – Ed Gridley Jr!

Cathy wants an Apple Watch.

Matt’s N is Neil Shone

Graceland album overrated?

Shut up Jeb!

1h50m – Cathy’s changing to Neil Finn!

Eliot does the fan guesses including the I’s.

Cathy opened for Neil Sedaka!


More fan Ns.

We hear a little Solitaire by Neil Sedaka.

And we hear some Silver Bells by Jerry Vale.

2h – Jimmy’s Ns!

5) Nick Gilder
4) Neil Diamond
3) Neil Young
2) Nicholas Tremulous
1) Nick Lowe – NO WINNER!

Thank you Cathy! She was so excited!

We’re done!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Slouched One/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth