2404 – Raising Your Voice with John DiMaggio

John DiMaggio

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

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00 – Hello! Let’s do this! Indeed 2404!

The guys are back from a whirlwind tour of Texas and St. Louis! Archway to the Country!

Thanks for coming out to the shows!

Thanks Garon-For-Days!

Thanks for braving the snowstorms fans!

Talking weather and traveling. Best of luck east!

Matt and Jimmy had an experience on the trip back.

Doc Talk – Icarus

5 – Matt talks about trying to run from one gate to another and immediately getting winded.

They made it.

They did witness a flight attendant getting into a fight with a passenger. He wouldn’t put his phone in airplane mode and kept insisting it was off, when it wasn’t. She threatened to turn the plane around.

10 – More flight stories. 9/11 comes up.

Nightmare travel day on Sunday.

Eliot talks about his procedure this past week.

He had a kidney stone in his ureter. It was 7mm and THEY HAD TO BLAST IT.

15 – He talks about the anesthetic and the stent.

He had to get it removed TODAY.

20 – Lots of talk about Eliot’s stent and procedure.

Also blue balls.

25 – “Oh I don’t like that!” – Eliot on getting gel injected.

Eliot suggests doctors not dress down their employees in earshot of patients.

Eliot did notice at one point that the video inside his guts was out of focus.

30 – Lots of Eliot’s procedure talk.

35 – Mail!

Nathan Dosher sent us something.

He sent us some gift cards to…7/11!

Thanks Nathan! Best to your wife!

More mail!

It’s something from Stitcher?

Nice headphones! Thanks Stitcher!

40 – John DiMaggio is here!

Jimmy talks about when they worked together. Jimmy wants to hear John’s side of that story.

Red Johnny and the Round Guy!

We’ll be back!

45 – We’re back!

John and Jimmy do some old-time radio voices. Pukers!

NFL manager and hand-job talk. Talking massage parlor hand job tricks.

Round the horn!

Musicals talk!

50 – Nashville on Broadway

Undercut talk!

60 – Jimmy resets and talks to John!

Oliver enjoys Disenchantment!

John dropped out of stand-up around 1996.

John hasn’t spoken to Round Guy in 20-something years. He talks about the issues they had as a team.

1h5m – John did 11 episodes of Chicago Hope and that ended up being the end of Red Johnny and the Round Guy.

Jimmy tells the story of working together. It was in Vegas. This is when he and Doug got kicked out of the casino. He doesn’t remember what they did to get kicked out. John doesn’t remember either.

1h10m – Same trip, John discovered he might have a gambling problem also.


Jimmy still wondering what they did to get kicked out. Doug doesn’t like to talk about it but Jimmy doesn’t care.

1h15m – Talking John’s past with Round Guy. John does his Carson impression.

He talks about doing impressions later in his career and the RJRG stuff being just voices and jokes.

John does Tracy Morgan, Barry White,

Barry White outtakes –

1h20m – John talks Outtake-O-Rama.

Talking doing musicals in high school and the stigma that came with it.

Talking Grease! John was the mooning guy and then Kinicki.

1h25m – John talks about whether or not to return to stand up.

Red Johnny and the Mic Stand!

We’ll be right back!

We’re back!

John’s doing a video game after this.

1h30m – Talking Stormy Daniel’s doing stand-up.

Talking SiriusXM dj voices.

Broadway Bill Lee – https://twitter.com/broadwaybilllee?lang=en

1h40m – No kids for John but he does have a beautiful wife.

John talks his voice and how to do the job properly.

John gives us a little Bender!

1h45m – John tells the story about how he made the voice for Bender and all the different aspects that contribute to it.

The Tube Bar takes –

1h50m – We’re done! John is sorry he doesn’t remember what happened in Vegas.

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth