2319 – Stacking Tables with Michael Carbonaro


Michael Carbonaro

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Welcome in! 2319! The Hardcastle!

Jimmys Hardcastle tour is coming soon! JimmyPardo.com!

Episode 19 on the 19th of December!


Talking Ants!

No ones checking Jimmy’s birth certificate for Jimmy’s joke – Matt.

Grapes are a private matter.

Doc talk!

Jimmy watched Kulap’s documentary! It’s great!


Jimmy also saw a doc on the Chicago comedy scene that he also appears in.

Lobster OHalloran makes an appearance!!

10 – Matt talks about James Spicer


15 – Matt talks about interviews on podcasts vs TV and the thoughts behind the show.

Matt does it for the gram.

My book should be out soon!

20 – Talking Submarines!

Replace Autopia with electric vehicles!

Eliot’s quiet.

25 – Eliot can’t win! K1 Speed!


Alpine Slides talk.

30 – Hamilton talk.


Glug and Lazy Queen T-Shirt are available!

Cookies from Taylor Young!

35 – Erin Evans from St Louis!

Jingle Jangle!

Austin Brungardt sends more Jingle Jangle.

Michael Carbonaro is here!!

Jimmy talks about Oliver’s love of Michael Carbonaro and how he feels bad he can’t be here.

We’ll be back!

40 – We’re back!


The Carbonaro Effect is the favorite show in the Pardo household!

Jimmy wants him to do an audiobook.

Talking Impractical Jokers Live show.

Candid Camera with magic = The Carbonaro Effect

45 – Michael talks about digital tricks he sometime had to do because the camera picked up what the human eye can’t see.

Talking about the show and reveals and how people react to the tricks.

50 – Matt asks about how to find “marks” on the show.

Michael talks about people recognizing him and tricking a group of fans.

55 – Talking Drag shows!

Michael’s husband loves Rupaul! They’ve been together 12 years, married 4-5.

Michael does not believe in the psychic stuff.

Talking psychic phone lines.

60 – Magic castle talk! Michael’s first impression of the castle was a coin falling out of a guys jacket on stage.

Michael started magic as a kid but also loved special effects.

1h5m – Doug Henning talk. Michael wants to be the next Doug Henning.

Michael talks about a trick of Doug’s that amazed him where he would crush down a person into a disc.

Talking movies! The Mule, Spider-Man,

1h10m – Virtual Reality game talk.

Talking Burbank!


Pinball Pizza!

1h15m – Matt and Michael apparently live a block away from each other.

Michael started on Leno!

Eliot’s doing good. He did some cleaning with Lime Away.

Talking Travelers with Erik McCormack.

1h20m – Talking Derren Brown –

Michael talks about still getting fooled and loving it along with a vanish he saw that he didn’t want to know how it worked.

1h25m – Champions of Magic – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Champions_of_Magic

Jimmy and Oliver saw Barry Manilow this weekend. Oliver loved it! They saw the Usher from the champions of magic at the Barry Manilow show!

1h30m – Talking Live audiences and talking throughout shows.

Shia LaBeouf Arrested at Broadway ‘Cabaret’ Performance

Kanye at Cher Show


We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Jimmy had a Taylor Young cookie. He enjoyed half of it.

1h35m – Bohemian Rhapsody was Michael’s last movie seen. We talk about it.

Talking Clue! Michael loves it.

Gay Clue?

1h40m – Michael’s gonna do a trick!

I’m nauseas.

The new season has started! Michael talks about the magicians staff he has to help with creating new tricks.

1h45m – talking producing the show.

Tour schedule! MichaelCarbonaro.com!

Candid Microphone talk. It was before Candid Camera.


Jimmy gives to Michael Carbonaro: 15 (80s)

Thanks Michael!

He does a crazy voice!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth