2315 – Keeping Busy with Caissie St. Onge

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell

Caissie St. Onge

Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – 2315! Jimmy’s a fucking mess today. Post spine shot and upped serum allergy shot.

Jimmy talks about the shot in the back.


05 – Jimmy reads the letter from Seth. Homemade records!?

NNF Vinyl! Looks amazing!

Eliot’s grandparents made their own records?!

There is audio recording of Jimmy singing Spinning Wheel as a kid.

10 – Jimmy talks about the terrible stage banter he was giving as a young lead in Rainbow Bridge.

Torn hamster!

Jimmy used to juggle an old style box cutter.

Knife game

We’re all playing!

15 – Talking homemade mics.

Jimmy chooses me to give him the breath of life.

20 –

Our guest is here!

Talking Silvery Sheen. We lost him in the fire.

25 – Trump’s a Yes and guy.

Caissie St Onge is here!

We hear some Queen.

30 – Talking Black Cow float.

Jimmy talks to Caissie about the bra buying segment on Busy Phillips show.

Caissie talks about the awkwardness of getting sized for a bra.

35 – Talking Jock Straps!

We’re gonna take a break! Jimmy’s gonna take a break for some Zyrtec. We’re on 9/12 guys!

We’ll be right back!

We’re back!

Caissie talks about her job at Busy’s show.

40 – Jimmy says Caissie she’s got a Laura House vibe.

Totie Fields – 

Caissie talks about her job as David Letterman’s assistant.

Dave loves his Angel Hair pasta.

Caissie tells a weird story from her Late Show days where Garry Shandling wanted to hide in Dave’s office closet to scare him.

45 – Talking about wishing celebrities who’d died were just faking and pulling a prank.

Caissie went to Paisley Park for four days recently.

Talking New Revolution live.

50 – Rake the forests!

Dr. Campbell, Jimmy’s childhood dr, is dead now.

Caissie lives up around Mt. Washington.

55 – Caissie’s son listens!

Arclight talk!

60 – Busy Phillips show schedule talk.

Sunday Scaries.

Talking Caissie’s kid being a toddler on the Rosie show.

“I just wanna be handsome like Jack!” Her son on Jack who Jimmy also knows.

1h5m – Get in front of that camera Jack!

Caissie’s fam is coming in for Thanksgiving.

1h10m – Lots of Jack talk.

1h15m – Talking Caissie’s husband.

Talking Jingle Jangle.

Election talk.

1h20m –

Elton John commercial talk.

1h25m – Talking meeting Elton John!

Talking people who did not remember working with Jimmy.

Matt wants to circle back to Rosie and Jimmy wants him to never use that phrase again.

1h30m – Matt asks about Mel Gibson on Rosie.

Caissie talks about other uncomfortable moments she’s been around.

1h35m – Caissie talks about 9/11 and working with Rosie.

1h40m –

Talking watching movies as kids and revisiting.

We’ll be right back!

1h45m – We’re back! For real.

2315! Oliver is sick. Feel better Oliver!

Jimmy says Caissie’s name sounds like a DJ (radio) name.

1h50m – Caissie’s not kept in touch with her neighbors who haven’t said her name right.

Eliot explains his errors.

Shower talk.

New sharks on Shark Tank!

Talking Jon Hamm Tina fey and eliot clunks it up!

Talking hair!

2h – Talking awards! And more people that Jimmy and Caissie both know.

TGIFridays talk.

2h5m – Caissie likes John Oliver’s wife.

Jimmy says John Oliver is one of the best prompter readers in the business.

Talking Dave Hill’s twitter.

Jimmy took offense to Caissie’s use of Whatevs.

2h15m – Nothing Cool Ever Happens Backstage.


Jimmy reads a news story about an elevator falling 84 stories.

Jimmy gives to Caissie St. Onge: 9 (80s)

See you next time!!

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