23M – Eating a Banana with Allan Havey


In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Allan Havey


00 – 23m! Welcome in! Talking some Adele.

I’m wearing Christine’s shirt!

I’m fired?!

New shirts coming to Podswag! Lazy Queen?! Glug!?

05 – Talking Tatoos! Jimmy wants a Dracula!

Talking Rooney!

15 – When did Robert Palmer die

Jimmy: 1998
Matt: 2003
Eliot: 2002
Garon: 2000

Matt wins! 9/26/2003!

20 – Talking East Coast tour.

More mail!

Lee Quick sent us some strings and a pick!

30 – Allan Havey is here!

More mail! Chris Martin?! Selfie dad!

Allan talks about a guy who tried to kill himself by driving head on into his friends dad’s car that led to discovering cancer in his friend’s dad and saved his life.

35 – The Allan Havey Resurgence!

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Allan Havey is here! They talk about Allan’s Comedy Channel/Comedy Central show Night After Night.

Jimmy is a a young Jack Lemon?

Allan talks about the people that worked on his show.

40 – Talking Peaky Blinders haircuts.

Talking Kevin Pollack on Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Allan says Jimmy is timeless and would have been a comedian in any decade.

45 – Allan talks about the skyrocketing suicide rates of white 50s men.

Look at the chart!

Jimmy did not do karaoke.

50 – Allan’s got notes. Jimmy bobble head and Helen Reddy got screwed.

Delta Dawn!

Round the horn!

55 – Eliot talks about not being able to watch older comedy specials because things are so different.

Gary Gulman in Jimmy’s best comedians of all time!

60 – My M is Maurice Benard! Jimmy saw him at Hugo’s!

Allan needs a banana.!_We_Have_No_Bananas

Cap’n Clunk!

Eliot’s watching YouTube. Oscilloscope Music.

Eliot’s M is Mike Myers!

1h10m – Allan’s been very busy this past 13 months! Busiest since he had the talk show.

He talks about when he plans to step away from Stand-up.

Allan talks about doing a show for 17 people over memorial day.

Young comedians run the light.

1h15m – Jimmy’s never met Allan’s wife. She never goes to the shows.

Allan wanted to work with Adam McKay so he tried to get in Vice.

Allan talks about his first gig. In Kindergarten.

1h20m – Talking stand up around town.

Talking Louis CK and his attempting to make a comeback.

1h25m – Lots of talk about Me Too and women talk.

1h35m – “I’ll leave the tomatoes at home.”

Allan talks about punching an audience member once.

Babylon Berlin 

Matt goes Matthew Modine!

Allan’s M is Mark Duplass or Michael Douglas.

1h50 – Jimmy got a call but it was a voting reminder!

We check with the fans.

#5 Matt Modine, #4 Matt McCanahey, 3 Michael Keaton #2 Matt Damon, #1 Mike Connors.

No winner!

1h55m –

We’re done!

Ends on a laugh!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth