2311 – Skydiving with Paula Poundstone

Paula Poundstone

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello indeed! 2311! Jimmy guesses right! Welcome in! I open my tea like a white trash apparently.

Talking the NNF fieldtrip to the movies!

Talking Halloween.

Straight up no chaser – Matt

Doc Talk!

Jimmy saw Free Solo over the weekend. He insists we watch it on the big screen.

05 – Jimmy talks about tripping over a half step and taking a huge spill.

He was laughing about it because he had just seen a man climb a mountain without a rope.

Jimmy takes blame.

Matt talks about seeing someone mid-fall and having the instinct to help her.

10 – Talking video chains

15 – Joe Pesci – 

We found 5 good movies he did!

Jimmy and Matt debate Jimmy’s feelings on Joe Pesci.

Neither Eliot nor Matt showed at Flappers.

20 – Talking the Flappers shows!

Jimmy is in love with 70s Cher! (Strangely)

Talking OJ Murders.

30 – Melrose Place talk!

Elizabeth Taylor’s regular guy husband was Larry Fortensky – 

Paula Poundstone is here!

She couldn’t find the mic.

40 – Jimmy asks Paula about her crowd work.

She never considered it “work” it’s conversation.

Therapist tone talk.

Paula calls me Garrett.

She talks about Jimmy Tingle.

Jimmy Tingle’s mom called her Paula Poundlove.

130 grand to fuck the president?

Jimmy goes with Grant.

45 – Paula talks about Thanksgiving Waffles.

One time they went to see Happy Feet, didn’t live up to the trailer.

Paula talks about her son being addicted to electronics and learns about Eliot.

50 – Paula talks about her studio/neighborhood and the toilet paper/bathroom situation here.

Paula talks about Trump’s reaction to the CURRENT hacking happening, “Not my campaign!”

Paula talks the 4 shows she’s watched since MASH.

Hogan’s Heroes talk. Imagine pitching it?!

55 – Paula meets Matt/Max.

Wanna Bet!? – Paula’s son

Paula talks about old references and explaining The Flying Nun to a young person.

Paula talks about the things that Jimmy is getting excited about.

She talks about staying at a hotel and flipping through the channels and stumbling across Casino which she’d never seen. “Freak you, Jack!”

60 – Paula talks about swears vs Violence!

Hogan’s Heroes came up twice!

Paula met little LaBeau – Robert Clary!

Talking Barnie Miller!

We’ll be back!

We’re back! 2311!

Shout-out during the plugs: NeverNotNotes as the “granddaddy of fan sites.” I prefer “pioneer of comedy podcast show notes” or “official curator of show notes” but I’ll take it. Here’s a history of Never Not Notes I wrote a few years ago.

Jimmy still in a little pain from his fall yesterday.

Paula is aware of the step that Jimmy tripped over.

1h5m – Is Matt the answer man?!

Talking on belay,

Paula has climbed!

Paula loved her 40-year reunion.

She talks her 13 year and 20-year reunion. She humiliated herself at her 20th because she was drinking.

She talks the 40th reunion.

1h10m – Paula talks Kavanaugh’s year book and learning what Devil’s Triangle really is.

FFFF – Find em Finger em fuck em forget em or the 5th f Feed em.

Paula talks about the coaster.

15m – Talking Paula’s old hairstyles.

What does she do?

Talking Robert Klein talking Ruth Buzzi.

Ruth Buzzi on Laugh-In

Room 222 theme song talk. Paula says it really put the recorder on the map.

1h20m – Paula talks her tree scar and climbing trees and reading a book.

Talking demographics!

Jimmy asks Paula about the Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me at the Greek. She “kicked up a fuss” over not appearing on it.

1h25m – Paula talks about seeing a show at the Greek and then telling her manager she wants to do a show there.

The Greek seats 5870!

Paula’s friends used to say she looked like Eddie from Courtship of Eddie’s Father.

Jimmy talks about doing the Hollywood Autograph show as a Baywatch cast member.

1h30m – Paula learns about the Players Club and wonders the differences.

Paula talks Swine Flu.

1h35m – Another show is coming where Garon and Eliot talk!

Talking too much Chewbacca?

1h40m – What are the other shows Paula watched? Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire. Paula talks about her OCD, Lean Cuisine, and MASH. She quite prime time tv after we lost Radar. She talks about stumbling across Boardwalk Empire and being hooked immediately.

We’ll be back!

1h45m – We’re back!

We’re all here!

Paula is flabbergasted by the season/episode. It’s episode 866!

Jimmy talks about working a show with Paula. She went bungie jumping during the day. She has no memory of it.

Paula used to skydive. She says she wasn’t very good but then details all the tricks she could do. She never got over the fear.

1h50m – She jumped about 12 times. She talks about one of the jumps she did where the instructor kissed her twice and she didn’t remember when she hit the ground.

Paula talks about a trip to urgent care.

1h55m – Jimmy calls Paula the Rachel Maddow of comedy.

Paula insists that Jimmy is confusing her with someone else.

Paula talks about America celebrating being mentally altered even though she voted for pot legalization.

2h –

Paula talks missing Red M&Ms.

Paula talks about dreaming about making with Larry from the 3 stooges.

Paula talks about the three stooges and her affection for Larry.

2h5m – Paula says she would do Dancing with the Stars in a heartbeat.

Nancy Grace has a show with Dan Abrams on A&E –

Paula thinks she wins a hero award for turning off Nancy grace.

2h10m – Paula talks about touring and middles that have disappeared or discovering that they’re now big shot producers.

Paula talks about being a member of the Columbia House Video Club.

Paula goes on about the McDonald’s commercial where the kid brings a college acceptance letter to his boss.

You have to say no to something! – Paula before she talks about hosting a pie eating contest.

Paula talks late night sets and what she wants super imposed over them.

Paula doesn’t have any openers. Her shows are two hours straight through.

We’re done!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth