23D – Mailing it in with CeCe Pleasants


In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

CeCe Pleasants


00 – Hello! He-he-hello! 23D!


Old time register nostalgia.

Will Smith and George Clooney movie?!

Motley Crue talk!

15 – Back to Will Smith talk.

Brett Michaels joke.

20 – We got mail!

CeCe Pleasants is here!

Talking mail costs!

Call your dad in law Matt!

30 – CeCe’s husband is Brandon.

Tummy Sticks!?!

Radio theater!

We’ll be back!!

35 – We’re back! CeCe is here!

We’re weighing this mail!

Jimmy 1.4oz
Garon – 2.5oz
Cece:. 0.9
Eliot: 3.0

We have a winner!

Cece! .8! Cece wins!

Jimmy spills!

40 – CeCe the TBT announcer?

We filled that envelope!

50 – My actor is David Caruso.

CeCe’s hair looks awesome!

Pete Best –

9/11 costume talk.


55 – “Less razor blades in Virgina, That’s a fact!” – CeCe

Eliot talks about his costume.

60 – Eliot’s D is Don Johnson!

Just under 14 hours to Miami from Virginia.

Snoot toot.

Tony Romano sold Jimmy his Fiero!

1h5m – Jimmy replays Tony showing off his car.

Talking cars!

“They’re good people but they’re music people.” – Tony

1h10m – CeCe went to virginia. She pontooned.

1h15m – Gone Country –

1h20m – Jimmy’s gonna give his parking at the forum secret.

Kesha talk.

Matt’s D word is Donnie Wahlberg.

1h25m – Matt dressed up at Donnie Wahlberg in a fake NKOTB group.

Jimmy raps!

1h30m – “Anytime time I try to rap…” – Eliot

NKOTB rapping.

Talking movie raps.

Dennis Quaid is CeCe’s D.

Jimmy’s Ds: Dean Jones, David Allan Grier, David Hyde Pierce, Don Adams!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth