2301 – Making Calls with Mindy Sterling

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


Mindy Sterling


00 – Welcome in! 2301! Welcome aboard it’s love!

Jimmy talks about a broadcaster he enjoys.

Turns out Jimmy can’t talk about what he did on Saturday. He signed an NDA. IS it for the whitehouse?!

Talking my dull popcorn choices.

05 – Jimmy went to palm springs over the vacation.

It was 120 degrees in Palm Springs.

Dark Golf?

Jimmy and Oliver went golfing. Oliver lasted 3 holes.

Jimmy’s a great golfer when he’s alone.

10 – Jimmy talks the Dawes/ELO show he went to. He enjoyed it and is glad that he went.

Talking how Jimmy got his tickets to the show.

He also saw Denis Deyoung.

Jimmy loves the Ford Theater.

He also saw Peter Cetera.

15 – The Saban used to be called Fox Wilshire Theater –

20 – Meatloaf show!

Karaoke Cop!

30 – Talking Madonna and her films.


35 – Mindy Sterling is here!!

Abbot Skelding!

So great to see Mindy!

It’s been too long! She was last here on episode 1911.

Sack of dogs friend!

40 – Talking Cheese with Mindy.

Mark Sterling makes t-shirts.

45 – These stickers are great.

I am not the chubby weirdo! (Not anymore)

Thanks Abbot!

Bringing it down with Mindy!

60 – We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Jimmy talks about Facebook and loving Mindy’s Facebook.

He talks about the cat videos that Mindy always shares.

Mindy went to see Alice Cooper last night. He was also her very first concert.

1h5m – Jimmy wishes Alice Cooper would chat with the audience more.

Mindy is 65! Her brother is 63.

He eats terrible at Dodger games.

Where does Mark live?!

1h10m – Round the horn!

We have a lot to learn about Mark Sterling!

1h15m – Mindy talks about displaying Christmas cards.

Mindy loves gifts! She talks about getting anxious over the gifts she gives.

1h20m – We’re calling Mark! He lives in Lake Balboa!

1h25m – Jimmy not pleased Mark recognized the show after Matt gave his name.

Round the horn!

Jimmy wept all the way through.

Doc talk!

Mindy is watching I Am A Killer on Netflix.

1h30m – Movie talk, stern talk.


1h40m – Talking AC Units.

Idris Elba talk.

1h45m – Break!

We’re back talking movies!


Talking Horror with Mindy!

King of Palms is back!

1h55m – Talking Jimmy’s sleep.

Sappy song Alone Again, Naturally.

Mindy is a recurring goat on Kippo.

2h – Talking Puppet Up!

Talking Happytime Murders and Melissa McCarthy.

Eliot’s sister is researching the family history.

Talking books!

2h5m – Memoirs of a Nobody 

2h10m – Talking Afrin addiction.

2h15m – Sevens!

Jimmy gives to Mindy Sterling – 11 (TV)

Matt gives to Mindy Sterling – 12 (Celebrities)

Mindy Sterling gives to Jimmy – (TV Shows)

Thanks Mindy!!

Get in on the Players Club!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth