2011 – Killing Time with Fred Stoller


In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

The Legendary “Young Comic” Fred Stoller


00 – Just welcome in!

Jimmy’s got a Who song stock in his head.

Eminence Front –

It’s Hard

I’m here! Not supposed to show but I’m here!

Julie was going to be here but my work start date changed

Talking my new Vinyl hobby for a second because Jimmy realizes he sounds tinny.

Some conspiracy growth in the wide circle of friends.

Scary times that are made scarier by weird theories.

Great time at Parlor live! Really fun live show that will be out in a couple weeks.

05 – Jimmy talks about how much fun the Flappers shows have been. They feel the most like the in studio shows.

Jimmy’s loving the live shows!

Toronto, Philly, San Fran all coming up!

Jimmy’s coming to Oklahoma City due to demand so get out there and buy those tickets!

No need to ice Eliot on his ice joke.

Jimmy and Matt are wearing Earwolf (retail exclusive) T-shirts!

Star shirt

Hipster X Shirt (That’s what I call it anyway. -Darryl)

Jimmy shows off the NNF Thumb/flash drive for players club VIP!

10 – Matt talks about the Kate Hudson ASMR video.

Nothing for Jimmy and Matt but Eliot got some shoulder blade action.

Jimmy talks about the musicals meme going around facebook. Jimmy talks about what Eliot did. “I don’t like operas.”

“We’re not talking operas!”

Jimmy and Eliot debate the opera comment. Eliot says he is over thinking all of it and he blames Jimmy.

15 – Going through the musicals meme. Jimmy reads off his list.

Eliot and I are gonna see Book of Mormon!

Talking Wicked.

20 – Fred Stoller is here! Apparently he was here earlier and sitting in his car reading. Jimmy asks him about his glasses.

Talking reading glasses. Jimmy talks about Fred’s last appearance. He thought Jimmy was mad at him because he didn’t know that the episode was behind a paywall.

Talking Kato Kaelin. Jimmy talks about the celebrity golf outing he always does with Kato. Jimmy and Fred talk more about Kato and his antics. Fred describes him as “the funny waiter” at Chuck E. Cheeses or T.G.I.F.

25 – Talking Vinyls! I got some musicals.

Fred’s favorite musical is Jesus Christ Superstar (which I got on Vinyl!).

Fred used to date someone who was in Company and she cheated on him with another cast member.

Jimmy’s favorite is Hamilton, Company, Les Mis, Evita, JC Superstar round up his top 5.

Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris –

Mail is here!

Fred’s doing something.

30 – Starting with some Canadian mail.

100 is the lowest reading glasses.



It’s a Kiss album with some Japanese group. Thanks sir or madam!

It’s a baseball plate or ashtray maybe? Thanks August!

35 – Last one! Jimmy’s opening this box LIKE A MAN!

From hell?!

It’s from some show coming to adult swim! Jimmy’s still digging through it.

Your Pretty Face is Going To Hell coming to Adult Swim!

It is a HUGE shirt.


Fred’s ebook is a Kindle Single. Five Minutes to Kill

Jimmy loved it!

Talking Feud! Jimmy loved last night’s episode. Calls it Terrific. Apparently also Last Week Tonight was great as well.

40 – Some rally talk.

Fred has to declare his paid protesting.

Jimmy talks about the Impeach 45 jersey he shared.

Eliot somehow turns it into Herbalife.

45 – “You’ve been Caan’d!” The prank show Jimmy’s working on with Scott Caan. He wanted the old man.

There used to be at time when actual TV hosts hosted TV shows. Jimmy talks about it.

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Talking Matt’s weekend jokes. One about Nancy Regan doing improv.

We didn’t talk about Matt’s day!

Eliot finds Matt’s tweet that he liked. Jimmy talks about the signs he enjoyed at the march. “Mar-A-Largo fuck yourself” and “Tax dat Ass!”

Jimmy talks about the sign.

50 – Jimmy saw some recognizable people at the march.

Eliot wondered if Jimmy saw anyone he knew from previous marches.

Auntie Social and Miss Fitty.

Round the horn!

Music business!

We’ll get to your book Fred! Jimmy loved it.

Singing hair cut?

55 – reality show not for friends! Fred says maybe someone should go their for friends.

Eliot goes through his musical meme thing.

Jimmy talks about the Kindler Way on Twitter and getting into it with Ricky Gervais.

60 – First musical Eliot saw on Broadway: Blue Man Group. No one agrees that this is a musical.


Matt’s not safe from Dicklick.

Using movies on the musical list? Eliot put Phantom of the Paradise on his list.
Roadhouse Soundtrack – https://www.amazon.com/Road-House-Original-Picture-Soundtrack/dp/B000002VG9

Matt’s here! He’s good.

Fred Stoller is here!

Matt talks about his day on Thursday. He talks about it.

But we decide to talk about it on The Players Club. Sorry!

Fred talks about his book.

1h5m – Five Minutes To Kill is a Kindle Singlet releasing on April 27!

Betting on Merv Griffin!

Fred: 83
Jimmy: 84
Eliot: 81
Matt: 85

Fred’s phone is cracked.

1986! Matt wins!

1h10m – Fred talks about doing shows in the day.

Challenger Disaster – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_Shuttle_Challenger

Fred talks about doing Letterman show that same day. He did okay “considering.”

1h15m – Jimmy asks Fred if he did Johnny Carson. He talks about it.

Talking about the Young Comedians Specials.


13th annual Young Comedians Special:

Rob Schneider, Jann Karam, Drake Sather, David Spade, Fred, Warren Thomas, and hosted by Dennis Miller.

1h20m – Fred tells a story about writing the new kindle single and taking his interviewees to lunch.

Jimmy goes back to the YCS so Fred can get more into his history.



1h25m – Jimmy on Springsteen: “He’s the bosst!”

Jimmy talks about Fred’s book and why he enjoyed it.

Fred talks about going to Podfest and trying to get on podcasts.

“Any dykes in the audience?!”

Jami Gertz – http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000415/?ref_=nv_sr_1

1h30m – Fred did not talk to Dennis Miller for his book, but it’s still good.

Fred talks about the 30×30 Docs.

We welcome Dennis Miller at anytime on this show!

1h35m – Jimmy talks about coming up and watching the Young Comedian Specials and loving hearing stories from the days where he used to watch comedy.

Fred talks about the difference between the comedy world now and back in the comedy boom days.

Jimmy and Fred talk about the Largo days, and the comedy show that happened upstairs in a Borders.

1h40m – Fred talks about the Comedy and Magic Club.

Talking LA Clubs.

Argus Hamilton – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argus_Hamilton

Jimmy talks about Wendy Leibman’s shows that she does in Studio City.

Fred does some Norm Macdonald impressions.

We’ll be back!

1h45m – We’re back!

The floor is open for questions!

Matt wonders where we can watch Fred’s Young Comedians Special. He says they show it on youtube and sometimes on HBO comedy.

Baby what a big surprise was the song Fred was thinking about.
Jimmy thought it was
“I’ve Been” Searching so long.

Talking about Saturday in the park.


Jimmy gives to Fred Stoller: 22 (70s Music)
Jimmy gives to Fred Stoller: 23 (70s Music)

Fred did coke once with Robin Williams in the basement of The Catch.

One more time!

Four tops, Foundations, talk.

Jimmy gives to Fred Stoller: Failure Jimmy gives up. (70s Music)

Great job at Sevens Fred! Buy his book!

Fred tries to do impressions of the people in his book.

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth