18E – Lining up the Calls with Jimmy and the boys

18E GangIn studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

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00 – Ineeeeeddd! Episode 18E! Not 15!

18 EEEEE Entwhistle!


Matt fails the swear challenge less than a minute in.

Jimmy explains wanting to stop using the swears so much.

Jimmy explains why no guest today and some pardcastathon highlights.

Jimmy and Matt talk about the aftermath of the show throughout the week.

School function talk. Jimmy’s school wants to increase to a high school.

The meeting went until 720. Jimmy and Danielle arrived around 10. Danielle took a little nap during the meeting.

05 – The school won the appeal in the end. Jimmy says it was a roller coaster ride.

We’re tired guys.

Congrats to everyone!

169 at the end of the show, but 181.5 after most of the auctions. This doesn’t include the remaining auctions and Download sales!

$19.99 to download the entire show!

Jimmy thinks we have a real shot at passing 200k.

This year was Jimmy’s favorite PCAT. He talks about it.

Turns out moving to March was a better idea.


Jimmy talks about Tommy Shaw calling in from Styx. Tommy loved it and wants to be part of the show in the future.

Jimmy gives props to the back stage staff for doing such a fantastic job.

Someone outbid Jimmy on that guitar and he was glad for it.

15 – Jimmy talks about his thought process for bidding on Greg’s guitar.

Jimmy talks about the NNF Fantasy Baseball League. 8 Spots Left.

FanClub@jimmypardo.com saying why you want to get in the NNF League. Email by 3/16!

$150 entry fee!

Get Well Soon Tim!

Remaining auctions – http://www.ebay.com/sch/sasquatch150/m.html

20 – Matt goes through the auctions. He also swears again.

BvS with Me Pat and Kyle – http://www.ebay.com/itm/Movies-Go-See-Batman-vs-Superman-w-Pat-Francis-Garon-Kyle-/231867254614?hash=item35fc5d8756:g:Po8AAOSwmmxW2zS9

Straw talk!

More auctions.

STP Talk!

Karaoke with Eliot – http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sing-Karaoke-with-ELIOT-HOCHBERG-for-Smile-Train-/231870275563?hash=item35fc8b9feb:g:e7QAAOSwu1VW3mlV
25 – Eliot is not the guy for comedy STP. Jimmy suggests Eliot for ACDC.

Jimmy sings some ACDC for us. Eliot gives it a shot. “Too pretty.”

Jon Ross Bowie records a voicemail as Kripke for you – http://www.ebay.com/itm/John-Ross-Bowie-records-your-outgoing-voicemail-msg-as-Kripke-from-Big-Bang-/231872077647?hash=item35fca71f4f:g:-TUAAOSwyjBW4HEe

30 – Eliot mentions that Pardcastathons of years past ALSO go to smile train and are also still available.

NNF Fans raised over 80k on our own plus the mystery donor! Huge!

Matt won the $5.

35 – Andy Bell – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andy_Bell_(singer)

Erasure – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erasure_discography

I have breaking news!

Eliot’s E word (he was super certain it would match (for humor apparently) – Eliot!


Jimmy is gonna guess the death date of John Entwhistle.

Jimmy guesses June 24, 2002.

40 – The answer: June 27, 2002.

Rob Corrdry talk.

Nice pull Matt!

The Who talk.

45 – No new Zeppelin news!

Breaking news!!

I talk about the bomb scare at my apartment today.

65 – Matt talks about taking a China Beach crew jacket from an old man.


tv furniture – http://www.yelp.com/biz/previously-on-burbank

70 – We’ll be right back!!

Fire in the hole!

We’re back!
Jimmy sings some more Who for us.

Eliot found something on Zepplin about possible new album/tour this year.

John Entwhistle has 3 songs on It’s Hard – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/It%27s_Hard

75 – Phone calls! Hi Ezra! We’re better than him. Goodbye ezra!

Matt can’t answer.

Hello! Helloooooo.

Jason Burliss. He calls himself the Jim Croce twitter guy.

Jason’s up near Fresno.

Jimmy’s gonna be up in Bakersfield on April 16!

Jason’s a pool cleaner.

Matt has indeed gotten funnier.

80 – Jason’s never gotten any action cleaning pool. “Drove cab.” Jason’s company doesn’t clean above ground pool. Jimmy wants respect for the above ground pool, it’s refreshing on a hot day. Jason’s E word is Eminem.

Bye Jason!

Bye Chris! How does he get through every single time!

Hi Michael from New Jersey. We talk Christie and Trump.

He manages an AMC theater. Matt loved Zootopia.

Jimmy asks about sleepers and Eddie The Eagle. Jimmy wants to see it and is ready to sob.

He has not seen that Sasha Baron Cohen movie, and its selling the least.

Jimmy just said, “grab a little tit.”

Jimmy saw The Witch and Race and London Has Fallen. He says it is horrible but he liked it.

Michael flew out to town for Pardcastathon.

90 – Michael talks about those multi soda machines.

Michael’s e-word is Eliza from Hamilton.

See you soon babe! – Jimmy.

More calls and we continue to get the same people.

We’re going Out of the country!

We got Jamie from London!

Jamie lists the movies he likes. Jamie also likes baseball! Jimmy asks him if any pro players came from England.


We lost Jamie but we got a Carla.

Hi Carla from Arkansas. Jimmy has family down there but no idea what they do.

Carla’s kids are about a year apart. 15 months to be exact. Carla works for the health dept. She does budgets and purchasing. Her E word is Escape. Good guess! Carla was in love with Bryan Adams.

100 – talking music with Carla. She likes 90s Alternative. Carla’s older than Jimmy and Matt. Carla lived in the city where they shot twister. She say Alan Ruck in a bar.

105 – We got Nick from Santa Clarita, he just moved here from Albuquerque. Bye Nick!

110 – Kevin from Oclair, WI. Jimmy talks about a bad gig he had there.

He works at an autopart store. Jimmy asks about oil changes and trans fluids.

Bye Kevin!

Jimmy talks more about getting banned because of a flight.

120 – Come on Brian. Jimmy leaves him a message.

Don’t forget the auctions!

See you next time guys!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth