1802 – Cleaning Up with Richard Kind

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell.
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Richard Kind

Richard Kind

00 – 1802! Hello!

We’re in charge here!

Jimmy’s biting into a pastry!

Answer the question Claire!!

Jimmy said MeMe correctly.

Eliot’s giggle and reaction to that might jus get him fired.

Richard Kind is our guest today!

Don’t make Jimmy feel foolish or bad!

Marco Rubio robot answers.

What is the difference between staying on message and repeating yourself?

Debate intro debacle.

We live in a world of morons.

Surrounded by idiots!

05 – Pardcastathon is right around the corner! Auctions coming also!

One of the auctions should be waffles at mels with jimmy and matt! Sounds like it will be!

A golf auction, fantasy baseball auctions which Jimmy explains.

This year will be a very funny year! Lots of strong comedy.

Jimmy compliments Zoe’s art skills! She drew a great picture of the family.

All of Oliver’s drawings look like robots.

Jimmy talks about Lydia, friend of Danielle’s daughter, who is really smart. Jimmy talks about talking favorite colors with her and Oliver.

10 – Really nice time in NY!

Sbarro pizza joke from the Office.

Eliot thinks that Pizza Hut is worse than Sbarro.

Jimmy and Oliver just had a delicious red baron pizza and then had a terrible one.

Jimmy learns the correct way to say Lando Calrissian.


15 – Updates at the Familiare! He resolved the issue with his rent.

Eliot and Jimmy talk about president vs mayor TV appearances.

Trump talk!

Dirty Carson is back talking Cora!

25 – Jimmy compliments me!

He’s talking Chicago and the hall of fame.

He wants a press pass in case the reunion doesn’t happen so he can walk around like a big shot.

30 – Richard Kind is here!!

Jimmy confirms where Richard lives.

Seconds from his house!!!

Nice Matan (sp)

Break! We’ll be back!

We’re back!

40 – Jimmy introduces everyone quickly.

Richard Kind talks about being friends with George Clooney.

45 – This is the 592nd episode!!

Richard says he feels guilty for not being able to be on the show. He’s not out here often enough. He’s finally here!

Richard wants to let Jimmy use his membership for 60 bucks a month. He’s not allowed to do it though.

Richard talks golf! He says he got addicted to it.

50 – It costs $15 to get back into NY from NJ. Jimmy lays out a scenario of being a mob guy going to jersey to kill and bury someone it costs $15 to come home. Richard suggests not using the easy pass but yes, it’ll cost $15.

Richard’s gonna take Matt to lunch at the club.

Richard talks about how his club used to be racsist back in the day. He tells a story about Johnny Mathis wanting to join and being told “Chances aren’t…”
Richard says that racists can be witty!

WC Fields lived across the lake and used to row over to the club and smack the ducks on the way.

Richard tells a story about Fields and Bogart. Bogart asked to join Fields on the course and Fields said, “If I wanted to play with a dick I’d stay home and play with my own.”

55 – More golf chat and trump saying, “golf is a rich man’s sport.”

It’s not a country club it’s a GOLF CLUB.

Red Oaks talk. Another line of Richard’s that made him cry.

A Serious Man – 

60 – Jimmy and Matt talk Inside Out with Richard.

Red Oaks – 

Richard thinks the unions will need to change things regarding pay for 10 episodes versus 22 episode seasons of shows.

65 – Jimmy is offended by Richard saying we were filthy with Matt Walsh. Richard says he wasn’t being insulting but insightful. It was all the gerbil talk.

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie came out in 1969.

70 – Richard asks about the opening half hour of the show and how often Jimmy is unsatisfied with it.

Podcasts helped make Richard healthy! He’d listened to them at the gym. He listened to this show while working out!

Americanah – 

Richard talks about David Steinberg and being thrilled when he hears his name mentioned.

Richard talks about what David taught him on the set of Mad About You. He talks about how great he is. “A wonderful guy.”

75 – He talks more about David and Second City.

Jimmy tries to guess the cast that was with Richard Kind at Second City.

He was there in the late 80s. He lists off some people from his cast.

Richard describe his career as a “modicum of fame.”

Richard talks about the company of Second City that included Tina Fey, Stephen Colbert, Amy Sedaris, etc. He didn’t think they would ever make it because they were TOO good.

80 – Richard talks about Nora Ephron. He thinks his success is not as great because he didn’t have to put much work into it.

Richard’s first series was Unsub (unknown subject).

He tells the story about the show.

Geraldo Satanism special –

85 – “We were the first.” Stephen Cannel to Richard every time he sees him. The show was way ahead of its time.

Jimmy and Richard talk Kojack.

Richard talks about his kids not being able to handle Bringing Up Baby and getting annoyed that she was so mean to cary grant.

He doesn’t think younger people will appreciate shows like Kojack anymore.
90 – Richard Matt and Jimmy talk about the differences in tastes amongst age groups.

Richard talks about giving his time to tv shows to see if they can hook him.

Richard talks about his tony nominated role in the play he did. He used to watch breaking bad between his scenes. The shows are all 47 minutes and 20 seconds but he had to stop them at 40 minutes because they are so jarring in the last 7 minutes so he watches the rest of it afterwards.

Courtney B. Vance – 

American Crime Story ratings break records –

The guys talk about watching the OJ chase on TV.

Richard refused to watch the OJ trial and was so shocked by the verdict.

Richard said he didn’t act with OJ, he just played ball with him.

100 – Quick break!

We’re back!

“I absolutely saw more letters in that.” – Richard on my name.

Richard tells a story about Harold Hill.

Richard Kind played Max in The Producers on Broadway.

105 – Richard enjoys doing musicals. He just got back from a workshop in Houston of a show about manners classes. “gayest thing I’ve ever done.” But he loves doing musicals!

Richard has a story about the LA riots. A bunch of guys (Matt Perry, Richard Kind, Craig Bierko, and more) were gonna go to Palm Springs but George Clooney said “No. You don’t go to palm springs when your city is on fire.” He got a bunch of them together to go help clean up in East LA.

110 – Richard talks about cities transforming and evolving. Polish jokes are gone! Cab driver’s who talk about the city, or to their passengers, are gone.

Richard likes to think that we can evolve out of terrorism and racism. He talks about a play he saw about Lyndon Johnson.

Richard asks how Jimmy can keep his phone on. He calls him out on it. Jimmy doesn’t know why he doesn’t either.

Richard talks about the days where things weren’t so convenient. He talks about a Would You Rather game. Would you rather live healthy or lose the internet?

Jimmy is lucky about the internet and all that it has lead to for him but he hates the internet.

Richard goes back to the Lyndon Johnson play he watched. He talks about racism of the time and how we are just as racist a country now as back in 1964 but that we will evolve to where racism is gone. He thinks within a generation.

120 – Carol & Company!

Richard talks more about Carol and Company. The casting was done by Carol! She came out and saw Richard and said, “I hear you’re great come in and let’s play!”

He just did an audition for Woody Allen.

Carol decided to end the Carol & Company show and ended up going to another network for The Carol Burnett Show revival which lasted 8 episodes.

Richard talks about a Bernadette Peters rehearsal and how sexy she was at rehearsal.

Richard tells a story about editing on Rosie O’Donnell’s show. She asked him who his “Streisand” is and when he answered Woody Allen she went nuts on him then took it back to change the question like nothing ever happened. On airing, it looks flawless.

Tom Selleck on Rosie –

Richard says that Rosie would never in a million years remember she did that to Richard.

Jimmy asks Richard if he sees plays for free being a tony nominated actor. He says he never goes for free to theater. He always pays. Unless he second acts shows, which is going in with the crowds after the intermission.

We’re done!

Richard fit in like Ty Burell and Jon Hamm.

What a joy!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

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