1614 – Freezing the Frame with Janet Varney

Janet Varney

Janet Varney

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell

Editing and additional notes by Garon Cockrell


00 – Hello! Welcome to 1614! Jimmy was talking his T-shirt. Bourgeois Tagg!

Here is their Vevo channel 

Jimmy’s had that shirt for 30 years. He’s worn it for the first time today.

He’s tried to sell the shirt 30 times and never got a bid.

Jimmy’s new character, Actor portraying blind man, is back.

The guys try to imitate a blind person. Matt’s gotten much better with eye contact, mostly with Jimmy.

Jimmy talks about giving a speech in high school. His teacher said it was the best speech shed ever heard from someone looking at a table.

05 – Jimmy wishes Matt had a paper to read off so this show went better.

Jimmy explains the letter game on the Players Club. He then talks about how Eliot wanted to turn it into an actual segment.

Some Beavis and Butthead talk. Matt does his Beavis impression.

Beavis and Butthead chat.

10 – Beavis and Butthead talk Iron Maiden From Here To Eternity

Peter Cetera singing some Chicago songs recently

Jimmy and Matt end Eliot’s talk but offing themselves with a paper gun and lightsaber.

15 – Vacation movies chat. I love Christmas Vacation and everyone else finds it okay.

New Vacation trailer

Jimmy is in fact over his breakup with Jennifer.

20 – Is Eliot going to add a foot cam?

Get off your selfie sticks!

It’s small business week. Jimmy asks Matt about it. Jimmy is going to present Never Not Funny LLC to Oliver’s class. He has no idea what to talk about.

Matt talks about the Rock Solid episode with Steve Lukather. It’s the 200th episode and features a little Star Wars tidbit.

We’ll be back!

25 – Were back! UPS handled themselves fondly.

Listener Susan! Good luck!

Janet Varney is here!!

She’s wearing wedges.

Janet is measuring her wedge against Matt’s hair.

Hair beats wedge!

By the time this episode airs, Matt and Jimmy will have seen Nashville Live.

Connie Britton is not from London.

Jimmy had a piece of junk joke that Janet made even worse.

30 – Janet and Jimmy did the Prompt show together.

Jimmy both loves and despises when ships are called lady.

“Gotta work the dock.” – Janet. “You’re miss pronouncing dick by the way.” – Jimmy

Face spray chat.

Janet and Matt go through what is feminine.

Janet thinks Jimmy would play a great blind person to Matt’s amazement since we were just talking about it.

Jimmy nails the blind look. Matt makes a Little House on the Prairie reference that no one gets.

35 – Jimmy talks about doing an improv show that the cast decided to just start using Italian accents. The director was pissed.

Jimmy thought Janet would hate that he did that but on the contrary, turns out Janet did something similar in a show in college. The main characters just said the word jejune.

Eliot and Janet have a Facebook relationship apparently.

HBDY! Is how Eliot says happy birthday.

40 – One day, after they take a class, Matt and Jimmy will build up the rest of Eliot’s partition. Glory Holes for the cameras!

Janet sings some glory holes for us a spoof of the Laura Branigan song Gloria. 

Glory hole always manned is a very positive outlook.

Perfect episode to have right after Jimmy talks to Oliver’s class about podcasting.

Matt sings some Glory Day/Glory Holes.

45 – We learn a lot about my family.

50 – Movie talk!!

We don’t need another hero

55 – Jimmy goes from Idle to awww freakout.

Jimmy marches and pats head and rubs belly. Neither Matt or Jimmy apparently can do the opposite hand/leg march.

Eliot is here. He doesn’t have aunts. He has a producer uncle. They’re estranged.


I suggest it is a relationship he might want to mend to great fanfare.

Matt and Jimmy recounts their Mel’s Diner waiter.

Thumbs up from Eliot!

The Familiare has some pet issues. Potential tenant has a therapy dog and Eliot isn’t sure how they work.
Another song to guess. No one can get it.

60 – Boz Scaggs 

65 – Jimmy plays some Boz for us.

70 – Janet recommends The Knick. 

Matt Frewer

Jimmy explains The Prompter Show. Jimmy describes Janet’s improv song as “Wayne Brady good.” WB is normally a zero but when he improvs songs he is brilliant.

Janet also did the Speechless show.

75 – Matt and Jimmy sing some Ke$ha.

More The Prompter Show talk.

Janet loved the fact that Danielle was at the show and was laughing the whole time.

Jimmy doesn’t think the improve world really knows that he can do improv. He took an improv class at Second City in Chicago. 31 years ago.

80 – Improv class talk! It was Sunday class, Janet suggests it may have been church.

Jimmy’s autobiography: Life in the Middle Seat.

Jimmy laughed like an idiot at Janet’s Life is a Highway joke at the prompter show.

“Dad, that was not good.” Oliver on Planes 2.

Beyond the Tank talk.

Lizard Jimmy is back. He sings Old Man Lizard.


85 – We’re back!

Matt does a character for us. 1940s child actor auditioning.

Arbor Day

90 – Live theater on tv talk.

Grease in 2016. Danny Zuko not cast yet.

Microsoft what’s my age app listed Jimmy as 41!

Jimmy talks about some sports roast.

95 – Barry Van Dyke 

“Mother” talk.

New Jimmy character: Hillbilly that didn’t get the joke.

100 – 7 in 7 time!!

Jimmy gives to Janet and Matt: 26 points! Redo: 24 Points

Janet gives to Matt and Jimmy: 17 Points

Matt gives to Jimmy and Janet: 25 Points

Kate Moss drugs?

Matt says that Janet’s first appearance was one of the best episodes in his opinion.

Sketch fest had a howling wind of absence without NNF.

The panel talks about the Better off Dead reunion at Sketch Fest.

Better off Dead is my movie today!

The Sure Thing

We’re froze!

See ya next time!

My pleasure,

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