1612 – Yanking Your Chain with T.J. Miller

TJ MillerIn studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello indeed! Welcome to 1612! Jimmy describes the room as frigid!

Jimmy’s gonna keep us posted on the temp and time. Now that it’s here we’re gonna fix that time.

We’re high and in charge!

Happy birthday Charlie!

Jimmy explains what happened Saturday afternoon. Including running a 5k in 27m11s.

Jimmy thinks he lost 12 seconds when he had to fix his iPod.

He felt like the race was more incline than decline.

Jimmy spoke to the good-looking flight attendant couple about incline vs decline.

05 – 74.7 degrees guys!

There was also a 1K for the kids to do.

Long story short they slept through the rain.

Jimmy tries to categorize the weather Matt experienced.

10 – Jimmy was able to watch the LA Kiss lose in person again. Jimmy does some Monday morning coaching.

The guys talk LA Kiss and coaching situation. http://www.arenafootball.com/teams/aflkiss/

Jimmy talks about the drunk rich OC guys that came back this time. They actually apologized for being so terrible last week. They took one more sip of beer and, “like dr. jekyl and mr. hyde” they went crazy again. This drunk idiot was getting laughs from people around him. To be fair it is a football game and the guy is having fun but still poor language around families is rude.

15 – Jimmy’s decided to move his seats. He isn’t gonna confront them because he doesn’t want to get beaten up in front of Oliver by three rich dicks in izods and flipflops.


On the way out of the stadium, Jimmy saw the worst car accident he’s ever seen in his life.

Power surge or something.

For the players club only: Power surge jimmy giving a play by play.

Welcome back to the program! We just had a power surge and we’re not sure how much we kept in during this brownout or whatever it is.

Jimmy gets back to the accident story. It was a t-bone right in the driver door. Really loud and violent accident. Oliver was scared the whole way home.

20 – Jimmy recounts the time that Oliver was in an accident when he was 2 or 3 with the nanny. The neighbors all came around to check on him.

Jimmy calls the accident “bananas.” Matt confirms it was more exciting than the game.

It blows when the games aren’t fun. Time and money spent to get there just makes it a bummer.

Oliver did a kids mud run out in “san berdoo” 

Jimmy is over the mud parts of mud runs. He’d like to just do a big obstacle course.

He and Matt are gonna look into it.

25 – Oliver did all of the obstacles except 2. He didn’t do the big wall.

Jimmy helped another dad get his kid down when he starting getting scared up on the wall.

Jimmy saw some woman snap her ankle on a slide.

Jimmy “saw some shit” this weekend.

Eliot is 2 for 7 per Jimmy. Everyone enjoyed it.

Joe Wagner went to see Paul Blart 2 and loved it.


The floor is open for questions. Eliot asks if Jimmy listens to the same playlist with every run since it’s always 27 minutes. Jimmy says no, he changes it up.

Our guest is here!

TJ Miller of Yogi Bear fame!

TJ wonders if Jimmy went into Yogi Bear 3D with an open mind and an open heart.

30 – TJ immediately brings up the toenail issue! It was not TJ! He never wears open toe footwear.

Jimmy is having some kind of severe face pain right under his nose. It felt like he was being stung by a bee.



It’s back!

TJ does not have toe fingers. The toenail mystery continues!

35 – Jimmy thinks everyone is terrific on Silicon Valley except Kumal Nanjiani.

He’s kidding guys.

TJ loves Veep but he’s calling Silicon Valley better especially for a show in its second season.

He calls Mike Judge one of the greatest satirists of our time.

TJ goes through his filmography.

40 – Jimmy talks about going to the American academy of dramatic arts like Paul Rudd and Adam Scott.

TJ went to the British American Drama Academy – 

TJ looks up his filmography on IMDB. He tries to do it discretely.

He was also in Transformers 4.

TJ keeps going through his filmography.

TJ thinks Jimmy will like Silicon Valley for its subtle humor.

45 – TJ describes Matt’s hair as a shark fin.

We’ll be back!

We’re back! Episode 1612! The clock is back on the wall!

I saw Breaking Away! 8/10


The Quarrymen

50 – Jimmy scared of quaries? Matt mentions Jimmy was in a Quarryman cover band. Jimmy fails to yes and him and doesn’t know who the quarrymen are.

Jimmy talks about being threatened with murder in a quary.

Jimmy talks about TJ’s chain.


White guy I a gold chain = Mr. T starter kit joke.

Nancy Grace looks like a pitbull face fucked a trashcan.

55 – Little too much build up on the Atari doc. Jimmy feels like he should have watched it all at once.


Watched Knock Knock it’s Tig Notaro! So great!

The Nashville season finale is May 13.

The guys talk Jeremy Lin and Linsanty or Listeria as Jimmy called it.

60 – We check in with Eliot about The Familiare. One vacancy available! There is an approved apartment application but no action on it. TJ offers to call them.

Eliot explains what an apartment is to TJ.

Matt has new shoes. Jimmy loves them! He’s got the 991s guys!

TJ does a take to the floor, a double floor take, and a double floor to ceiling take!

TJ thinks the price point is good. Questions if utilities are included. Water and trash are included.

65 – Turn it up turn it up! Name the artist. Ke$ha! There were some shootings in Palms. They caught the guy.

The guys wonder what the first gang incident was that is being retaliated for since then.

Matt points out that TJ is dressed like a crip.

TJ talks about having gang issues when he was in school back in DENVER.

70 – Jimmy tries to guess what TJ stands for. He guesses Joseph correctly. Can’t get the T! Matt guesses Todd! Todd Joseph Miller.

We try to help TJs wife choose a name. One of her exes had the last name Horney.


The guys talk about the Orny Adams doc with Seinfeld.


75 – Jimmy wonders if all the sad stuff around Orny was actually him trying to be funny but the producers made it dark and sad.

TJ talks about watching an episode of the Bachelor.

Matt watched a couple seasons of The Bachelor because he had a friend who worked on it.

80 – The guys talk about The Bachelor more and the thought process of the women on the show and the people watching it.

Jimmy does nothing on accident.

TJ asks if Jimmy has a streaming device. Jimmy asks if he means a urination device.

The guys talk Silicon Valley.

85 – TJ was nervous about being on the show with Chicago comedy icon Jimmy Pardo.

TJ reads through his texts with Matt.

TJ talks about his nerves and how he isn’t nervous on other shows but he was coming into here.

Jimmy reads a text between and Matt where matt uses Abandanza!

90 – The guys talk about the avengers race coming up. Matt wants to dress like black suit spiderman.

TJ talks about doing 3ks every so often but he takes a cab.

TJ has heart attacks at Shakey’s pizza.

Oliver hates shakeys pizza.

TJ wants to have a party at Chuck E Cheese’s but was told it wasn’t allowed without Kids.

He talks about going to Dave and Buster’s and having a blast.

Jimmy’s onboard with TJs wife being KT.

95 – TJ talks about a famous improviser named TJ Jandowski (I spelled that wrong). Apparently people would always confuse the two of them. Now, apparently people are confusing the other TJ with TJ Miller.

The floor is open for questions!

TJ asks about Jimmy’s Kojak phase. He asks about the Telly Savalas album and if we’ve played the board game. TJ is curious if Kojak is a good cross medium character.

TJ also asks about the beer nuts Jimmy is always eating.

100 – the beer nut brand trail mix is delicious. Cash Levy joke: Trail mix: Goat food, now with M&Ms.

Jimmy asks if he can call Matt Jabberjaw. Matt gets self conscious that he is talking to much but Jimmy was only referring to his hair looking like a shark fin.

Matt talks about the LL Cool J song I’m Bad – 

He’s also talks about the shark movie Deep Blue Sea.

Here is LL Cool J’s song Deepest Blue –

105 – The guys talk Home. It was expected to be a disaster but opened huge. Jimmy describes it as horrible and rough.


TJ talks about his experiences with Big Hero Six. Big Hero Six 2 is not in production according to TJ. BUT he says it’s the 3rd highest grossing (globally) Disney film of all time so…

110 – TJ talks about Paul Blart 2. He had fun (he was also high). He cried laughing a lot.

Jimmy talks Oliver being a healthy eater.

Break and back and literally we gotta go.
See you next time!
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