1611 – Raving Against the Machine with Jason Nash

Jason Nash

Jason Nash

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello! 420 edition! Jimmy says he saw lines around the dispensaries. Jimmy thinks you should be outgrowing the 420 stuff after about 25. We wish all the dopers luck today.

Not everyone is an asshole. Just the one guy jimmy is referring to. You dumb motherfuckers. Stop being offended. Jimmy is specifically talking to one or two human beings.

Jimmy and Matt explain the show. Relax. Slow your roll man. Relax, baby, relax. – Jimmy populates season 17 intro.

05 – I ran out to Jimmy’s car to get his hoodie/sweatshirt/scully

That sounds like a great way to get caught in a sound mistake. – Matt Gourley makes the opening of next season.

Matt recounts a story from something he watched with Regan and Bo Jackson.

The guys talk Bo Jackson.

10 – Jimmy talks about going to see Paul Blart 2. Has a lot of funny. He wonders if there is a critic conspiracy against Kevin James. Jimmy did his Paul Blurt laugh at least 6 times.

The entire family saw it and laughed and left with smiles on their faces.

Matt gives his thoughts on critics and automatically seeing someone in a specific light.

Jimmy wonders why Get Hard gets good reviews and Paul Blart 2 gets none.

15 – Matt explains the new word hutch. Jimmy explains the term “gay pibb” and Paul Gilmartin missing the joke.

Jimmy endorses Paul Blart 2.

Metacritic – 

Our guest is here! He’s got new shoes. No mom this time. She loved having jimmy make fun of her. She has a sense of humor.

Lorraine! Jimmy is friends with her somewhere. He thinks it’s facebook.

Everything about Jason today has Jimmy wanting to go get some refurbished piano wire and decapitating him with it.

.257 hitter and 297 home runs. 101 stolen bases are jimmy’s guess.

He changes.

Matt ges 248 and 212. 168 stolen bases

30 – Zero fun on the Bo Jackson stats. I couldn’t find the stolen bases because im a homosexual and don’t know sports.

We wish Bo a lot of love on 420!

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

1610 no 1611 Bump it up!!!

Jimmy’s got a caffeine headache from lack of Coke Zero. He’s also got the chills.

Time and temp from Jimmy. Talking hillbilly hippies. Jimmy enjoyed Record Store day over in Ann Arbor.

Jimmy picked up Springsteen and Eddie and the Cruisers on vinyl.

Top five comedy clubs in the country over in Ann Arbor!

35 – Listener, Dennis Farrell invited Jimmy to the White Sox/Tigers game on in Detroit. Jimmy was torn as he hates hanging out with people. One reason not to go: Stranger Danger.

F-Word podcast

Jimmy did some research on Dennis found out he was legit. Seemed like a good guy. He went! Had a great time. Jimmy talks about the green room being a safe place preshow and not for outsiders. Apparently, not the same holds for the dug out. You can just hang out before the game starts. He and Dennis were hanging out in the white sox dug out! Jimmy was just waiting to get thrown out.

40 – They went up to the press box and had lunch. Jimmy had the tri-tip. White sox win. Jimmy calls jose abreyu (spelling??) going deep. 3-2 and hits a grand slam.

Jimmy doesn’t understand Matt’s premise.

The point is Jimmy called it and let the press box know about it.

Jimmy was able to “hang out” with Hawk Harrelson, announcer for the sox.

45 – Jason thinks Jimmy should do a lighter side of sports type of show.

Jimmy was able to meet and hang out with Ron Parker who maybe is from Cheap Seats without Ron Parker – The Sklars show. 

Turns out the guy is Rob Parker – 

Jason gives us some failed bits.

50 – Jason had some pot gummy bears the other day.

Circuit city talk. No more circuit city.

Jason is flexing for the camera.


Jimmy and Matt sort of talk the Atari documentary. Matt watched it. Jimmy is 45 minutes into it. They’re calling it really captivating.

The documentary is about the massive failure of the ET video game and trying to find the landfill it was buried in.

Jimmy had a top gun game that he loved on Nintendo.

55 – Jason took a gummy bear at an autism fundraiser party. He explains the pricing and the high.

Matt says he can’t eat just one gummy bear so he’s out.

Jimmy out on drugs and on candy in 2015 so he’s out on both counts.

Jason can’t keep a clean temple. He needs it to talk to people.

Jason doesn’t wanna see a picture of a new born baby. It’s weird.

60 – Dick Fic is a term that jimmy just coined.

Jimmy explains why he only watched 44 minutes.

Jason recommends I watch goodfellas?

Meet The Fockers has a 38%

We aren’t making fun of autism. Save your emails.

65 – Matt compares Adam Sandler making his fun movies to the goonies.

Shuty-upyupy – Jimmy to Eliot.

Jason finds it sad when people shit on stuff when they aren’t doing anything.

Jimmy talks about getting a laugh about a movie he hadn’t seen yet and then feeling weird about it afterwards.

The panel talks about taking down Paul Blart and the negativity of taking down something you haven’t even seen.

Jimmy asks Jason about high school.

70 – Jason talks about a guy in high school tormenting him. Including putting human shit in his dresser and copying his keys and fucking a girl in his house. This guy was named Pat and the son of a big time college football coach.

Jimmy talks getting stuck in Cedar Point traffic and this truck full of asshole teenagers who wouldn’t let him out of the line to get out. They got all their kicks out of it. If it happened today, Jimmy would have just rammed them with the car.

Matt talks about a viral video of a driver getting revenge on another driver.

Jason sings some Let it Go. And rather well.

We’ll be back!!

75 – Welcome back! A lot went down in the break. Jimmy’s got a bad headache that makes him want to punch a wall.

Jason is playing with his hair. He’s moved from running to weight lifting. He’s lost 40 pounds. He gives us his routine to go to the gym. Never rest between sets according to Jason. He has dad issues to work through.

Jimmy and Jason debate fathers spending time with their kids.

80 – cross burning – 

Eliot tells a story about his grandfather working after the kids go to bed. The guys talk about jewish dads and jewish coaches.

Jason talks about coaching basketball with kids and parents getting all upset about how good some of the kids are.

85 – Jason says he is agro dad nightmare as shit.

Matt talks about getting furious at Olive Oil today when it wasn’t coating his pan correctly.

The guys talk about rage fits and dealing with infants and kids.

Percentage of stay at home moms as of 2012 29%

90 – Eliot gives an update on The Familliare. Wants jimmy to guess the price of the newly available single (with full kitchen and bath).

Jimmy and Jason feel Kevin Hart having funny in the bones.

Ludacris was in 2 Fast 2 Furious – 

Eliot describes the place. Mailbox included!

Origin of 420 – 

95 – Jason guesses $1495
Matt and Jimmy say $1500
It’s actual cost is $1350.

Jason unsure why we’re talking about the units.
100 – Coachella talk! Jason went to the festival. Jason gives Jimmy the Coachella lowdown.

Jason says Jack White is the greatest performer and that we’re lucky to have him.

Jimmy calls Alabama Shakes phenomenal. Jimmy bought their album on clear vinyl today.

Jim Pit from Conan probably has a 90% track record of booking bands right before they go huge.

105 – Jason talks about seeing some hot girl walking past him eating a slice of pizza. She stops, turns around and walks back to him and says, “ I found this in the trash.”

Celebrity Guessing Game! Who did Jason see at Coachella?

D-list, not relevant, star from the 80s – 90s. David Hasselhoff!

Laurie Kilmartin Tweet: Be careful guys, Bill Cosby’s still out there.

Jason followed the Hoff into a rave tent.

Jason wants to take Jimmy to Coachella next year.

Jason wonders why everyone “shits the bed” at 40.

Jimmy would need the bands he likes to bands he doesn’t know ratio to be more in his failure.

Jimmy sounds totally out of Coachella.

110 – Jimmy calls EDM Electronic Distant Memories.

New Jason Nash impressions! He does him looking at his BofA account. He’s stopped doing his Bruce Jenner impression. Jimmy doesn’t understand why anyone is making fun of Bruce Jenner and what he is going through.

Leave Bruce Jenner Alone!

Jimmy talks about the Wheaties/fruity pebbles bruce jenner meme.

So much fun at Coachella according to Jason.

Jason says we should do a NNF version of Coachella with all Jimmy’s favorite bands.

Jimmy takes full credit for the lead singer of Journey and for the iPad.

120 – Jason talks about Steve Jobs meeting his biological father in a diner. He just walked in, looked at the guy, and walked right out.

We’re done!

My pleasure,

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