1607 – Buttoning Up with Kevin Bigley

Kevin Bigley

Kevin Bigley

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher
Kevin on Funny or Die

00 – Hello everyone! 1607! Great song from Tekurah McCullough! I am 100% sure I misspelled that name.

Great time at the 500th episode last night! One of Jimmy’s favorite live shows of all time last night. We captured an in-studio show pretty well.

Jimmy and Matt talk about the show in comparison to the first live show (episode 30).

05 – Jimmy revisits his closing moments. He gives tribute to the listeners for caring and keeping the show going. Jimmy wants to be sure to mention Jesse Thorn and Scott Simpson for their help in NNF finding an audience.

Sizzlean is a “cured meat”

More Sizzlean

Pop Rocket

10 – Jimmy talks about talking with Conan’s wife about kids fake laughing at everything. Jimmy said Oliver doesn’t do that. Next day he started doing it.

15 – What is the deal with talking over Jimmy today. We’re at 501. Brand new goddamn day!
Jimmy wonders if we are in the bizaaro world of studio. Mic off Monitor punched!

Not a lot of hanging out after the show this time. They left through the side door.

Jimmy talks about running a little long at UCB. He never wants to be the guy that does that.

20 – Jimmy compliments the staff at the UCB. The girls were great!

Matt’s got a wide tie.

Jimmy talks about email being mostly junk nowadays.

Matt again suggests turning of email notifications. Jimmy says if he suggests that again he is turning off his mic and punching his monitor.

Jimmy watched a behind the scenes of Intervention last night. Found it “interesting.” He almost started watching the new episode but didn’t want to get “addicted.”

I got our guest.

25 – I came in to hear that Eliot had to take a whore’s bath. Jimmy thinks he looks homeless.


30 – Kevin Bigley is here! Jen is here also!

Sirens on USA


We’re back! Hot off the 500th episode! We got a kid from TV here to bring the energy. Kevin’s in a V-Neck with a botton.

Matt doesn’t think he has ever seen a button up v-neck before.

Jen thinks button.

Jason Thompson and Kevin Bigley.

35 – Wendy 

Melinda Lou Thomas

Jimmy’s favorite ice cream: vanilla. Not a fan of the vanilla frosty.

“mouth feel.”

ATT girl – 

Born in 1987.

40 – Kevin wants Jimmy to take him to his Wendy’s story. Jimmy’s cousin said they’re like “little steaks!”

Jimmy gets a charge out of Sirens. He says Kevin is great on it.

Jimmy wants to be where Kevin is from.

We’re betting where Kevin is from:
Matt – Philly
Jimmy – Iowa
Me – Ohio
Eliot – Wisconsin

Kevin is from NorCal!

His Grandparents are from Iowa!

45 – Marysville north of Sacramento. Younger sister not in the business. She’s in school for nutrition. Kevin went to DePaul in Chicago.

Kevin did some theater in Chicago…well got near the stage anyway. He understudied a lot.

Kevin compares being an understudy to being a right fielder. You get paid as an understudy even if you don’t perform!

Lt. Dan Band – 

Kevin talks about how he got here. It was thanks to Vince Vaughn. He did a pilot presentation for him.

sirens50 – We’re talking about Sirens and how Kevin got the job. He used to do Valet for The Castaway in Burbank. Jimmy true or falses that he goes every year for mother or fathers day.

Jimmy wonders how the fires affected parking.

Jimmy asks the most famous person who’s car he parked.

We’re gonna guess. Scott Backula! Eliot guesses right. Kevin describes him as “Okay”. He did the key toss and Kevin wasn’t ready.

He says Rob Zombie was really nice!

Jen doesn’t represent Scott Baio.

55 – Nothing bad to say about Sandra Bullock.

Jimmy talks about going to Spago for an AMC dinner.

Kevin is recently married! Their show runner officiated the wedding. His wife was on Shameless and they do Funny or Die stuff.

60 – it was a nice size wedding. It was in Old Town.

Chicago talk!

November 9 wedding day!


We’re back!

Jimmy resets. Might not be watching the right show. He confirms that it is a show about luring sailors.

They shoot Sirens over in Chicago. They don’t have high enough ratings to play softball apparently.

Season 2 of Sirens on right now.

65 – Kevin was a bad student but not a druggie. He’s not into drugs or anything he just cut class and went to the zoo.

Kevin’s dad was prison guard and now is a parole officer. He used to tell Kevin to tell his friends not to play ding dong ditch at his place because “someone just got out” of prison.

Kevin didn’t get a cell till he was 18. Jimmy asks his favorite animal. “You can spend all day in a monkey house.” He says.

Oliver says monkeys are the smartest animal.


The 10 smartest animals – 
70 – Jen – dolphin
Kev – elephant
Eliot – dog
Matt – whale
Jimmy – primates

Another smartest animals link

Jimmy wins!!!

75 – No hot water and fighting with an exterminator today.

Jen loves Shark Tank!

She can’t say which client of hers is on Dancing with the Stars.

The gang talk about Rob on Shark Tank.

PR folks just don’t talk about clients.

Jimmy not sure if he wants to invest in the time to watch DWTS.

80 – Kevin and his wife don’t go out to bars dancing. He’s only got two dance moves, including the white guy two-step.

Kevin saw Jimmy opening Conan! He said he humiliated somebody.

85 – Jimmy says you’re welcome.

Talking TV show tapings!

More Shark Tank talk including about the lobster truck Barbara invested in.

She is Oliver’s favorite.

90 – Mr. Wonderful’s history is in toys. Matt likes Mark Cuban. It depends on what Jimmy is pitching.

Jen goes Mark Cuban!


We’re gonna play Pardomid!!

No Shark Tank rep for Jen. She just loves the show!

Matt vs Jimmy first so Kevin can see how to play.

No Parking on the Dance Floor – 

Jimmy guesses: 4
Jen is playing!

Kevin gives!
Jen guesses: 5!

Jimmy gives
Matt guess: 5!

Jen gives!
Kevin guesses: 4

Kevin guesses 5

Matt guess 6!

Jimmy and Matt win!


Jimmy and Kevin are betting on whether Matt guesses 4 right. If Matt gets 5, Jimmy wins. If not, Kevin wins.

They get three! Kevin wins the money!!!

What a joy! Jimmy wishes Kevin nothing but luck!

Jimmy asks about Kevin’s twitter bio being the biggest fan of Mike Mosely.

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth