1422 – Rising High with Vance Gilbert


Vance Gilbert

Vance Gilbert

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In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell

NNF 1422 – Vance Gilbert
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00 – Good morning! Sit down around the fireplace on this cold summer day. Enjoy your coffee, cocoa, or tea.

Jimmy’s never said good morning on this show. There are 57 channels and nothing on. Thanks boss.

1422! It’s official! Get your finances in order! It’s almost time to join or rejoin the Players Club! Plenty of back catalog available!

Matt clarifies; there are 25 regular episodes, 26 Players Club episodes! Dam if you do dam if you don’t – Jimmy’s latch hook pillow.

Dams are good for us. They hold back and corral water. Grand Dam Judy Dench.

05 – Jimmy and Matt talk traffic issues and concerns. Matt’s wife’s cousin apparently is friends with Joe from Blue’s Clues. Matt thinks he might make a good pardcastathon guest.

RIP Meshach Taylor. “Are you witches gonna take the blame for this?” – guy on facebook.

Jimmy does Drunk Mr. Channing, Carol Channing’s father. Matt thinks his name is Dick.

Jimmy guesses Charles until he realizes it’d be Charlie Channing. Chuck Channing is better though.

Matt mentions Eliot’s Claude Smith email.

Eliot sort of kind of owns it. Jimmy also says dude.

Carol Channing’s father’s actual name is George Channing.

10 – Eliot’s building still has a couple vacancies. Covered parking, units on the second and third floor.

Culver City area.

15 – Jimmy considered moving his mom to eliot’s place but not enough of a savings. If he moves her it’ll be into a condo. Except the prices jumped up like a $100,000 grand.

Eliot guesses Tom for Carol’s father.

Geroge Channing is gone guys. Jimmy retires him.

Mello Roos – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mello-Roos

The Act enabled “Community Facilities Districts” (CFDs) to be established by local government agencies as a means of obtaining community funding. Counties, cities, special districts, joint powers authority, and schools districts use these financing districts to pay for public works and some public services.[2]

No one knows what this means.

20 – Jimmy wants to know how much of Naked and Afraid is produced or not. Pat worked on it for a while. Jimmy watched a marathon of it. 21 days naked in the wilderness.

Vance Gilbert is here!

Jimmy saw him at McCabe’s last night.

The Trivago guy still creeps Jimmy out. He doesn’t get why a sexy guy is selling him a hotel.

Matt asks about the Bacon bowl commercial. Jimmy can’t get through that ad. He also can’t get through any deadliest catch commercials that show a pile of fish.

Watch Naked and Afraid.

25 – We’ll give away the Sinbad DVD next week.

Break! We’ll be right back!

We’re back!

I made lasagna!

Ellen’s from Boston, used to be on the radio. Folk station, now AAA.

Eliot’s here. Hopefully we’ll get his units leased out. They’re singles and singles with a loft. Jimmy’s mom needs a door.

Standard stairs for those lofts.

The honcho is here too.

30 – Jimmy introduces our guest. He might get teary eyed. He talks about the first time he and Danielle went to see him. Vance’s song High Rise was their wedding song!

Vance works with Ellis Paul and Ellis put him and Jimmy together.

Vance Gilbert is here!

Jimmy mentions Ellis liking to stay at people’s houses on the road. Jimmy finds that disgusting. Vance calls him a panty sniffer for sure.

35 – Vance played High Rise at the show last night. Jimmy said he and Danielle held hands and wept.

Vance talks about House Concerts. He mentions a performance that Ray Charles did in DC and no one was listening to him. It was some gig with GWB present.

40 – Jimmy tells a quick story about Paul Reiser doing a show and no one listening to him either.

Vance has a degree in biology.

Portable music to tell a story – Vance’s definition of Folk.

Jimmy and Vance discuss his song Charlene. Jimmy loves it.

45 – Vance performs Waiting For Gilligan from the One Thru Fourteen album.


Damn that was good.

50 – Vance can’t listen to his albums. Jimmy called them flawless.

Vance toured for a year and a half with George Carlin. He says you can learn more from watching the ass of a comedian on stage than from any musician in terms of stage use.

Vance talks about doing casino shows with George.

55 – Vance gives info on a house concert he did recently. He did two sets, the first was a carlin set, the second was just him singing and playing tunes. The set he earned with the first one.

Vance explains the Blue Chin phrase. People getting bored and checking their phones.

Jimmy tangets into Ari Voukydis from UCB on Jeopardy!


60 – Vance performs Out The Way We Came In from Bad Dog Buffet.

65 – Roy Sludge duets on Out The Way We Came In on the album.


Danielle didn’t know about the song and Jimmy says it broke her heart when she heard it.

Quick break guys! We’ll be back!

70 – Welcome back! 1422! Vance Gilbert is still our guest! Vance makes the perfect joke about the cameras everywhere by comparing it to a camera store.

Jimmy calls Vance the Charlie Pride of folk music. Jimmy wonders why he did country. No one knows. Jimmy asks if it was rough on Vance doing folk music.

Vance talks about how he got started with music. Vance does a bit of All of Me by John Legend.

75 – Vance did Round Midnight at the show last night. Vance described the show as intimate. Jimmy said it was great to see him so loose. Vance riffs a song about a handsy uncle.

Jimmy talks about meeting Jimmy Pankow and him saying how great it is to live the dream.

80 – Vance talks about auditioning for The Voice. He can’t say anything else. Not even what songs he performed. He showed up, he did three songs, and that’s all he can say.

Vance performs High Rise. Vance comments on Danielle writing comedy, “It’s all funny up in the crib.”

High Rise is also on One Thru Fourteen.


Vance adds some new age effects to the song.

90 – Jimmy and Vance talk about an incident at the show night where they were talking about Vance doing this show. Apparently, there was an NNF fan (Gary?) at the show also.

Vance talks more about doing folk music as its more storytelling music.

Vance does a little Rickles!

95 – Do young people have the patience for Folk? The guys discuss it.

We’re closing it out with Vance performing Old White Men from the album of the same name.


Vance thanks everyone!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper