1106 – Breaking Away with Tami Sagher

Jimmy Pardo welcomes Tami Sagher to Never Not Funny. Jimmy talks about ONE OF THE BEST MOVIES EVER MADE Breaking Away, and meeting its star Dennis Christopher. [Seriously, Breaking Away is a great movie. One of the best. No kidding.] They also discuss My Bodyguard, Tami’s appearance at Pardcastathon 2010, and the lengths to which Jimmy has gone to get a baby bed to Matt.

In-Studio Notes by Dan Katz

Tami Sagher

0 – Jimmy went Belknap with his hair today. Jimmy hates the Beach Boys. Jimmy is consistently 6 minutes late to every Never Not Funny recording.

5 – Jimmy once had a “Cast Away”-style friendship with a golf ball. There will be a “Dan-For-A-Day” on August 6th.

10 – Matt forgot to post last week’s episode. Matt just moved. Jimmy brought a baby bed for Matt.

15 – Jimmy laments booking a show on a Wednesday. Jimmy is on a lot of medication. Tami Sagher is here. The guys talk about “My Bodyguard.”

20 – Tami was on the Pardcast-A-Thon in 2010 when she was really sick. Jimmy went and saw “Breaking Away” on the big screen.

25 – Tami recalls a memory when her boyfriend was a douchebag.

30 – Everyone talks about getting yelled at by the homeless.

35 – The guys talk about children’s TV shows from the 60’s and 70’s.

40 – Jimmy finishes his “Breaking Away” story.

45 – The guys talk about a murder at the Silent Movie Theatre.

50 – Jimmy talks about the Q&A after “Breaking Away.”

55 – Dennis Christopher recognized Jimmy when Jimmy got an autograph from him.

60 – Tami talks about crying when she met Taj Mahal & Dr. Drew. Jimmy’s 2013 catch phrase will be “Don’t weird me.”

65 – The guys talk about stress-eating.

70-75: The guys compare pizzas.


0 – Jimmy talks about the free nuts we eat. Tami’s from the south side of Chicago.

5 – Tami explains “How I Met Your Mother.” Tami talks about this insane Q&A she went to in New York.

10 15: The guys talk about the TV show SMASH.

20 – I go down to put quarters in Jimmy’s meter.

25 – The guys talk radio personalities.