1104 – Todd Levin, The Candy Man

What’s the best way to make sure you get invited back to Jimmy Pardo’s Never Not Funny podcast? Bribery! Todd Levin has this all figured out, and he brings candy to share with Jimmy and they guys. Plus, Todd is really funny! The guys talk about the new Never Not Funny “First Pitch” tee shirt, working for Conan O’Brien, and old jokes. Plus, Jimmy makes good on his promise to call a fan.

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In-Studio Notes by Dan Katz

0 – It’s been a long time since we’ve recorded ‘cause Eliot went train-hopping for a few weeks. While Eliot was gone he got a haircut that Jimmy tears to shreds.

5 – Eliot went running in a suit in the Pennsylvania. Matt is not happy with his own hair. There’s a new NNF shirt with a silhouette of Jimmy throwing the opening pitch at the White Sox game.

10 – Todd Levin is our guest. He was in Chicago with Jimmy when he threw out the pitch, but Todd wasn’t at the game because he was visiting his oldest friend.

15 – Todd and Jimmy have time off from the Conan show, so Todd drove to Lake Tahoe, but the bad side of Tahoe.

20 – The guys talk about different levels of quality of hotels and motels. Jimmy doesn’t think Ricky Martin is good in his role in “Evita.”

25 – Jimmy deconstructs Todd’s porno joke. Jimmy talks about when he had a role on “Monk.”

30 – Jimmy and Todd talk about working on Conan.

35 – The guys try to figure out which musician from the 80’s Eliot’s hair looks like.

40 – The guys compare singing voices. The guys talk about various talk show sidekicks.

45 – The guys talk about out of date jokes.

50 – The guys talk about Todd’s Japanese candy.

55 – Jimmy thinks he has just found something that’s been missing.


0 – Everyone had a hi-chew (Todd’s Japanese candy) during the break. The guys talk about getting caught by someone’s parents while making out.

5 – Todd talks about when he and his wife told his family that they were going to have a baby.

10 –

15 – Jimmy prepares to call a fan. The guys speculate about having throw-around money.

20 – Jimmy calls a fan but the sound quality is terrible, so the guy calls back from his landline.

25 – 30: Jimmy and the fan talk about the movie “Brave.”

35 – Jimmy tries to give Matt a baby bed. The guys talk about what issues gets the show in trouble.