Don’t be so stingy! If you love, share!

There are now some new, easy ways to share Never Not Notes. At the bottom of each entry, there are icons to share that page via Twitter, Facebook, Digg, etc. Just click a button and be a hero. The “front page” posts (like this one) are sharable in the same way, but you have to click the headline which takes you to a page where this entry lives on its own. (They show up if you clicked a link to this entry, but not when they are on the main page with other entries.)

So, if you like Never Not Notes, please share! I like knowing that Never Not Funny fans enjoy the site, but I can’t get the word out all by myself. The more readers I have, the less I will feel that my life is a meaningless string of days without direction or purpose.

An ego is a terrible thing to waste.