30E – Letting it fly with Alex Alexander

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


30 Evian

00 Hello indeed! 30E!

Perks are on the way! Enjoy your hat in the warm!

Like a skaterboi!

Avril Lavigne talk. Zoe has a question about her.


Gay Marriage hasn’t ruined the world!

Who is more famous? Avril Lavigne or Tony Hawk?

Avril Lavigne is my answer.

Talking about priests and their…activities.

Jimmy did NOT see Judas Priest.

John Mayer talk.

10 – Jimmy, Matt, and I say Avril Lavigne. Eliot says Tony Hawk.

Jimmy’s closer to 60 now than he is 50.

Tony Hawk’s Band?

Jimmy updates us on his wasp nest!

Matt enjoys Evangeline Lily! Jimmy does not.

20 – Lost talk!

Take your electronic recycling to Best Buy!

25 – Jimmy has a recycling story and a grumpy security guard.



30 – The Degausser!

Jimmy talks about Eliot’s stream!

Wordle talk!

35 – Alex Alexander is here!!


Alex goes with Avril


45 – We’ll be right back to learn what guest Alex is responsible for!

We’re back!

Alex Alexander is here! She’s been a listener since the beginning!


Alex talks about her audition for LACC.

50 – Alex met Danielle when she was 18!

Who did Alex Alexander, single handedly bring into our NNF world?

Final Jeopardy question.

Big Headed Celebrities

Alex is often “too free” with her words.

55 – Alex doesn’t find the “Dry” months beneficial.

New desk for NNF?

60 – Talking office chair!

Delicious donuts from Crafted Donuts!


First time you saw crazy spelled with a K? Krazy Glue?

Eliot explains what a Degausser is.

1h5m – Many NNF Fantasy Baseball teams named after Eliot’s nicknames.

Alex talks about her experiences with guys her age and their red flags.

Alex’s karaoke go to is I Love Rock and Roll.

Karaoke talk!

Dimples was the famous Burbank Karaoke place – https://www.dailynews.com/2015/01/28/closing-of-burbank-karaoke-bar-dimples-marks-end-of-an-era/

1h10m – Desk chairs and legs!

Jimmy updates us on Cagney and Lacey. It’s climbing the charts and he sobbed twice watching it this week.

Alex talks about watching Columbo and how they never seemed to have warrants.

1h15m – Who’s in green??

Post pandemic pant?

Talking pandemic weight and having to shop for new clothes.

Alex talks about her struggles with weight and her mom having the same issue.

Styx Grand Illusion was the first album Alex bought. It was also Jimmy’s!

1h20m – Back to who Alex brought to NNF!

A.U.S.A. – https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0312091/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_102

Talking about shooting Hacks! Mostly here in LA.

Ted Lasso!

Alex talks about her childhood and her moving around a lot due to her dad being in the Air Force.

David Pakman – https://davidpakman.com/

Jeff Babko played piano on Encanto!

1h30m – Alex brought us Mike Henry!

Letter Game!

Round the horn!!

Vet trip!

1h35m – Talking Gene Baxter talking about my use of Daylight Savings.


Possessive rules:


1h40m – Alex talks about her billy relatives.

Poke – https://findanyanswer.com/why-is-a-paper-bag-called-a-poke

1h50m – Alex’s first name is actually Debra!

Alex has eaten Rabbit and Squirrel.

Sloppy Doe!

Hello Eliot!

He might have to do in-person meetings for the neighborhood council soon.

Jimmy has to take a call! We’ll be right back!

Welcome back!

Eliot has a bit.

Alex’s E guess is…Eureka!

Matt goes with Electralux!

Jimmy goes with Epson!

2h – My guess is Evian.

Eggo talk!

Matt recounts an Oliver story from How To Survive.

More Fan guesses.

2h10m – Eliot’s Five:

5) Eveready
4) Equal
3) Exxon
2) Enron
1) Eggo!

No winner! Jimmy ALMOST had it.

2h15m – Alex recounts her story from HTS about an improv/sketch group she was part of.

Alex did some prep work!

2h30m – Mike Henry jumped ship for How To Survive?!

We love everyone and are very very lucky and grateful for all the love during the pandemic!

2h35m – Alex tucked her phone into her bra. Jimmy wonders if the hillbilly is coming back.

Check that perk tab!

We’re done! See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth/Little Asshole