29K – Racing cars with Sydney Heller

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

NNF Platinum 29K – Sydney Heller

5) Kodaline
4) Kiss
3) The Killers
1) K’s Choice

00 Hello! 29K!

It’s hot as hell!

Talking an outdoor podcast episode that never happened.

“Big Cock Garon” the human tripod!

Happy birthday Rhetta!

Will we ever officially confirm Jimmy’s 2 inches.

Happy birthday Julie.

Birthday talk.

Jimmy tries to guess Matt’s kid’s birthdays. Charlie’s is April 25!

Talking about patriarchs or matriarchs of old and whether or not Jimmy can become part of that.

10 – I have been tasked with carrying on the message of Jimmy Pardo.

Facebook is changing its holding company name to Meta.


I’ve never seen a single Albert Brooks movie.


20 – Class action lawsuit talk.

It’s getting chilly in here today.

25 – The mail is here!

We got to thank Mike French and his wife Tori for the songs at the live stream!

KCSkateShop.com for Tim Quick’s PCAT board info.


Rob Herrol (spelling?) sent us some books!

His 3rd book coming out has a character named after ME?!

Rumble! https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8337158/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

30 – turns out our guest is NOT here.

Talking Tiers!

My hair is bananas.

35 – Talking about How To Survive and Danielle’s story.

Our guest is here!

40 – Alec Baldwin talk

45 – Matt does remember Eliot’s Eddie Murphy story.

Jimmy is watching Diagnosis Murder. Scott Baio is in season one and is good. There is a scene where the boom mic almost hits someone.

50 – Squid Game: No Squids. (or maybe one)

Squib Games?

Michael Tucci – https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0875700/?ref_=nm_mv_close

55 – Sydney Heller is here!

We talk about her jacket. It’s a Nascar jacket she got off eBay.


60 – We’re betting on where Sydney is from
Matt: CA/NY
Jimmy: OH/NV
Eliot: FL/TX
Garon: WA/CT

One of us is close. She moved to CA at 14

She’s from Las Vegas! No winner!

We’ll be right back!

We’re back!

29K! Sydney Heller is here!

Syd & Olivia Talk Shit! Go listen!

She can’t drive.

Talking about The Oakwood!


1h5m – Unnecessary stories time! Sydney talks about her cursed dog that humps her arm.


Round the horn!

1h10m – We talk about Syd’s family.

Her sister is her next door neighbor!

Last Night in Soho talk!

I have no idea when I’m gonna see it.

1h15m – Sydney saw the new Wes Anderson movie yesterday.

Better wind in Kitty Hawk.

Jimmy had a car with a clutch and also a choke!

Quick break!

It was not a doctor it was a warranty call.

What is Car?!


1h20m – Syd has Halloween plans!

They’re having a party!

Sydney is going as Remy from Ratatouille!

Maggie May!

Eliot’s not doing anything for Halloween!

1h25m – most of us don’t like the heat.

Syd had her Bah mitzvah at a casino mariot.

Her dad used to book magicians!

Danny Heller! What a great name.

$25 for the Nascar coat!


Two beer cans fighting t-shirt summer. Republican cosplay.

1h30m – Sydney got EVERYONE vaxxed.

Neighborhood guy who gave out cough drops and then lean cuisine bars.

Sydney has NO childhood because it stayed in vegas.

Eliot guesses Korn. Jimmy will give Eliot $5 if it’s Korn. RETRACTED!

1h35m – Matt’s guess is The Killers.

Syd’s answer was ALSO The Killers but she changes to The Kooks or Kidney Stones.

Kars 4 Kids!

Jimmy’s guess is Kool & The Gang?

1h40m – Sydney used to play the Flute!


We hear the fans!

Syd loves the gossip! Two of her friends kissed.

Sydney loves banana Laffy Taffy!

My answers:

5) Kodaline
4) Kiss
3) The Killers
2) Keane
1) K’s Choice

I am an asshole!

1h50m – Talking about what we call our parent’s friends.

Syd’s parents are good people!

We have confirmed that Syd has kissed someone!

1h55m – Danny went on tour with Chicago?!

Syd swore for the first time at like 13 when she called the mile “bullshit!”

Swearing talk.

Syd did lots of musicals! She did Charlie Brown, Little Shop, Chorus Line,

2h – Syd’s favorite musical is Company!

Are all movies going to be musicals?

We’re done!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth