29E – Giving back with Zoe Friedman

Zoe Friedman

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


29 Earth Wind & Fire

00 Helllo! Platinum style! E for Exclusive!

Jimmy and Matt riff on a band called The Exclusives.

Spinning Wheel!

Matt needs to be put in comedy jail for his attempt a that Lock up joke. Lee Loughnane. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lee_Loughnane

It’s pronounced LOCKname despite appearing like LOFFnane.

Jimmy talks about the live shows he’s done since the pandemic.

Finance talk!

Jimmy overpaid his gas bill and got a zero bill in the mail. Exciting!

Talking about over paying on mortgage payments.

10 – Talking Class Actions?! Quoting Sammy Hagar during trial. “You’re honor! I can’t drive 55!”

Lots of Sammy Hagar references that are all lost on the other three guys in the room.

Paul Gilmartin, Jimmy’s friend, HATES Sammy Hagar.

Matt talks about the time that Paul said there were no good bands in the 80s. It haunts him every time he hears a song from a good 80s band.

Antic ?! https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/antic

Many different uses apparently.

Jimmy talks about his doctor contacts and coming across as manic maybe. His back is in pain again and he needs an epidural.

Talking about lipsynching on award shows.

Did the VMAs snub Eddie Van Halen in the In Memorium?

25 – Jimmy continues to talk about Eddie Trunk’s rant about the VMAs

Matt tries to guess when Frank Sinatra died.

1998 for Matt
2000 for Jimmy
Matt describes his past apartments.
1999 for Eliot

Jimmy comments on his enjoyment of both Lisa Marie Presley and NIKKI TREBEK’s albums?!


He died May 14 1998.

30 – Matt drove past Frank’s funeral.

Lin-Manuel Miranda talk. He’s gone into “Cordenville.”

I go get our guest!

40 – We talk about Only Murders In The Building!

We love it!

Ted Lasso talk.

45 – We got mail!

It has a lot of envelopes.

Christmas cards?

50 – Zoe gives me a good review.

Mike Willis might be our new favorite fan.

Or not.

Thanks Mike!


We’ll be right back with Zoe Friedman!

60 – We’re back!

Jimmy met Zoe back in 1999. She was the first person to put Jimmy on TV doing comedy. Zoe and her dad, Budd, were very important to Jimmy and his career.

Zoe and Jimmy talk about Craig Kilborn and her experiences with him.



1h5m – Zoe talks about Comedy Gives Back and what the organization does for comedians and how the pandemic affected the organization.

1h15m – Lots of talk about Comedy Gives Back and people helping.

Comedy Gives Back Inaugural Celebrity Golf Classic! #Golfthropic October 4.


Jimmy might be part of it scheduling permitting!

1h20m – Get your team set and play golf with a famous person! October 4!

1h25m – Charlie Viracola


Zoe and Jimmy were on a similar marriage schedule and would run into each other at ‘Wedding” events often. Zoe’s son is 16!

Zoe talks about having a teenager and how quickly he changed. He’s into cars now.

1h30m – Talking teenage driver rules – https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/driver-education-and-safety/special-interest-driver-guides/teen-drivers/

1h35m – Consensus now is 9 and 3 for steering wheel.


Zoe put Joe Rogan on TV! It was The Man Show 2 with Joe and Doug Stanhope.

1h40m – Zoe is the third parent/child guest! Lorraine and Hannah, Danielle and Walter, Bud and Zoe!

Round the horn!

1h45m – Silence + Time = No. Which is my career in a nutshell.

Talking Zoe’s schooling.

Zoe talks about how she got her job booking Letterman. She started as an intern. When she was a talent receptionist, she made less than George Bailey (It’s a Wonderful Life) in the Depression.

1h50m – Matt asks about Zoe’s fave comic that she booked on Letterman: Mitch Hedberg.

Talking wardrobe for comics on letterman.

Norm Macdonald talk. Jimmy says he and Charles Grodin might be the best panel guests of all time.

1h55m – Norm on Letterman after his impression https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpIlhSqUyvA

Jimmy shares the story of where he first met Norm. It was on Comics Unleashed.

My E is Earth Wind & Fire.

Zoe has a Journey issue. But won’t talk about it.

Paranoid Check!

Eliot tells a “joyride” story from when he was a kid. He lived 4miles and 1/10th from a light.

2h – The washer/dryer changes are in process!

Norm Macdonald tweeted me once.

Eliot claimed a Walkman from the lost and found once.

Zoe has a Duran Duran story from Letterman. John Taylor gave her major attitude when she asked him to clear a hall when Dave was coming. Dave heard it, stopped and made John apologize to her.

2h10m – Zoe knew Caissie St Onge!

Matt and Jimmy talk about going to meet Duran Duran at Amoeba.

Ipod touch still exists – https://www.theverge.com/2021/7/4/22561092/apple-bring-back-ipods-2021-music-services

Eliot’s guess is Eels. The concert brought him to tears when Steve Perry came out.

Matt’s guess is Erasure.

Zoe guesses Eartha Kitt which is NOT a band. She’s gonna listen to the fan’s guesses before she picks her own.

2h15m – Eliot reads the fan guesses.

9/23 at the Escondeet? Lonesome Captain and His Hurt Feelings



Jimmy asks Zoe about her music.

More fan guesses.

Erasure – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erasure

2h25m – Zoe went with ELO which is also !

Jimmy’s E words

4) Echo and the bunnymen
3) Eurythmics
2) ELO
1) Earth wind and fire!

Garon wins!

We have to have Zoe back! She has so many showbiz stories!

Text LAUGH to 707070

We’re all weepy!

We’re done! See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth