2802 – Trawling for shrimp with Al Madrigal

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – 2802! The Deuce! The Double Play!

Dressing Gown – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dressing_gown

Pajamas are also called Jim Jams in Britain.


Jimmy talks about the Flappers event! It went great!

See you March 19 for the next one!

10 – Talking about the Snyder Cut!

Ben Affleck is now the most batmen in films!

15 – George Clooney and Batman talk.

Matt talks about his recycling incident. He was stomping in some recycling and using a box to climb out. The box collapsed under him when he started to climb out and he went down!

Matt talks about his amazement with the recycling trucks picking up the cans.

20 – Matt shows off the gun!

Talking heroin

American Gangster heroin is Blue Magic

Black tar heroin is a free base form of heroin that is sticky like tar or hard like coal. Its dark color is the result of crude processing methods that leave behind impurities. Despite its name, black tar heroin can also be dark orange or dark brown in appearance.

25 – Jimmy talks about Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom. It’s great!


Jimmy went to the drive-in!

“I made their shrimp (lives) better!” – Say Anything

Matt and Jimmy talk about the film.

Brief Pluto TV talk

30 – New Jimmy’s Records and Tapes T-Shirts! Go check them out at LemonIceTees!

We’ll be right back with Al Madrigal!

We’re back!

Shrimpin’ Ain’t Easy! Is Al’s special. Jimmy talks about having to pause the special because Jimmy and Oliver had to catch their breath from laughing.

Al recounts one of the bits from the special about how he would prank his dead every year. His dad called his girlfriend a “little leprechaun” who he wouldn’t piss into her mouth if she was dying of thirst.

35 – Al compliments us on 28 seasons and not believing Oliver is 13!

Al talks about seeing Danielle and Jimmy at a homeless charity wrapping event and people thinking that Al and his wife were homeless.

40 – “Are you looking to dance today?” Women to Jimmy at a charity event he was there to volunteer at.

Al talks about the state of comic specials and networks.

Talking upcoming specials, including Nate Bargatze.

Al talks about his kid doing a set of jokes he loves at a school event. He’s gonna be 19 already. His daughter is 5’11’’ and fifteen. His son is turning 19 and gonna be a freshman in college!

45 – Round the horn!

Trivia (full results below)

Talking about the Oakwood in Los Angeles.

Geico commercial talk.

50 – Everyone loves the “turn into your parents” geico ad.

New theme song from Nathan Diffie!

55 – Talking Joe Diffie and the lack of female parody artists.

Category: Records
Question: Originally taking its creator over a month to solve, what invention has a world records solve time of 3.4 seconds by Yuston Do.

Guinness the BEER is the sponsor of the Guinness Book of World Records?

Al talks about touring with Janeanne Garofalo and how she liked to coin flip to decide who headlines.

60 – Tom Jones talk. Al saw him at a Guinness anniversary celebration.

Tom Jones is “all day cock.”

Jimmy tells his Tom Jones “oh he let himself go grey” story.

Al is down at the All Things Comedy offices today! He talks about what’s going on. OMG Hi is the name of the George Lopez podcast.

Al talks about George Lopez’ success as a comic.

1h5m – Think good thoughts for me!

I’ve got a review coming in the Chronicle!

Talking Marco Rubio being afraid of Trump’s moving to Florida.

1h10m – “You’re dumb and I’m cool.” – Jimmy to someone on the show.

Jimmy talks about revisiting Inkmaster and the judge Chris Nunez. Jimmy wants to know if he’s a huge asshole or not.


Al does NOT know Chris Nunez.

Al talks about how few latinos are actually working in Hollywood and how there have been zero latino led SINGLE camera shows on TV.

1h15m – My answer is Rubik’s Cube! Sounds like we’re all gonna have the same question.
Eliot looked for info on running for office from prison. You can!

1h20m – States may have other laws preventing it.

Eliot also looked up Tom Jones penis size. Elvira apparently lost her virginity to him, rumor has it she had to get stitches afterwards. Also he dips his dick in listerine?!

The Elvira story is TRUE: 

Eliot’s enjoying the butcher block counter.

Eliot’s answer is Rubik’s Cube.
Matt – Rubik’s Cube
Al – Rubik’s Cube
Jimmy – Rubik’s Cube

1h25m – The correct answer is Rubik’s Cube! We’re all correct!

Down to the bets!

I went 19, and Al went 20! Al wins!

We’ll be right back!

Welcome back!

About 15% left?

Stupid Questions but first Oliver steps in!

1h30m – Oliver and Al chat. He confirms he loves Al’s special!

Oliver does not have Jimmy on his sweatshirt, it’s Monk, Tony Shaloub. Oliver fills us in on what he said to his Grandpa about Say Anything. they had a discussion about the Cusacks.

Jeremy Piven is a great actor, and is usually reliable (apparently except in Old School). We can’t name 2 bad performances though!

Alleged Jeremy Piven allegations – https://variety.com/2018/biz/news/jeremy-piven-sexual-misconduct-new-allegations-1202679137/

1h35m – Talking uber famous actors as Game Show hosts.

Al tells a Zoey Deschanel story.

We all thought he froze but it was what Zoey was doing to them when they were laughing at the performance on stage. Just shock still staring at them joylessly. He also got mocked by a famous manager who had no idea who he was. The SAME night he got forced to tell Garry Shandling that Mitze from Comedy Store said she was reminded of a young Garry Shandling.

Sleep position: side, back or stomach?

Al starts with his left side and uses an app to keep track of his sleep stats?
He got 100% on Saturday night (according to Sleep Cycle app).
Side for me!
Eliot started as a stomach and retrained himself to sleep on his side.
Matt stomach/right side
Jimmy same answer!

Thanks Al!

Wear your masks!!

Trivia Results:
Category: Records
Question: Originally taking its creator over a month to solve, what invention has a world records solve time of 3.4 seconds by “Yuston Do” (spelling?).

Garon: Rubik’s Cube (19pts)
Eliot: Rubik’s Cube (2 pts)
Matt: Rubik’s Cube (1 pts)
Al: Rubik’s Cube (20 pts)
Jimmy: Rubik’s Cube (9 pts)

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth