27O – Surviving Cabin Fever with Halle Kiefer

Halle Kiefer

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

NNF Platinum 27O – Halle Kiefer



00 Welcome in! 27O o o oreily autoparts! 

We get deep into my feelings. 

Hamilton chat! 

5 – Jimmy didn’t sleep well. Major back pain. He tried to move room to room to find a way to get rid of the pain. 

Charlie’s having some sleep issues lately. Matt couldn’t get back to sleep after helping him. 

10 – Talking JK Rowling, bad authors, and my weirdo opinions on writing. 

15 – Jimmy and Matt talk episodes of Ruined! 

Real quick Saved by the Bell talk and then mail!

20 – It’s stuff from Julie Dixon Jackson! 

Paintings of us! (or dog) (or family)

25 – Jimmy went to a doctor appointment across town and it turned out to be a video conference. 

Eliot had to wait 90 minutes in a zoom for his doctor appt. 

LA Shutdown! 

We’ll be right back with Halle Keifer! 

30 – Welcome back!

Running Scared talk! 

35 – Jimmy is having some speech issues today. Halle feels that same. 

Talking the LA Safer at home order. It’s idiotic.

Halle lives in Korea Town. 

More theater talk! 

Halle’s former neighborhood is part of the testing for the vaccine. 

Vaccine chat! 

50 – Jimmy asks Halle about Host! 

Get to the Axe-Whacking! 

55 – Jimmy invents Star Wars things. Tam-Tam? 

He meant Tauntaun. 

More movie theater talk! 

Round the horn! 

60 – Talking Cabin Fever, A Quiet Place and Good News. 

The movie Jimmy was thinking of was The Last House on the Left (remake).

1h5m – Let’s go around the horn for real this time!

Talking work and Harry Styles. 

1h10m – Watermelon Sugar is about cunnilingus? 

Talking screaming fans at concerts, the beatles, and Ed Sheeran!

Stupid Questions: 

Ariana Lingenfelser @alingenfelser

When you eat a burger, do you eat all the way around in a circle or just straight through?

Jimmy and Eliot cut in half. 

Matt talks about his Burger-za idea. 

Burger talk!

1h20m – Eliot has advice on Fries from In and Out: Get them well done! 

Halle recommends Apple Pan! 

My O is Rosie O’Donnell! 

1h25m – Eliot’s O is Bob Odenkirk! 

Eliot has Odenkirk “trivia”

1h30m – Jimmy asks Halle her favorite horror movie: The Thing!

Talking The Exorcist and Saw. 


Jimmy’s mom AND my mom peed their pants when it came out and they saw it. 

1h35m – Matt has deep questions about Christianity. 

Halle talks about a kid describing Darth Maul when asked about Jesus. He also asked if Nuns were similar to Slaves.

1h40m – Halle’s O is Patton Oswalt! 

Jimmy’s O is Cheri O’Teri! 

We hear the fan guesses. 

1h45m – Catherine O’Hara talk! 

Matt’s dad may have dated Anne Margret and sent photo evidence (that he knew her!), somehow in a word doc. 

1h50m – More fan guesses. 

Matt’s O

6) Rosie O’donnell

5) Rick Overton

4) Patrice O’Neil 

3) Bob Odenkirk

2) Conan O’Brien

1) Patton Oswalt! 

Halle wins!

Jimmy’s off the table for next week!

We’re done! Listened to Ruined! 

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth