26F – Folding at Home with Sarah Colonna

Folding at home with Sarah Colonna

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Ashe



00 – Welcome in! 26F!

Have we been to sleepovers lately?


Jimmy talks about the oreos he likes and dislikes. 

Are oreo better stale? Matt thinks so. He prefers a soft cookie.


Jimmy hates a soft cookie. 

Jimmy asks Matt about being alone at the studio. 

10 – Jimmy wants us to look around his virtual screen. Matt admits to removing his Jimmy’s name from the studio and replacing it with his own. 

Matt is unsure who is destroying the bathroom 

The guys talk quarantine viewing habits. Jimmy and fam are also watching All Star Amazing Race. 

More Amazing Race talk. Will it survive Coronavirus? 

I guess Matt and Jimmy can’t do the local Amazing Race. 

20 – How do you still do baseball in the winter?

There are 6 domed stadiums. 

Who wants old baseball games? Or Soccer games?

Matt talks about the Netflix show from Downtown Abbey creator.


Apparently, it’s not very good. 


25 – Some Tiger King talk. 

The guys talk Rocket Man. 

35 – Matt explains the origin of Elton John’s name according to the film. 

We’ll be right back! Sarah Colonna is joining us!

We’re back! 

26 F! 

Sarah Colonna is here! She was on Insatiable! They didn’t get a third season. 

She also did some spots on Shameless. 

40 – Talking why William H Macy wasn’t prosecuted 


Sarah’s husband does indeed still play. He plays in the CFL now after being released from the Seahawks. 

He plays for the Rough Riders. 

45 – Sarah talks about the differences between CFL and NFL rules. 


Talking Getting back into General Hospital. 


50 – Sarah talks cornhole tournaments. 

Jimmy doesn’t understand Cornhole. 

Matt dares to compare Jimmy throwing trash away to cornhole. 

Talking cereal! Oliver eats it dry. 

It’s a new iced song! Thanks Tyler! 

55 – We’re talking cereals. Quarantine! 

60 – Talking Lysol and comedy clubs.

Jimmy and Sarah talk about the Comedy Gives Back event. 

1h5m – Back to Tiger King!


Joe Exotic doesn’t sing?!


The guy got new teeth tho.

1h10m – Round the horn! 

My F is Fitz and the Tantrum!

Eliot talks about his life and “Folding at home” which helps with scientific testing. There is one for Covid-19. 

1h15m – Eliot also talks about 3D printing around town to help out with hospitals and their needs. 


1h20m –

Eliot’s F is Flaming Lips.

The gang talks about canceled shows/concerts/airlines

1h25m – Sarah is a Delta fan. 

Jimmy talks about the airlines rewards programs and how they are handling the flight issues. 

Matt’s f is Foreigner. 

Matt calls out Jimmy for his “of course” statement. 

Sarah decides against Foreigner and goes with Foo Fighters and not the Foxboro Hot Tubs  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foxboro_Hot_Tubs

1h30m – Eliot gives us the fans. 

Jimmy’s Fs

5) The Firm

4) Fleetwood Mac

3) Foreigner

2) Foghat

1) The Fixx

No winner!

Sarah does not as of yet hold the ball while her husband tries to kick it. 

We’re done!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

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