26B – Spinning with Carrie Clifford

Carrie Clifford

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher



00 – 26 B for Bictory! 

Extreme leader did a great job on his speech. We’ve coined a perfect name for Trump. 

Why does Yogi have a tie?

Eliot gives us information that is interesting as to why Yogi has a collar. 

We talk about Big Freedia. Jimmy apologizes for misgendering her. I didn’t know who she is.

Jimmy talks next week, corona virus, and Players Club. 

10 – Out with the old logo! In with the new one! 

More mail! 

Someone sent us some finishing nails to prevent shocks. 

15 – Carrie Clifford is here! She spun the wheel on Spin To Win! 

1.5 trillion to wall street – https://www.wsj.com/articles/fed-to-inject-1-5-trillion-in-bid-to-prevent-unusual-disruptions-in-markets-11584033537

20 – More news from Carrie. 

Talking C*Span going live before and staying on after Trump’s speech. 

We’ll be back!

25 – We’re back!

Jimmy’s worried about stuff. 

Round the horn! 

30 – Talking Sarah Palin on the Masked Singer. 

35 – Carrie asks about podcast history and if we’re the first. 

Jimmy talks about Sirius making a fantasy baseball show after telling him no one wants to hear it. 

Back to the horn!

Carrie’s son is named Ford just like our friend Rachel. 

45 – Ford’s last name is spelled weird. 

Doc talk!

Wrinkles The Clown. 

Talking Skating (Board and Roller)

Marconi plays the mamba!

55 – Talking Roomba.

Darryl also had a Roomba and told me “give it a month” and he nailed it.

Ginger sprite?!

60 – Friends reunion talk.

Audience of live shows too. 

Eliot tries to make an audience joke. 

1h5m – Jimmy talks about Tacoma FD which Carrie writes on! She also appeared on an episode. 

Live Nation postponing tours, Baseball postponing opening day. 

1h15m – Christians about Corona. 



We’re playing for $70!

My B is Better Than Ezra! 

1h20m – Jimmy loves Tom Hanks Jost/Pitt joke at the Oscars. 

Lots of Del Amitri and Roll To Me talk. 

1h25m – Carrie talks about moving to Chicago.

Jimmy talks about his pre-podcast work. 

We will be right back! 

1h30m – We’re back.

Can soap make you deaf?

Serious Soap! 

How do baseball/sports players get paid? 

Talking insurance. Carrie was gonna go to Fiji and New Zeland. She has still not canceled. 

1h35m – Ballscalater! 

Eliot talks about Palms business. 

Line of sight Line of mind. 

Eliot’s B is (not Bob Seger and blah blah) Berlin. 

Matt goes with Boston! Carrie’s husband also went to Emerson but before Matt. 

McMillions talk. 

1h50m – Carrie talks about her B choice. Bananarama! 

Club Nokia is now called The Novo

Jimmy reveals his choices! 

5 Bad English

4 Black Sabbath

3 Bauhaus

2 Bee Gees

1 Boston! Matt Wins!

See you next time!!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth