The 1000th!

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Matt Belknap
Eliot Hochberg

00 – Episode 1000!

Talking NNF merch!

Congrats to Kyle Anderson! He and his wife had a child! Axel!

Thanks Comedy Cake!

Tasty News: NEVER NOT FUNNY Releases Their 1000th Episode This Week!

Is Ronald McDonald gone?

Doc Talk!

Wrinkles The Clown

10 – Jimmy talks Fantasy Island! He liked it.

We got a voicemail from Danielle!! No one recognized her voice. She did make Jimmy laugh when she apologized for not saying happy valentine’s day on facebook.

15 – Jimmy talks about officially pulling the plug on doing the marathon this year.

Brittany Murphy’s husband

Matt Cutting my hair?!

We’ll be right back!

We’re back! Another VM!

It’s Jesse Thorn!

Jimmy had lunch at Carneys and someone in another booth held up their phone and were listening to the latest episode while they ate lunch!

25 – Jimmy replaced his doorknob today. He feels like he built a house!

Jimmy and Eliot talk about re-springing a chair. It’s Old School Ergonomics!

30 – More Voice Mail! This time from Todd Levin!

Mad Dog?! He drops in!

Rich Sommer calls in!!

He’s calling from the news desk! He’s got an election update! Donald Trump is running again!

Grover Cleveland had two separate presidencies.

Thanks Rich!!

Joe Rogan Bow Hunter?

Matt wonders if anyone who bow hunts doesn’t seem like they’re losing their mind.

45 – Sloppy Doe?!

Elmer Fudd –

Talking Roto-phones.

50 – Jimmy talks about Amazing Race and rooting for Tyler Oakley.

Amazon account troubles for Matt?


Talking Flight to Michigan/back. Spirit Air!

More messages!

55 – Matt Donaher! AKA Donnie AKA Mouse!

Matt got a text! It’s Jimmy!


60 – Rachel Quaintence is calling us!!

John and Harper are touring Northwestern. They wanted Sushi.

Harper was an actress?! She was on an Amazon show?!

Thanks Rachel!!

1h10m – Matt knows the Great Lakes!

We hear a little Caucasian Male! We like it!

John Ross Bowie is calling us!

1h15m – John’s getting Maudlin with us.

Thank you John!!!!

Cher is 73 –

We’ll be right back!

We’re back!

Jimmy thanks all the listeners for all the support!

1h20m – NNF Fans are the greatest! Other show fans.

Scott Aukerman calls in and interrupts my celeb sighting!

Jimmy just did Comedy Bang Bang! He loves it.

Should we do a Podswap?!

1h25m – Scott’s spending his day listening to some Van Morrison and casually working. He and Jimmy talked 80s BeeGees. Jimmy revisits that for Scott’s opinion.

Thank you Scott!

Jimmy is guessing the first set of guests!

1h30m – Paul Gilmartin calls in funnily enough! “Why would you do one if Ricky Gervais already has one?” – Paul on Podcasting.

Paul talks about washing his filthy hockey equipment in the apartment washers and causing the dryer to stink.

1h35m – Paul talks McMillions and Don’t F*ck With Cats.

Thank you, Paul!!!

We get another Voicemail! It’s Allison Rosen!

Also Jon Hamm calls!

He wishes us Happy Anniversary!

1h40m – Jon talks about Jimmy kicking off the multi-million dollar podcasting rush and hopes we’re taking our piece of the pie.

We are not.

But kids are smiling!

Jon offers $1000 if Jimmy can name a business on the corner where he is. He cannot.

1h45m – Top Gun Maverick!

Thanks John!!

Talking Corona Virus cruise ships.

Todd leaves another message! Still at the Taco show.

1h50m – Another call!

It’s Dave Holmes!!

Jimmy and Dave recollect the time they first met at Amoeba where Dave was vinyl shopping.

1h55m – Jimmy and Dave talk about Michael Des Barres.

Matt loves Dave’s Huey Lewis piece for Esquire.

New Huey Lewis video!

Celeb sighting was Rami Malek!

Solid dick!

2h – More mail!

It’s from Metro in Chicago. The letter is on a slap of concrete.

He sent some t-shirts

We got another call!!

Jen Kirkman!!

She’s giving us a corner. Laurel and Ventura! We all know it.

That’s the corner Jimmy and Matt protested Brett Cavanaugh. Lea Thompson was there.

42nd Street is Jen’s favorite musical.

Thanks Jen!

A Voicemail from CeCe!!

British Comedian April Richardson will be at Vitellos with us March 2!

2h15m – Another call!

It’s Mike Schmidt!!!

He’s got some kind words for us and talks about the origins of the show.

2h20m – Mike made Jimmy choke up!

Thank you, Mike!

2h25m – Talking Horse Racing deaths. Why don’t we only hear about Santa Anita? Is it happening elsewhere?

We got a message from Paul F. Tompkins!

Thanks Paul!

2h30m – 2 more voicemails!

It’s Janet Varey!

One more!

It’s April Richardson!! From Britain!


Thanks Janet and April!

Jimmy gets Maudlin.

2h35m – Jimmy talks more about the start of the show and why he did it.

Thank you, Eliot! Eliot has some stuff to say.

1001 coming next week!

Thanks everyone! We love you!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth