2515 – Dancing in the Sheets with Mike Birbiglia

Mike Birbiglia

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Happy Monday!

Jimmy wearing his ITMFA T-shirt.

Talking Impeachment and trumps doctor.

Doctor PusPoss.

Matt and Jimmy back from Minneapolis and Chicago! Two terrific shows and two terrific crowds! Jimmy talks about it!

Matt talks about having his first Italian beef at portillos. It was the same thing that Jimmy got and it had a sausage in it.

Jimmy talks about Matt not being a comedian but being funny still.

The guys went on a couple of indoor roller coasters after a giant meal in the Mall of America! Jimmy had a pretzel. One of the best he’s ever had.

None of this interrupting bullshit!

It’s a giant pretzel!

10 – Nickelodeon roller coaster talk. The guys haven’t been on one in a looonngg time. They hit the mellow one first.

Vegas coasters!

20 – Jimmy talks about starting some new show called Amazing Race. The guys talk about the challenges on the show.

Phil is from New Zeland!


Can Matt and Jimmy do The Amazing Race?


Mike Birbiglia is here!

The guys love his special. It’s called The New One.

Jimmy talks about his seats for the show.

35 – Mike talks about not bringing water on stage. He gets preoccupied by having it on stage.

Matt talks Fun home and switching tickets to make sure they could see it with Jimmy.

People fall asleep during Mike’s show? Subscribers to the theater?

Jimmy talks about his dad coming to Jimmy’s show when he is in town. He comes to every one.

40 – Mike talks about his parents thinking his new show is “okay” because he thinks they don’t like to hear about him being in pain.

45 – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xennials

Mark is a hard X.

Jimmy talks about his one man show where his family came to see it. His mom and step dad saw it and loved it. His dad didn’t seem to love it but afterwards said that he loved it but didn’t know that jimmy had such a tough time growing up.

“the angriest thing I ever held…it was like holding my dad.” – From Mike’s show.

Mike talks about the review he got in the LA Times, where he said if the show becomes a movie it “MUST star Paul Rudd.”

50 – Mike talks about a lady from the crowd that came to get a photo from him. “entitled comedy fan who didn’t follow the show that well.”


Mike played back up right fielder in little league. So bench?

We’ll be right back!

We’re back!

Birbigs is up to shortstop now!

Brad Pitt came to Mike’s opening night.

55 – More guests at Mike’s show.

Back to Paul Rudd.

Round the horn!

60 – I went to weho!

We talk about it.

I demonstrate what I did on the dance floor

Mike talks about his daughter Una.

1h10m – Doc talk!


Jimmy talks about doing the Knowing Robin Williams podcast.


1h15m – Jimmy asks about Mike’s show and whether he workshops it beforehand. Mike talks about workshopping it everywhere, including the Cellar in NYC. He talks about other clubs and club vs theater.

1h20m – Jimmy asks about the signing after the shows and how many people show up. Out of about 1600 people, usually 30-40 show up.

Apparently, people have also just given him scripts or comedy albums at his signings afterwards.

Mike talks about having to hear a lot of non stories like his dad calling and saying that he has a story for Mike which consisted of “I talked to Ned Flannagan, he’s heard of you!”

1h25m – Mike talks about his family and how his brother basically works with him full time. Joey Bagadonuts, turns out that was a misapplied nick name. It belonged to someone else at the same restaurant

Mike talks about the time he sleptwalk and jumped out of a second story window. It was the topic of one of his shows and a movie. He has to sleep in a special sheet that keeps him from walking in his sleep.

Rem Sleep Behavior Disorder.



1h35m – Mike talks about how the sleep study field is still relatively new.

Talking Mike’s history of sleepwalking.

We’ll be right back!

1h40m – We’re back!

Talking Don’t Think Twice during the break. Keep it all in!

Bloot galoot is car shopping over this weekend!

1h45m – Jimmy talks he and mike being bob and tom guys.

We’re about to play sevens!

Jimmy gives to Mike Birbiglia: 6 (Broadway)

Jimmy gives to Mike Birbiglia: 7 (Stand Ups)

1h55m – Jimmy gives to Mike Birbiglia:10 (Stand ups)

Mike Birbiglia gives to Jimmy Pardo: 15 (Stand Ups)

Larry Cable The Guy tweeted Mike once apparently after someone called out a joke of Mike’s. He talks about it.

2h – We’re done!

Mike calls us the Israel of podcasts.

Jimmy gives some love to Mike’s show as we leave.

See you next time!

My pleasure,

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