25G – Doing a Kickflip with Chris Fairbanks

Chris Fairbanks

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Welcome in! 25 Good to see you! Good to be alive!

What does Chuck Norris sound like?!

Jimmy had a kitchen incident. He was startled by the toaster.

Something strange going on in here today. Phantom toasters, moved tables.

Talking Columbo! Oliver loves it.



It’s the turn of the decade!

10 – Could William Shatner be one of the Masked Singers?

Tony, Orlando, and Dawn?!

It’s Three Dog Night, the band that Jimmy is trying to get us to guess.

20 – Jimmy talks doing Joe Kwazala’s podcast and doing a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Fantasy Draft.

Jimmy talks about who he chose. Judas Priest, Duran Duran, Cher, Weezer, Tina Turner, and Peter Frampton.

25 – Talking vocals. Janet V Madonna V Britney

30 – Inkmaster Finale talk!

Jimmy not a fan of Cam.

40 – Chris Fairbanks is here!!

He’s wearing a hat of some sort.


Chris has three tattoos. He got a band-aid coverup.

45 – The band-aid took not as long as he had hoped but now it looks like a penis peaking over his socks.

Chris wears socks everywhere, even Hawaii, where he was insulted.

Laird Hamilton talk.

Celebrity Sightings!

We have a new song! Chris loves it!

Tisha Cambell! Her license is basically Damn Gina!

55 – Jimmy opened for Martin once.

Talking Martin.

Wearing a singlet wrong?

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Enjoy a granola anytime of day!

Chris Fairbanks is here. He got his hat from Ross.

Chris is a man of many hats? He isn’t happy with his hair currently so he got a hat.

60 – “Don’t stick (Slam) your dick in the cash register.” – Chris’ dad.

Another celeb sighting!

I saw one at Starbucks.


Jerry Springer!

1h5m – Chris talks about a comic who knew Jerry.


1h10m – Two questions Trivia!


Chris: 15
Jimmy: 7
Matt: 25
Eliot: 25

In 1929’s “The Carnival Kid,” Mickey Mouse spoke his first words on screen. What did he say?

Jimmy – All aboard!
Matt – Oh boy!
Chris – Step right up!
Eliot – Five cents

Hot dog! No winner.

Chris 10
Jimmy – 18
Matt – 0
Eliot – 0

Eliot’s betting 10

The word “myriad” refers to what specific number?

Matt 1000
Jimmy – 100
Chris – 100
Eliot – 12


Jimmy wins trivia!

1h15m – My G is Gordon Lightfoot!

Jimmy talks about his Edmond Fitzgerald painting.

Pizza talk!

Jimmy does his Chicken Pot Pie bit

1h20m – Talking Emmy Parties

1h25m – Talking Ross trips.

Jimmy thought of Eliot on his walk today. He talks about it.

Someone ruined the recently tarred street.

Eliot’s G is George Michael!

1h30m – Stevie Wonder was the first tape Chris ever bought.

Andrew Ridgely bio talk!

1h35m – In The Heights film coming 2020 – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/In_the_Heights_(film)


1h45m – Matt’s G is Greg Kihn


Skate talk!

Chris can’t do everything he could before.

Chris’ G is Gary Neuman

1h55m – Matt talks about his TV win at the LA Kiss.

Chris moved over to Echo Park.

More fans guesses

2h – Jimmy’s five: 5) Gregory Abbot 4) Greg Almond 3)Gino Vinelli 2) Gene Simmons 1) Glenn Campbell

Breaking news? Not trump related.

We talk impeachment

2h10m – JLO and Shakira are the Halftime performers at the Superbowl.

2h15m – Talking scooters

We’re done!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth