2422 – Startling easily with Andy Lassner

Andy Lassner

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello! Hands on buzzers!

Jimmy’s head is peeling post island trip!

Jimmy’s hair looks the exact same.

He went with a one on the sides and back. Top was a 2-2.5. It grew a lot already since 10 days ago.

Jimmy got his first “there used to be a” in reference to himself being on TV.

5 – Jimmy’s quoted in the NYTimes from his twitter.

10 – Twitter talk.

Jimmy talks mail and a thank you package he received from someone he helped do a pilot for.

15 – Talking Hooping.

Basket of treats arrived the day after Jimmy left. He asked Eliot to go get the basket which he did, but also did a little sketch while he was there. There was also milk.

20 – Eliot retrieved the basket and commented to the sender that Eliot is probably the most honest stand-up person he has ever met. Apparently, Eliot has “mellowed” in the last 20 years.

Talking going to the Vegan restaurant for Andrew’s birthday where he met Eliot.

Talking Fortnite.

25 – Fortnite and the NNF auction that Matt, Eliot and I played with Liam.

30 – More Fortnite talk.

Fake news!


Joe Diffie talk.

Andy Lassner is here!

Very professional! – Andy on me.

Early break!

Talking Soccer first though.

30 daytime Emmys = 1 primetime Emmy?

Soccer talk again!

Jimmy wants the women to lose and be paid less! (for humor)

We’ll be right back!

40 – We’re back!


Jimmy was on the big island. He came in under budget!

Andy has a Porsche SUV because he has kids who play golf and hockey.

12 year old twins and 23 year old daughter.

Andy celebrates 20 years sobriety as of March 1!

Round the horn!

45 – Talking golf. Jimmy played with Oliver in Hawaii. Andy’s kids can drive apparently 250yds?

Talking golf clubs or surfboards.

50 – Andy has started going to Dodger games and understanding the appeal.

Andy knows a lot of celebs.

He’s been off twitter for a week break. He talks about it being an addiction.

Andy talks about past with Trump.

Andy’s taking a summer twitter break.

“Shut up you creepy wizard!” – Jimmy on Bernie.
Bernie talk. His fans are rabid according to Andy. Eliot talks about how he went to a Bernie rally and everyone was perfectly nice.

Talking the kids on social media.

60 – Border talk.

Andy talks about how his kids don’t know how to use a phone. They text and facetime but actual calls apparently baffle them.

Jimmy talks about driving up the 405 and seeing a car driving with her bumper scraping on the ground and talking on the phone.

1h5m – Round the horn!

Movie talk!

Andy loves Duran Duran!

1h10m – Celebrity sighting!

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth!

Eliot and Andy fist bumped?!

1h15m – Talking security for guests like Obama and Michelle.

Jimmy has made stars!

Andy has an Ellen podcast. Ellen on the Go!

1h20m – How is Adam Levine so rich?

Andy talks about Ellen being a genius with her properties.


Andy was on heroin and cocaine for a while.

1h25m – Talking TV shows like The Office and Schitt’s Creek.

Balaban’s song?!

Jimmy talks about PCAT to Andy.

Category is books!

Andy: 5
Matt: 1
Jimmy: 5
Eliot: 3

1h30m – We talk about where we came from!

Andy is frightened easily! HE talks about going through haunted houses and getting scared/startled. It’s become a thing apparently with even the LA King’s mascot is even startling him at games.

We’ll be right back!

Welcome back!

1h40m – Andy talks about Stephen King slamming his show that aired before the debates.

Eliot talks about his reaction to the earthquake.

1h45m – Andy was in Dodger Stadium when the earthquake happened.

1h50m – more earthquake talk.

Golf club talk!


Jimmy gives to Andy Lassner: 16 (80s)

Andy was nervous!

We’re done!

My pleasure,

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