2414 – Unpacking the Suitcase with Ellis Paul

Ellis Paul

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello! Welcome in! The money keeps coming in from PCAT!

Jerky Boys talk.

The guys talk about their first time listening.

Talking crank calls. Jimmy talks about the comic who made calls from stage.

Lawyer jingles!

Belknap Caves makes an appearance in Days Gone.

Talking a car dealership in Chicago – https://www.mancari.com/

Thank you for all the donations and viewers and volunteers!

15 – Katy Baker was Garon for a day! So many possible Garon’s snatching my job.

I’m on thin something.


Jimmy talks about making pit traps as a kid.

Matt almost hit a coyote.

We finally solved why the chicken and other animals cross the road: They have places to get to. Thanks Eliot!


20 – Jimmy talks about some story he knew as a kid where someone jumped 14 shopping carts. Jimmy realizes this is probably not possible.

Ellis Paul is here!

The Story Teller’s Suitcase!

Hair talk!

25 – Jimmy talks Danielle’s impression of her mom salting and mother’s day dinner where she did the salt situation all over.
Did Judas spill salt at the last supper?

Jimmy and Matt talk Les Mis.


Matt can definitively say he does not like Les Mis.

Jimmy talks about the sound sucking at Pantages and how they’re now going to go to see the shows in the OC.

Ellis talks about the private show he did and visiting Big Sur.

Jimmy talks about Ellis’ live album.

35 – Talking commitment to specific styles and looks.

Ellis talks about packing the contents of the suitcases to send out to donors.

Jimmy asks about the item he didn’t know what it was. Turns out it’s a pen for phones/iPads.

40 – Ellis Paul is here! The Storyteller’s Suitcase is out everywhere May 31!

The suitcase is still available online!


Ellis talks about NNF fans being at basically every gig.

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

45 – We’re gonna kick off the segment with a song from Ellis!

Jimmy saw End Game!

10 out of 10!

Ellis is gonna sing The Storyteller’s Suitcase for us. Title track from his new album.

Talking Carrot Top.

55 – Talking Pulp, Elton John, and Jimmy opening for him. He tells the story for us and Ellis.

Talking Elton John and Ellis loving his music.

60 – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bernie_Taupin

Jimmy wonders about collaborating with artists.

Ellis talks about how he collaborates and his friend Christian Bush.

Jimmy talks about the artists that would make him cry.

Eliot gets in trouble for treating jimmy poorly but redeems himself.

1h5m – Jim Croce talk.

Steve Perry, Taylor Goldsmith, Ellis Paul, Jim Croce, and Colin Haye – Artists that make Jimmy cry.



Trivia question!

Talking Climate Change and The Who

1h10m – Ellis notices Matt’s beard. He appreciates it.

Eliot’s back on the post show shit list.

Talking the 1000th episode plans.

Eliot suggests a roast.

1h20m – Another song from Ellis!

There are a couple non Ellis Paul tracks. He went “off-site” for Election Day and How You Say Goodbye. He heard two songs from people he was teaching and loved them so much he put them on the record.

Ellis talks about The Battle of Charlottesville.

Ellis talks about his changing voice and adapting towards that with his guitar playing.

1h30m – Talking Trump.

We’ll be right back!

We’re back!

We’re going overhead lights off.

1h35m – Ellis notices all the cameras.

Video Village Idiot!

Another song!

Ellis talks about the song and his family.

Ellis performs Five Alarm Fire on the Fourth of July

Jimmy has several questions.

The song is a true story!

1h45m – Jimmy wonders why it took so long for such a personal song too show up on an album.

The album is about specific days out of his life.

Eliot made Celery cake, and also pasta sauce out of plumbs.

1h50m – Matt compares Eliot’s emails to the quantum realm.

Sugarland is back together!


Talking Jennifer Nettles, Macklemore, and Kesha.

1h55m – Casting Les Mis with Disney characters.

Does Disney own Ellis?!

Once more song from Ellis!


Ellis performs Slingshot

Songs Ellis Paul performed:

The Storyteller’s Suitcase
The Battle of Charlottesville
Five Alarm Fire on the Fourth of July

It’s basically morning.

Ellis was up in Big Sur filming a video. It’s a self-made video for Kiss Me Cause I’m Gone.

Check out Ellis’ next Window Concert!

Thanks Ellis!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth