23I – Flying Under the Radar with Jeff Babko


Jeff Babko

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

00 – Get those Is in! Welcome to 23i!

Jimmy’s getting his buttons pushed.

Jimmy’s got a little arthritis in the shoulder.

05 – Talking yogurt.

Tongue in groove talk.

Madonna talk. She revealed skin care.


10 – We’ve got a “guest”

Jeff’ plays in Jimmy Kimmel’s house band!

Jeff confirms that they used to give beer to the audience. One girl puked on the first episode and that ended the beer situation.

There was a Thomas Jane swear that slipped through standards and that ended Live broadcast.

Jeff and Matt talk about their kids and they’re friendship.

Lots of sex sounding work next door.

15 – Jeff talks about his career and touring/working with Martin Short!

20 – Jeff also co-wrote We Fly with Steve Perry. Jimmy talks about the emotional reaction to that song which is why he got solo.

Talking music and interpretations.

Jeff talks about writing the song with Steve and what its impact is.

Jimmy got a weird phone call.

30 – Talking Melania Trump saying she’s the must bullied woman in the world.

Trump talk.

35 –

Talking Ivanka.

45 – Oat milk –

Jeff talks about being a photographer back in the day.

50 – ZZTop Zombies?

Note from Darryl:
Eliot wonders whether several of his references are Obvious Trivia, but then Jeff drops some official, documented Obvious Trivia, as archived on my Obvious Trivia website, the forerunner to NeverNotNotes. It’s still up! 

ZZTop Obvious Trivia

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees – 

Double inductees – 

60 – We’re gonna take a break! Jeff’s worked on a lot of albums! Including Dr. Dre album The Firm!

The Firm – 

1h5m – We’re back!


A letter from Karen Esquivel! Jimmy reads it.

What is a CNA?

Matt brings up more Obvious Trivia: The story behind the mask from Halloween

“Darryl was the first…” Total asshole move to put this in here, piggybacking on Karen’s wonderful letter, but I have to go by the rules. That I made up.

1h10m – Clinton thinking!

Round the horn!

Trivia talk.

1h15m – Movies talk! Halloween talk.

1h20m – Idris Elba!

Jeff went to the Magic Castle!

1h25m – Put some money on it!

Sonny Bono Birth year

Matt: 1940
Eliot: 1946
Jeff: 1938
Jimmy: 1939

No winner!

Jeff’s wife played on some Gaga tracks for A Star Is Born.

1h35m – Matt went to a recording academy screening of ASIB on the Warner Lot.

Linda Hunt – 

Who to play Ruth Bader Ginsberg?

Ike Berenholtz is Jeff’s I!

1h40m – Going right to the letter with Eliot.

1h45m – Ice Cube is Eliot’s and Ice T is Matts!

Fan Is.

1h50m – Jimmy’s I is…. #3 is Iggo Mortenson?! #2 Ian McKellan #1 Ian Buchanan

Steve Perry used to drive around town in a VW Bug!

Last minute MAIL! From Kennedy Todd.


Thanks Jeff!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth