2305 – Weighing the Evidence with Jameela Jamil

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Jameela Jamil

Instagram: @jameelajamilofficial

00 – Welcome in! Nepotism going on!

Jimmy talks about the fortnight sitch at Oliver’s birthday.

Liam Devlin is in here! Wearing an NNF shirt. Multiple auction winner! He’s doing trivia tomorrow also!

Liam lives in WA. About 3 hours south of Seattle, 40 minutes north of Portland.

Fed Ex just WALKS right in. We talk about.

Liam’s lady friend is named Chrsitine. We tried to guess it FAR too long.

We’ve jumped the shelf!

Liam’s been with Christine for ten years, known each other eleven.

10 – Eliot never fake laughs!

We critique his laughs. Jimmy loves Eliot’s silent laugh because he lights up with joy.

Liam brought us some hometown nuts!

Congrats on marriage Liam! A year ago.

They’re headed to Hawaii for their honeymoon finally.

15 – Oliver is doing a taste test of almonds! He prefers the spicy one. Sweet one is too sweet.

Talking Dean Devlin.

20 – Liam is a software engineer.

Talking Treasure Island in Vegas and walking through the AC.

Jimmy’s doing a bang up job with making Liam confortable. We’re done with him.

Liam came on board in season 16. He found us through Pete Holmes’ podcast.

Talking Paul McCartney.

25 – Jimmy went to see Paul Young and Midge Ur. He talks about the show.

30 – Jimmy talks about going back stage and walking directly into Paul Young’s dressing room which lead to a long amount of awkwardness until Paul left got some info and came back and was nice as can be.

The El Rey is 82 years old

Paul is 62.

35 – Progeria –

Matt breaks it to Jimmy that Benjamin Button is a fantasy.

Matt Donaher and Jimmy had a great time in Atlantic City etc! Older crowd in AC.

Great crowd in Waterloo. 30 degree difference in temperature between the two places.

45 – Our guest is here! Jameella Jamil!

She’s got an OJ back.

Jimmy fills Jameela in on Liam’s wife.

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Done shooting The Good Place.

Talking The Good Place!

50 – The painted over the Spartacus lot for The Good Place.

Talking Vegan and Netflix Docs.

Jameela defends Liam.

55 – Jameela talks about the point system influencing her in real life.

Jameela talks about her “feud” with Kim Kardashian.

She talks about the Kardashian’s Appetite suppressing lollipops.
Jameela talks about the peace and equality she wants in the world as well as how every ten years a different look is expected of women.

Jameela wonders what would happen if men were held to the same standards.

60 – “Did someone cum?!” – Jameela

I Weigh –

Jimmy talks about his thick thighs and Jameela says that he is the Beyonce of the room.

1h5m – Back on the burger talk.

Carl’s Jr gives Matt “Bombay Bum” per Jameela.

Celebrity sighting!!!

1h10m – Seen at Ralphs, (Which is like a Kroger per Eliot)

1h15m – Where is Oliver!? He is in the hallway.

Jimmy guesses!

Lesley Anne Warren –

1h20m – Talking horror movies! Jameela is a big wuss so she sticks to comedies. She got scared at I Robot.

She doesn’t like a big house.

1h25m – Jameela’s been with her boyfriend, James, for three years.

Jameela says Jaws doesn’t hold up.

Alexa sends conversation to contacts?! 

1h30m – Talking technology and Jameela tells a friend’s “Speed wank” and then the porn playing on the blue tooth.

Jameela’s first word was fuck.

Monica Selles got stabbed for her grunts?!

Good Place is back 9/27!

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Eliot talks about someone kicking in a garage door.

1h35m – Jimmy on board with taking a shit if its in an English accent.

Jameela is determined to solve this case.

Jameela loves to watch people finding out they’ve won the lottery. A lot of them immediately piss or shit in the boss’s office.

Talking fake lotto winning tickets.

Eliot’s been watching restoration of match box cars.

1h40m – Jameela talks about the tiny buttocks of fortnight.

Matt alleges that he’s quitting Fortnight at the end of the season.

1h45m – Jameela talks about how a cancer scare made her finally pack up and move to California.

Oliver is in “Survival Arts” which is the new name of home ec.

Oliver made Jameela want a kid for a brief moment.


Jimmy gives to Jameela Jamil: 6 (Movies – Comedy)

Matt gives to Jameela Jamil: 14 (Celebrities)

2h – Talking Making It. Jameela imagines its just “sunshine.”

Jameela was wonderful!!

Watch The Good Place 9.27!

Thanks for donating to Smile Train Liam! See you at Trivia. Jimmy may or may not show up.

My pleasure,

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