2204 – Coming Home Again with Jen Kirkman

Jenn Kirkman

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – 2204! Welcome in! Never Not Funny is the name of the program! Talking new listeners and Jimmy on Conan.

Here’s what happened with dumb dumb.

Jimmy talks about his flight home!

05 – Rob Harold sent us an amazing drawing!!

Jimmy looks just like Dick Sargent!

Twitter power user!

Talking Social Media and my Twitter success with the NNF account.

10 – Talking PCAT.

We’re talking auctions!

15 – Thanks fans! We all appreciate it.

Guesting on podcast auctions:

Jimmy $510
Garon $192.50
Matt $ 178.50
Eliot $100 – Karaoke went for 274

Eliot and Matt on the SAME podcast!

20 – Cheap ads to have us on your show basically.

A Fistful of Dullard.

Jimmy talks about finding out about crossing a million just before going on stage at Conan.

This was the most successful PCAT yet in terms of money raised.

“What phrasing do I have to say so you don’t do that” – Opening

25 – Jimmy’s gonna take bass lessons to sit in with the PCAT band?!
Nashville talk!

30 – Carla Hall:

Over 100K matched for over $200k overall this year. Updated Smile Train total: $216,713.06

$1,035,367.02 all time! Over 4000 surgeries.

35 – Oliver wanted Taco Bell for the first time apparently in his life.

Zoe loves Paquito Mos. Matt talks the quality of the different locations he frequents.

Talking Blue Ape Ron.

40 – Jen Kirkman is here! She enters to silence!

Jimmy still has a Hilary sticker on his car and tells a story about what happened with it. He got flipped off by a Bernie supporter.

Jen used to be a Bernie supporter. She calls it a cult. She goes to meditation now instead of Bernie.

The personal IS political! – Jen

Lots of Bernie talk.

45 – The Mail is here! They tried to give this to Jimmy at Helium. Turns out it’s a huge box.

Jimmy reads the letter from the fan. It’s gifts for all of us.

Thanks Joe for the central PA treats!

50 – Jen is instastorying us!

Thanks Joe Dean for the PCAT snacks!

We’ll be back!

We’re back!


Eliot’s angry?

She’s legitimately bronchial! – Matt quotes.

Jimmy makes a statement that someone who can quote a lot of movies are not funny.

55 – Jen’s dad was a groundskeeper at a golf course. Her sister went to a first date to see Caddy shack and a bunch of her dad’s coworkers were there and cheered and yelled “Big Ron!” when Carl (Bill Murray) came on screen.

Oliver liked Caddyshack a lot. He did not like the candy bar in the pool scene.

More Caddyshack talk.

60 – Douglas Kenney –

When Caddyshack opened to negative reviews in July 1980, Kenney became deeply depressed, though Ramis joked that the film was “a six-million-dollar scholarship to film school.”[3] At a press conference, Kenney verbally abused reporters and then fell into a drunken stupor. Concerned, friends began asking Kenney to seek professional help, but by that time he was out of control, joking about previous suicide attempts, driving recklessly, and using increasing amounts of cocaine.
After the incident at the Caddyshack press conference, it became apparent that Kenney was a drug addict. Kenney’s close friend Chevy Chase took him to Kauai, Hawaii, hoping the relaxing environment would help him, but had to leave to return to work. After Chase left, Kenney’s girlfriend, Kathryn Walker, came to keep him company, but she also had to return to work. Kenney had called Chase and invited him back. Chase was preparing to return to Hawaii when he received a telephone call telling him that his friend was missing.[4]
Kenney died on August 27, 1980, aged 33, after falling from a 35-foot cliff called the Hanapepe Lookout. Police found his abandoned car the following day; three days later, Kenney’s body was discovered stuck between two jagged rocks at the bottom of the cliff. His death was classified as accidental by Kauai police.[5] About Kenney’s death, Harold Ramis famously quipped that Kenney “probably fell while he was looking for a place to jump”.[4]

More caddyshack talk!

Caron Tonight Show talk!

Mark Russell talk. Jimmy unfairly took him down over the weekend. He talks about revisiting and enjoying the jokes.

Jen has some advice for Jimmy to be more successful.

1h5m – Jimmy Pardo’s and Don’ts!

Well dressed and half a queer! – Matt on Jimmy.

Jimmy getting a YouTube show?!

Matt’s quoting Goodfellas!

1h10m – Die Hard talk?

We’ll be back!

We’re back! Jimmy thought Eliot flipped him off.

Jimmy’s more relaxed now. He’s urine free.

Round the horn! It’s been about a year since Jen was here last.

Jen writes on the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Will Jen be on the show ever?

Jen was in Home Again with Reese Witherspoon!

1h15m – Amy Schumer’s new movie is I Feel Pretty –

Jen talks about Reese having to tell her to get out of her shot.

Horn time!

Death Wish and Hurricane Heist talk!

Jimmy gives it a zero!

“a hillbilly will keep you in a cage for a year.” – Tammy joke.

Jimmy compares Jen to Richard Lewis.

1h25m – Matt talks about getting dropped off at a theater by his parents where someone was kidnapped before.

A nice kidnapping?

Managers please!

The Embouchure!

Eliot paid his taxes.

Game Night at J. Keith’s where 13 people shows up.

1h30m – In studio telestrations!

It’s Top Gun!

Los of options to draw Top Gun.

1h40m – Jimmy calls Jen “sideways.” She’s going to the chiropractor.

Busy weekend for the Belknaps! First baseball game for Charlie!

Matt talks about the game.

Cliff Floyd quote of the week!

Charlie and Zoe were both in a school musical this week.

They did some hip/hop including Run DMC and JJ Flash.

Blame in on the Boogie is the song that the kid did solo.

Controversy on the Rock and Roll segment of the show. They did a Beatles song and a Wham! Song. Both being British.

Eliot is making Jen feel like she’s going insane.

Zoe sang America by Neil Diamond, Jimmy sang it on stage this weekend also.

“Community Theatre Blues”

Lots of Coming Around The Mountain spoofs.

Matt talks about how present Zoe was on stage.

The loop went off the air over the weekend. This is a station that Jimmy grew up listening too. They ran out of time before calling Jimmy.

Talking “Devil bands”

1h55m – Talking Jen’s chiro trip.

Jen talks about accidently fastforwarding through an hour of Darkest Hour and not realizing it.

Apparently, Churchill did not ride the subway –

Concierge Key!

The Top 7 Perks of American Airlines Concierge Key

Jen’s gotta go! We’re done!

My pleasure,

Garon/Poweruser/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth