2202 – Making Your Bed with Rachel Quaintance

Rachel Quaintance

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell

Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Welcome in 2202! Jimmy’s just not getting better. Eliot’s not feeling well either.

Talking pillow cases and switching sheets.


Talking Religion.

Talking candies and other types of Sugar Daddies.


05 – Jimmy talks about getting Schmidt’s YT page over the hump he needed and revisiting the clips Mike did at the Roast.

A lotta funny happens on this show Jimmy realizes after falling into a Never Not Funny worm hole.


Never Not Viney – https://twitter.com/NeverNotViney courtesy of Michael Lopez!

10 – We’re gonna talk to Eric Garner who is a fan of the show and wants to talk to us about what happened in Parkland, he’s a teacher there.


Can we get a theme song for Eric by the time we talk to him?

Trump and Oprah talk. The guys talk about voting out Trump.

15 – PCAT March 3! YouTube.com/TalkShowLabs and NeverNotFunny.com!

Auctions should start going up this week!

Get on board with the Players Club! NeverNotFunny.com! Get your plate and your VIP card. Jimmy’s Dad thought I was Paul Gilmartin.

Plate and cards are limited! Probably until the end of March.

20 – Jimmy went to see the Batman display at the Hollywood Museum. It’s full of props and costumes from films! Jimmy says the Batman stuff is wonderful. Oliver loved it.


Jimmy also saw Chicago over the weekend. They sound as good as they’ve ever sounded. Jimmy talks about the new lead singer and the flak he’s getting.


25 – Talking concerts, Rod Stewart, etc.

Jimmy thanks Peter for getting him backstage and how neat it is to be considered a “Friend of the band.”

Talking about Jimmy’s dad reacting to his knowing Chicago. “You’ve lived a neat life.”

30 – Obscure celebrity sighting backstage at the show!

RON JEREMY?! In PJ Pants, flip flops, and a Ron Jeremy T-Shirt.

Betting on Ron Jeremy’s cock size.

Jimmy: 10.5
Matt: 10
Eliot: 9
Garon: 9.5

9 3/4! No winner?!

Jimmy needs a tape measure to confirm this.

40 – “Peter Holmes bag was that he jizzed a lot.” – Jimmy

Michael B Jordan / Black Panther talk. He’s ripped!

45 – Does what is happening in the country make black panther that much better?

Talking about the movie.

Paddington 2 talk.

Rachel Quaintance is here!! She won’t be getting Eliot’s mic today thanks to Eliot being sick!

Rachel calls herself the Twitter Queen. Jimmy refutes that.

We’ll be back!

Talking John, Rachel’s Husband’s, tweets.

Celeb sighting! Rachel blew it. She saw Connie Britton!

Talking Targets.

50 – Rachel has ANOTHER Celeb sighting!

Baja talk. TJs for Trader Joes. Which Wich talk.

55 – Connie Britton sighting talk. Right before Valentines day. She looked fantastic.

Talking Shirley Macclaine and what Rachel wrote about her.

Bob Fosse’s assistant was Rachel’s close family friend.

60 – Ron Howard is 5’9”.

More about Shirley and Rachel’s interaction. They had a Fosse off.

Lot of people on twitter apparently.

Danielle was on Shirley Macclain’s TV show at some point. She was a backup dancer.

You’re welcome for the coasters, Rachel.

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Round the horn!

Hail Hail the gang’s all here!


Pirates of Panzanze in Pasadena is great fun according to Jimmy.

Font talk!



Font on headshots talk!

1h5m – Brody Stevens talk!

Jimmy does his Brody impression.

Talking Rachel’s PCAT appearances.

Hand crafted coasters, made with exotic plywood.

1h10m – Bed’s all set!

The Good Place is on demand just not by episode number.

PCAT Pennants: https://www.etsy.com/shop/UptownHeritage

1h20m – Talking marriage. Rachel’s husband’s ex was in Nightmare 4!

Beep Beep Eliot! He’s under the weather probably from Strategicon.

RPG with Eliot at PCAT Auction.

Will Jimmy be involved? No.

1h25m – Feelings are often shared at the Pardo household.

Ford is a thief?! Rachel talks about what he did. Ford is 11. She discovered that he used her credit card to sign up for Save The Children! She found all the emails updating him on the kid he’s sponsoring.

Ford’s a YouTuber now! He also did a protest at school for cleaner lunch room tables.

1h30m – Talking about the cleaning at Ford’s school. He won and things are changing!

1h35m – Talking schools, guns, go fuck your gun!

Rachel was on a Hallmark Dog Rescue show!

She’s on Criminal Minds on March 7!

She talks about the experience on the set. She plays a DETECTIVE.

1h40m – Rachel talks more about her rescue dog, Gracie. They came in 3rd!

Rachel’s other celeb sighting!

Colin Capernick!

Ford loves to kneel at sporting events.

James Marsden was her “lame” sighting.

Rachel talks about nailing her time on CSI Miami.

Jimmy talks about his commercial that took hours.

1h50m – We’ll be right back with Eric Garner!

We’re back with Eric!

Welcome back 2202! Rachel is still here!

Eric Garner is on the line with us. He’s down in Parkland, FL. A REAL hero talking with his hero!

Eric counted chads!

2h5m – Eric tells us how much the show has meant to him over the years.

Here’s Eric’s letter:


More headshot talk.

Thanks Rachel!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth

Shoutout – coasters