21U – Taking the Gloves Off with Alison Rosen


In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Alison Rosen


00 – We’re in! We’re going Everything beeped!

Let it all hang out.

Jimmy’s going Circus Tea!

Talking circuses while im out.
Luzia –

Weather talk.

Not much fire talk it seems. But we talk about it.

New Years Eve episode

05 – Thanks for listening! Jimmy talks about the show and the listeners and those who left over content we’re sorry to see you go but that’s life.

The show is US and what we’re feeling and dealing with.

Matt apologizes if he was grumpy.

Jimmy talks about what the show is and who we are.

10 – Jimmy asks Eliot about his Halloween.

THANK YOU FOR LISTENING TO NNF! It’s been a weird year but this show is our anchor and we love it. We love that people support the show.

Jimmy talks about the Alexa Amazon Christmas station. He calls it perfect.

Talking Sirius XM stations.

Google home is small. Jimmy describes it as a hoho. The Apple version apparently is huge.

15 – Eliot got gifts!

Matt got some games!
I got some a game!
Jimmy got a game!

20 – Apple watch talk!

Talking running through conflicts in your head on a run.

Jimmy used to bike it out after he broke up with Jennifer back in the day.

25 – Jimmy talks about Jen Kirkman’s recent twitter comments about comedy and comedians.

Jimmy wants to take his gloves off.

We all got games!


EW Radio furious Curb got nominated for a SAG award.


Cutters T-shirts!

Thanks Timber!

40 – Talking KFC v Popeyes.

Where’s our guest?!

Wonder Bible –

50 –

Betting on when Alison mentions Jimmy’s gloves.

Eliot 0
Matt 1-3
Garon – 3-5
Jimmy – 5-7

Alison Rosen is here!

She and Elise have the same wrap. It’s cozy.

She’s sorry she’s late but doesn’t have a good excuse.

Talking emails from other podcast and the Earwolf offices.

55 – We were worried about Alison! She didn’t text us because she didn’t think she had Jimmy’s number but she did!

Alison’s doing Sketchfest the same day as NNF!,_Inc.

We’ll be back!

We’re back!


Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend!

Her mic is off!

Matt explains the Shoe Throw Challenge to Alison.

60 – Alison is gonna do the Shoe Throw Challenge! It went perfectly.

Eliot likes Jimmy’s socks.

Alison talks about her live show coming up. Janeane Garofalo and Matt Nathanson is going to be there.

She also hired a choreographer to come up with a dance for her to do to her theme song. She talks about it.

1h5m – Christmas Story live talk. Jimmy’s never seen the movie. He’s enjoying the live show.

Jimmy’s Siri is going crazy.

Talking Jane Krazinski! (Krakowski)

What’s with the cult like status of A Christmas Story?

Christmas Story takes place in 1940.

No winner on the Alison bet. She didn’t mention them at all.

1h15m – Round the horn!

Talking Lady GaGa!

Spandau Ballet –

More Gaga talk

1h25m – Alison Rosen had a dream about Jimmy?

Alison talks about her friend going to see Mariah in Vegas.

Who does Jimmy fly to Vegas to see?

1h30m – Jimmy will go see Britney if she comes to town.

Matt tries to play “What Do You Do With A Drunken Sailor” on the recorder. Jimmy asks if he can play Jurassic Park or Journey.

Oliver was on EW Radio!

My U is Brendan Urie!

Eliot The Loose Pony is here!

His U word is Carrie Underwood!

Matt’s U is Leslie Uggams.

Alison’s U is Lars Ulrich.

Commenting on eliot chiming in on his age.

1h50m – Talking about the Eagles.

Midge Urr! No winner!

What song did Midge cowrite?

My guess is Allison!

Eliot says Do they know its Christmas and is CORRECT?!!! ELIOT GETS ALL JIMMY’S MONEY!

Jimmy takes a hit!

Sponsored by Venmo?!

Alison doesn’t live near here.

2h – Jimmy used to live behind Canters. He talks about it being gross.

Talking KJ Riddles who used to charge comics $1 for soda.

Listener Top Five: United States Marine Corps Band, Uriah Heap, Keith Urban, Midge Urr, Carrie Underwood,

Alison’s son is with a babysitter. $15/hour for a babysitter!

Watch Around the Clock –

Talking about The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.|c_235917197987_m_PStu8QZR-dc_s__&gclid=CjwKCAiAsejRBRB3EiwAZft7sIFqLJimA5OGQCrJV2WzljhlP99LSg8Y8KelKGpqm-pOsgtJ21FftRoCOlAQAvD_BwE

Talking Jimmy’s early stand up as a Richard Lewis/Paul Reiser Hybrid.

Count down!

Thanks for Hamilton Jimmy!

Alison saw Phantom possibly 5 times.

Alison and Jimmy are gonna go see Love Never Dies together.


Happy new year!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth