2113 – Keeping Up with Danielle Koenig


Danielle Koenig

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – We’re here! One removed from 2112!

Rush and the NNF fans let us down! We got no Rush action.


Matt wants off Rush. Jimmy refuses.

Jimmy’s upset about Rush and Dan Rather.

Talking going through one person to get to a celebrity, even if that person is a celeb themselves. IE Asking Neil Pert to get Geddy Lee.

Rush Doc – http://www.rushtimestandstill.com/

“Here comes mush!”


05 – Talking bones and muscles.

Matt wants to know about the Trivia.

Jimmy wants to know Ryan’s position.

Talking VP v. President.

We’re not going around the horn!

10 – Talking schedules!

Hopping and popping!

Matt talks about Rory O’Malley’s schedule and podcast.

Jimmy’s point is that Matt is a boring VP!

Jimmy talks about the Chicago message board and when Robert Lamb does postings.

It’s impossible to go right to sleep after a show. Jimmy explains why.

Jimmy is horribly allergic to horses, more so that dogs or cats.

15 – Who can be mad at a children’s rhyme?

Beastie Boys got more rhymes than Phyllis Diller apparently.

Drop The Mic talk – http://www.tbs.com/shows/drop-the-mic

Eminem Trump Freestyle –

Eminem is 45?!


20 – Talking Halloween costumes with Eliot.

Matt didn’t recognize Eliot the other day.

Talking small steps for fitness. Jimmy always takes the stairs down.

Matt talks about having a hanson’s soda after being off soda for years.

PLEASE tell Jimmy why he should stop drinking diet soda.

Matt talks about something Charlie did with his dodgers hat today. He doffed his cap and asked “what does this mean?!”

25 – Jimmy talks about some luggage he got from a sponsor and the cool zipper feature it has and how it’s “like a spy.” TSA 007, “so it is a spy thing!”

Jimmy’s body Jimmy’s choice!

Talking powerful people and their sociopathic tendencies.

Talking haunted houses and hayrides!

Halloween train is something Danielle did NOT do. She did a train elsewhere that was not Halloween themed.

Something about a train is magic!

30 – Danielle Koenig is here! She’s got some allergy situations.

The white pill!

Jimmy takes a hit of keys to the torso.

Talking fobs!

Jimmy eats popcorn in his car?!

Danielle gets on the headset talking about how Jimmy gave her business over an English muffin.

No egg in jimmy’s car.

No food at ALL in Matt’s car.

35 – Jimmy allows snack.

“Context clues!” – Oliver

Jimmy talks about a neighbor the jones’ Oliver said they’re gonna “keep up with them!”

Who is Jimmy’s favorite current guitarist?!

40 – Talking Jimmy Buffett!

Danielle has a #MeToo joke off mic.

It was David Gilmour! “Great guitarist great!”

We’ll be right back!

We’re back!

2113! Jimmy’s better lit!

Everyone’s rattled.

Danielle looks tiny today.

Jimmy had an allergy pill in his pocket the entire time Danielle was needing one.

45 – Round the horn!

Talking horror trivia!

Addams Family and Munsters.

What to do about people posting about dead pets?

Talking jobs and Nashville!

50 – Nashville the show talk.

Nashville songs?

Talking going over your act in a mirror or just running through it.

55 – Freddy Krogers! Our team name, and our costume, sucked.

60 – Bony Island is closed this year? A local neighborhood house decoration.

Movie pass talks.

1h5m – Saw talk.

Talking Eliot’s Halloween plans.

Eliot’s Soft Rule. One event per day?

1h10m – Keep moving, like a shark!

Eartha Kitt is dead.


Batman 66 talk!


1h15m – Talking Flag Pole Sitta.


Talking Unreal, Constance Zimmer, Kurt Long, and Liv and Maddie.

Eliot has some Familaire issues.

Talking appliances at the apartment.

1h20m – More appliance talk.

Danielle talks about a project that Oliver had to do where he asked Walter what he used to have that isn’t around anymore: The Iceman.

Jimmy still had a milkman when he was a kid.

1h25m – Home delivery of bread and milk coming back?!

We’ll be right back!

1h30m – We’re back! Danielle and Jimmy have to run to go to an assembly. Oliver is getting an award. He doesn’t know it.

Apparently Oliver has a short temper at school?

I don’t like rules?!

Oliver uses short fuse and basically a lot now. Danielle talks about a teacher yelling at Oliver the other day, seemingly for no reason. Apparently, he made her laugh the other way.

Jimmy talks about a PE teacher coming up to his desk and grabbing it and shaking it crazily, “shut up! Shut up! Just shut up!”

Freddy crew cuts?!

1h35m – We’re done! Jimmy knows!

Talking car commercials.

1h40m – See you next time!!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth