2103 – Staring at the Sun with Lee Farber

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


Lee Farber

00 – Welcome in! 21-3! 2103! Jimmy explains why we’re all laughing!

Eliot got a little charming for a brief brief moment and he wasn’t the pompous windbag he usually is.

Talking Eclipses. Matt and Eliot took pics of the eclipse, and Eliot thinks his vision of the exclipse was less occlusion that Matt’s. Jimmy is gonna judge.

Jimmy talks about watching the eclipse with his family. Felt like 1979 again. He talks about it. “It was neat.”

Jimmy talks about the difference between the eclipse now and back in 79.

Talking Johnson. Jimmy hates the white supremacist, Chuck Johnson. http://gawker.com/what-is-chuck-johnson-and-why-the-web-s-worst-journal-1666834902

“Like cicadas coming out of the ground.” – Jimmy on White Supremacists.

Talking briefly about my eggplant hair.

Jimmy judges the pictures to see if there is a discrepancy in the photos.


Total eclipse of Matt’s interest in this conversation.

10 – Jimmy shows his picture. Complete totality: jimmy’s middle finger.

Jimmy’s gonna fix the cord.

Eclipse 2017! A good day!


Talking George Burns and Jerry Lewis and Dick Gregory.

Was Jerry Lewis funny? Jimmy says yes he was funny. A great physical comedian, and then he sucked.

15 – Dick Gregory – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dick_Gregory

Mr. Saturday Night outtakes – https://www.reddit.com/r/comedy/comments/40nyy3/jerry_lewis_outtakes_from_mr_saturday_night/

Helen Hunt was never better than she was in Mr. Saturday Night.

Helen Hunt’s sister’s job?

We’re guessing!

20 – Head shot photographer! Colleen Hunt.

Doc Talk!

Jimmy watched the doc Icarus.

Dick Pound!


Jimmy has a new Kesha review:


25 – Kesha was on Nashville.

Derek Hough and Kesha on Nashville Episode 19/Season 4 “After You’ve Gone” (Live Blog)

Jimmy talks about Kesha on Good Morning America.


We all love the Kesha album.

Hamilton talk.

Circus people talk.

Jimmy’s mom loves Hamilton!

Our guest snuck in!

30 – Jimmy went purge during the eclipse.

Lee Farber is here!

Jimmy is freaking over the cord!

He fixed it, not a big deal. Jimmy in a moment.

Lee has a movie, The Lonely Italian.

Or does he?!

Jimmy talks about Lee, his work, and his head of hair. A “young Griffin Dunne.” – Matt. No See socks!

No-sees, Musical?

We’ll be right back!

We’re back!


35 – We started numbering!

Talking Alexa.

Matt’s Alexa conspiracy.

Lee’s kids are 7 and 9. He talks about them.

Where is Josephine?

Eloise and Beatrix!

Talking Don Rickles.

40 – Hair talk!

Piercing talk. Lee’s mom got his ear pierced??

Pink Floyd concert = ear piercing

Talking first concerts. Men at Work was Lee’s first.

45 – More hair.

Lee talks eclipse. He looked at it and it hurt really bad.

Talking finding Eclipse glasses. Jimmy had to track them down.

How much are they worth now?!

Matt talks about the 7/11 near him price gouging for the glasses.

50 – What is Mike Pence’s middle name?

Jimmy: Joseph
Lee: Robert
Matt: John
Eliot: Arnold
Garon: Charles

It’s Richard!

55 – Jules Asner wrote Logan Lucky. Stephen Soderbergh’s wife. Lee has the dirt!

He worked on The Soup for 11 years.

Lee created The Stash. He talks about it. He talks more about the idea and how it came about.

Talking how Lee and Jimmy met. Lee was the drummer in the Tron Rock Opera.

60 – Jimmy saw Wind River! Enjoyed it.

Talking Jeremy Renner.

The belated Eliot!

Eliot spent 10 hours playing a board game, Advanced Civilization.

It was “mostly fun.”

Matt asks about the game Diplomacy.

1h5m – Lee is a prog rock guy. He talks about it and getting the deluxe edition of Marillion’s album, “misplaced childhood.”


Talking the band Yes.

1h10m – Jimmy talks about seeing Yes with Styx and being bored to tears by Yes. Lee was at the show and agrees.

They talk about it.

John Williams Son is the singer of ToTo.

Kaylie is a Marillion song.

Jimmy and Lee are gong to see Marillion together!

Jimmy wants to talk more Prog!

Eliot wants to go back to the game.

1h15m – Jimmy takes his headphones out. Matt is starved for anything by Prog talk.

Eliot’s lady friend wanted to play this long game.

Eliot says he would say so in terms of his lady liking us.

Thanks for coming out to Flappers!

John Oliver talk.

Lee was also the drummer on Rodeohead, Matt is shocked.

Chris Hardwick is great.

1h20m – If Hardwick or Wil Wheaton retweet you, it should be an instant 4k likes.

We’ll be back.

We’re back!

Thanks for coming to Wise guys! Jimmy’s gonna be in Atlanta.

Not enough finger!

Kitchen incident!

Mini Krispie Kremes last week. The box is back! But it’s empty!

1h25m – Jimmy left the empty box there. Alice reference.
Jimmy asks Lee about Starship.


Lee walks us through The Lonely Italian.


Lee talks about how they had to talk to people about letting cameras film the dates.

1h30m – Hearing lots about The Lonely Italian. The film is available everywhere now and soon in theaters.

Wind River –

Jimmy asks Lee his thoughts about Jerry Lewis.


1h35m – Jerry Lewis talk.

Comedian who does Jerry Lewis singing Styx? Jimmy Pardo.

1h40m – Lee’s daughter is a model/actress. They talk about her money and having a coogan account.

Jackie Coogan – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jackie_Coogan

Jackie Cooper – http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0178114/?ref_=nv_sr_1

Thanks Lee!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth/Lady Hair