20U – Anthony Rapp Live in Toronto

Live Show Notes by Kaitlynn Smith
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Anthony Rapp

0– Welcome everyone indeed!

Still Mike.

Patrick Swayze RIP.

Paper maché.

Phil Hartman RIP.

Pebble married Bam Bam.

5– Orange is the New Black. FUNNY!

Inflatable pools, you have to blow them up.

How deep is your love?

Tom Bosley’s mad!

Sliding into pools is dangerous.

10– Kaitlynn found musicals and Les Miserables because of a high school crush named Sean.

Sean was the neighbour when her brother went to University the next year.
(Canadian spelling of “neighbour” noted. -Darryl)

15– Welcome Matt!

The saddest of sad sack stories.

Spicy meatballs!

“Well isn’t that special.”

Appondanza! Mama Celeste Pizza for One.

3am fire alarm.

Steven Hawking laugh app.

20– 3:30am fire alarm, 4am fire alarm, 5:30am fire alarm: that’s a problem, 8am fire alarm.


“Sean was the neighbour!”
(Canadian spelling of “neighbour” noted again. -Darryl)

Is Canada not friendly?

Pull the alarm we gottta get out of this.

Spooky restaurant=delicious meal.

25– Don’t eat in a dentist’s office.

Past midnight show, horrible idea.

Summer light talk.

Sean looks like seen, look down, look down.

Tape down that butt flap.

When you’re a jet (you’re a jet all the way).

30– The Donald Trumps of podcasting.

Elevator act out.

“He flexes! To the mirror!”

More elevator talk, Jesus.

35– Don’t go in the pool in shorts.

Don’t expect to see good looking guys in hillbilly north Toronto.

Is the audience still here?

Flat tire laugh.

Only one Jessie in the crowd.

Our guest is salt of the earth good people, please welcome Anthony Rapp!

40– Push ups.

Microphone cord work.

Star Trek: Discovery Anthony plays the first openly gay character.

William Shatner was NOT at Jimmy’s wedding, no murderer’s allowed!

Star Trek conventions

Doug Jones talk.

45– Harry Potter? No, what’s your bag?

Frank Gorshin sigh.

Actor Jimmy, 5 lines or less.

Star Trek discussion.

Vulcan hands.

50– Anthony’s first time as a regular television cast member.

La La Land– yes or no?

Favorite movies of 2016.

55– Filming schedule discussion.

Anthony- “It’s all about the people!”

How to play Mafia game, Sonequa Martin–Green won tonight.

Italian racial profiling.

Insert dick joke.

Cubs baseball talk.

Blue Jays baseball talk.

1h– Time to sing?

Welcome accompanist Jordan.

Jimmy is Roger, Anthony is Mark.

What you Own- RENT.

Anthony introduced everyone to Hamilton.

1h5m– Anthony not a fan of Les Mis (ouch).

Anthony sings Wicked Little Town from Hedwig and the Angry Itch.

1h10m– Hedwig and the Mighty Inch.


Jimmy gives to Anthony: 16 (Broadway)

1h15m– Jimmy gives to Anthony: 20 (80’s music)

That’s a Wrap on Rapp!

“U” Television shows.

Untouchables– Anthony Rapp wins!

Doug Jones come on down for Sevens!

Oh Gads!

Jimmy giving to Doug Jones: 2 (Movies)

1h20m– Jimmy gives to Sterling: 24 (Never Not Funny)

Thanks for coming, goodnight!