2014 – Taking Shelter with Jay Mohr

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Jay Mohr


00 – Hello! Welcome!


Eliot’s having a day!

Talking Eliot’s hair.

“The hair is bordering on self-parody.” Jesse on Eliot.

High and wide!

Lots of beach and lots of forest. Jimmy on his hair.

Jimmy had a great time at Fyre Fest. Just a great time with top-notch food. He got a nice open faced sandwich and a safe secure setting to lay his head down.

Eliot doesn’t know what Fyre fest is.

NY Mag Article

Jimmy explains it to him.

05 – Jimmy and Matt talk more about the festival.

Who owns a yacht?

Matt knows EXACTLY what Jimmy is talking about.

Matt knows someone with money.

He wouldn’t buy a yacht.

How would you spend your money? Sports team? Property?

10 – Most Expensive Yahtzee set:

Garon: $75
Matt $39.95
Jimmy 199.95
Eliot: $375
Jay: $14,500.50

Great shakes! – Matt!

15 – I went for our guest!

Jimmy informs me about Jimmy’s credit troubles.

25 – Jay Mohr is here!!

Jimmy talks to him about the Yahtzee bet.

Jay wonders, “why you so hot kiddo?”

Flower codes? Jimmy doesn’t want to give Rachel Maddow any money, if we have a code.

Jay loses it over something Jimmy says.

30 – Reiterating the bets!

Garon: $75
Matt $39.95
Jimmy 199.95
Eliot: $375
Jay: $1400

Talking about the mighty white of you.

Why does Jay have a Boston accent, “all day.”

$246 83!

Jimmy wins!

John Paul was Jimmy’s confirmation name.

35 – “Oh that guys toons.” – Jimmy on Adam Baldwin. His cousin enjoyed it.

Jay Mohr! 

Go –

Jimmy’s got a bruise on his knee he shows it off. Jay comments on his leg hair.

Jimmy has no idea how he got the bruise.

Jay loves Eliot. He’s “powerless over him “

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

We’re a week ahead.

Jimmy talks about my yard sale!

40 – Yard sale talk!

Remake Cannonball Run??

Jimmy and Jay talk the show.

45 – The floor is open for questions!

Dull me with the threeways!

Jay talks his family life.

Jay’s trying some impressions!

He wishes he was gay? He’d be more interesting.

Brazzers! (it is porn)


50 – Jimmy’s favorite album of 2016? Rick Astly’s 50!

Self produced!

Jimmy is fascinated by his snapping abilities.

Jay talks about little league.

Jay does some Dice and Jimmy loses it.

Jay talks trying to keep up with Jimmy.

Jay tosses his money and cards.

55 – Jimmy wonders about Heroine.

Jimmy doesn’t understand why Jay isn’t more known. He said he saw Jay do six minutes at flappers and he laughed at 5.

Jimmy suggests Jay record his suitcase story as it is a nice piece of business.

Jimmy and Matt try to remember something funny they talked about.

“Don’t spook the thoroughbred.”

Jay says he is an audiophile. Matt insists he put his headhones on right then.

60 – Matt talks about the reason Jimmy uses earbuds.

Jimmy would be a weatherman TOMORROW if the opportunity came up.

Talking about Jay doing radio. He doesn’t do it any longer.

This is Jay’s favorite place on earth.


The Broad – 

1h5m – Steph Currie talk!

Jimmy explains to Jay where he is from.

1h10m – Talking divorce and how leaving your house is conceding to the court.

Talking drugs with Jay!

Jimmy saw cocaine when he was 12-13.

Jay talks about a corolla ramp about traffic.

Jay talks about twitter.

Talking chuck Palahniuk.

1h15m – Campbell Scott talk.

Taling trach fuck.

Astronaut pens?

Jay is still dong Mohr Stories.

Jay talking movies.

Jay does some Norm McDonald. It is really great.

1h20m – Eliot owes everyone an apology for not playing his sound drop.

Jay says he’ll suck the dicks of people who are mean to Eliot on twitter.

Jay’s out! What fun!

We’ll be back!

1h25m – We’re back!

A funny tornado is Jay Mohr! Fit in like nearly no one else.

We’re gonna take some calls before we get out of here.

Happy birthday Charlie! He was Lego Batman at his birthday.

Matt talks about the party.

Talking Trump and Correspondent’s dinner.


Yard sale.

Hi Jason from Ohio. Bye Jason!

Guy from Nashville doesn’t watch Nashville. He works in the music biz! Mr. Roper!

Nashville Time Zone. See ya Nick!

Talking Nicki Minaj.

Voicemail from Ben.

Email from Matt Donaher to Jimmy regarding a guy with TWO service dogs.

1h35m – Be present Matt!

Jennifer wants us to give her a call. So we will. OR not.

Calls from Joey! In St Louis Park Minnesota.

Clint from Tyler Texas! Jimmy asks him about the storms/tornados.

1h40m – Jimmy talks about the storms happening and an experience he had while driving and having to hide in a tiny gas station bathroom.

Clint wants to know who won the pardcastathon auction for getting Jimmy on. It was Same Page Podcast. Clint talks about his own podcast about Hulk Hogan.

Jimmy and Clint both share a hometown with a member of REO Speedwagon.

We are all done with Clint. Or not.

Bye Clint!

Calling Jennifer in San Antonio!

Hi Jennifer! She is not 9 but has a child’s voice. Jennifer saw Jennifer in Austin! She was gonna be Jennifer 3 she said. Her boyfriend is Phil! Jimmy remembers her now. Phil’s a dullard. She works in fashion.

Plug them Jennifer! Niche Clothing Co.

Jennifer and Jimmy talk about the show and the Velveeta Room.

Bye Jen!

Hey Matt! See ya! Or not.

2h – What the hell was that phone call? Was that Steve-O?!

We’re calling him back.

Good piece of business Ben Trout! Great Steve-O impression.

Master of twitter me!

Awesome 80s!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth