20K – Running to the Hills with Adam Ray


Live from Parlor Love in Seattle Washington

No on-site note-taker

Adam Ray

All notes and editing by Darryl Asher


The crowd reaction is deafening, and as usual Jimmy doesn’t know how to
react to kindness

Jason shout-out right away (Wilcox, but he doesn’t get the courtesy of a
last-name shout-out)

Sweater talk

Welcome Matt Belknap

Matt wants Jimmy to know it hurts when Jimmy slaps his ass when he comes

“You have to stop whipping my ass!”

This is a smack, not a slap

This is technically Bellvue, not Seattle

There’s boomy sound, take care of it Greg!


Lots of “Bell” related puns, including Bell’s Palsy

Beauty and Beast and Belle’s Palsy

Sugar Sammy is on a poster, so Jimmy can’t resist talking about it

Urban legend: buried with a bell

Matt is amped up, possibly due to the crowd or, more likley, cocaine

“You like-a da sweet?” (popcorn)


Matt’s theater job manager is the one who had to get physical with a

Jiminy Click / George Pennacchio

George was shaken to the core after OScar La La Land / Moonlight flub

Jimmy says it’s too cold

Guy behind Jimmy on the plane blew his nose 23 times pre-flight


Swede sweet popcorn?

MTVs Sway and his hat-hair combo
Jimmy likes asking questions about Matt’s car that he already knows

The Heart sisters are fighting

George Takai is NOT really running for congress, but could have

George came to Jimmy and Danielle’s wedding, but not all of the Star Trek


More about Ann and Nancy Wilson and their family-related drama and
falling out

More Heart talk

An audience member heard about the Heart drama on Eddie Trunk’s podcast

Eddie was on Never Not Funny once!

Why is Jason Schwartzman in the front row?


Whitney Houston and the comfort of bathtubs

There is no funny in Whitney dying

Trying to figure out when Whitney died (Died: February 11, 2012, Beverly
Hills, CA)

Does anyone know a Johnny Gill song


Matt may know a Johnny Gill song (Rub You the Right Way)


Betting confusion

Matt: “When I worked in actual show business…”

Matt heard that Johnny was Eddie Murphy’s concubine – allegedly

Jimmy tries to get out of this conversation

Jimmy did a bit with Chuck Woolery on the Game Show Network


If you don’t agree with Alex Jones, you should at least appreciate his
calm manner

Jimmy has taps on his sneakers

Obama tapped the entire cast of All That Jazz – write that down!

Jimmy checks his eBay bids on t-shirts

Adam Scott was at the Us Festival by Steve Wozniak


Jimmy does not cheat on his wife, but makes too many jokes about it

Jimmy buys too many eBay t-shirts because he has a problem and is trying
to fill a void

Matt has never been more on fire

Big Jim Walker – Don’t Mess Around with Jim


The comeback of wrestling

Stephen in the audience gets asked about wrestling

Ted Turner’s NWO wrestling


Brian the bouncer checks to make sure an audience member wasn’t really

Brian did some backyard wrestling


Brian comes forward into mic-range

Wresling and singlets – terrible and awkward for kids

Brian shows his big hand

Steamboat Charlie vs. Steamboat Willie

Matt is hopped up on courtesy flan

Matt doesn’t sweat, now that Mike isn’t intimidating him on NNF

We are due for another Swedish supergroup like Roxette!


Time for the guest!

Jimmy dusts off talk about the movie Colors

Great movie, says Jimmy

canistream.it – first stop for movie viewing

Adam Ray and his sweater, everybody!

Matt looks like Bart Simpson’s best friend (not Milhouse, but a

Matt and Ray need to have a High-Hair-Off


Adam wonders about Jimmy’s old headshots

Jimmy Pardo’s ill-advised publicity shot wardrobe

He apparently hasn’t see it
Adam like Phil Donahue
Lots of Phil Donahue talk, including Jimmy’s impression of Todd Glass’s
impression of Danahue———————

Venereal diseases vs. sexually transmitted diseases

Adam grew up in the Seattle area

The Verve (Pipe)


One hand in my pocket and other making a peace sign

Adam thinks song titles can refer to self-pleasuring
Naming top Iron Maiden songs

Barenaked Ladies One Week

Jimmy wants to know about Adam’s hair


Dick Gautier

N’Sync band members (I refuse to list them here)

98 Degrees

Stephen’s fave band is The Hold Steady

This crowd knows everything and tells you everything in a snippy manner

More about Jimmy’s t-shirt dragon-chasing

Jimmy explains the Never Not Funny curse


Victims of the The Curse

Dirty Carson shows up due to Ruth Buzzi talk

Ruth Buzzi on Laugh-In

Time to play Sevens


Adam does Tony Danza playing Pyramid

Adam picks RomCom category, possibly first time in the category

Adam scores 8 but it felt better


Adam’s mom makes him watch random movies

Fanta soda pronunciation

Jimmy slaps Adam’s ass, because Matt commanded it

Richard from the audience comes up to play Sevens but gets kicked off for
being too tall and too gray


Richard has 50% too much personality so Jimmy kicks him off

Brian plays Sevens

Superheroes – Brian-with-an-i scores 21


Daniel plays Sevens

RomCom – 6

Shauna plays Sevens

Action Movies – 19


K-word Tv show guesses, all wrong, because Jimmy’s ridiculous choice was
Kids Are People Too

Lots of thanks to lots of people including the fans

Surfing talk on John from Cincinnatti: dump out

AK-47 gone not forgotten