2008 – Saying Sorry with Myq Kaplan

The Google-friendly Myq Kaplan

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – 2008! Welcome in! Zippy zip zop David Lee Roth?!

Greatest front man in the history of Rock and Roll Jimmy is told.

I enjoyed my hot dog because Eliot was late.

They had to drag an apology out of him.

Debating Eliot’s tardiness.

I save Eliot with some DLR impressions?

Jimmy talks about some stuff conversationally.

April Foolishness 2017

More live dates!

Jimmy and Eliot back to the tardiness.

05 – Talking crazy uncles at Thanksgiving?!

Chicago shows went great!

Jimmy also did his fantasy baseball draft.

He talks about it.

10 – Jimmy talks about his hotel and seeing one of his league mates staying at his own hotel.

Jimmy talks about the guy sitting next to him on his flight.

Guy on the plane got mad that Jimmy didn’t know what was up with basketball.

Basketball talk.

Big 10 

Jimmy just does not care or talk.

15 – Jimmy did enjoy the guys shoes though.

Eliot is rallying strong from his tardiness. Jimmy’s just decided to use his team name: The Dripping Icebags.

Shout out to Dan Kelly and his daughter Kelly who is fighting cancer. Jimmy compares it to his airplane struggles.

Jimmy is pretty sure the Asian guy from Lost was on his flight.

20 – Mail!

Myq Kaplan is here!

Eliot apologizes to Myq.

I can’t defuse this tension!!

25 – Mail from Ernesto!

Michael Jordan baseball card!

Matt fascinated by the card being the size of his iphone.

Brad Gage is here talking his knocking style!

Brad acts!

He does know of Jimmy!

30 – Brad’s a fan! He’s 30! Honda Civic.

Get that bumper fixed!

Brad has a Conga drum.

Estefan talk.

Jimmy enjoys Brad.

Brad Gage!

Summerfest talk. Rainstorm and Jimmy blew through town.

35 – Brad’s grandma was IN Miami Sound Machine?!

Get that conga on craigslist. Give up comedy for drumming Brad!

Drummer talk. Don Henley average drummer good singer. John Bonham and Neil Pert are Brad’s favorites. Bazio is too busy.

Myq tries to compliment Jimmy.

Myq apologizes for misunderstanding Jimmy’s Magi comment.

Myq runs through his impressions. Both of them.

Myq talks about his movie trivia team name.

Brad’s third favorite drummer is carter bueford from DMB. His fourth fave is Stuart Copeland.

Fifth favorite is Ginger Baker from Cream.

Brad pays Tama.

40 – Brad brightened the room!

One more piece of mail!

Cryptic talk about Josh Gondleman looking into something for Jimmy.

Meredith Multon (sp*)

Jimmy’s dad’s review of Hamilton: The best play he’s ever seen.

Meredith made me cards! She is on fire in this letter.

It’s a Croce strong shirt!

45 – Myq’s mom is an over apologist.

Myq is single now, Jimmy was not aware of this. Myq explains it. He then talks about his coffee date. There was an age situation.

There was some making out in the coffee shop!?

50 – It wasn’t full on make out. Just longer than the peck.

“I don’t care who sees this” = Stand Up Comedy.
He talks more about the age situation. Apparently she had a head injury that messes up her memory some times.

55 – Eliot models his shirt.

Break! Horn! Celebrity sighting x2! Also Jimmy saw Maurice Bernard aka Sonny Corinthos!

We’ll be back!

60 – We’re back! 2008!

Funny dude David Feldman! And Dirty Carson is here!

Screw ups.

Talking about an American in Paris.

1h10m – theatre talk.

Talking Myq’s mom and not knowing her name.

Talking Mic movement.

1h15m – gate talk.

1h20m – Eliot is well! Spent time with his lady friend and her puppy, Freddie.

Myq talks about a joke he told on James Cordon about a psychic telling him he would meet a dog named Fred.

Myq’s album is called No Kidding. You can get it at

1h25m – Doc Talk!

Owen and Haatchi

Schwartz-Jampel Syndrome.

Oasis talk. Both brothers are assholes?

Myq Kaplan is here!

Talking same syllable names.

Myq talks about Chop Wood Carry Water.

1h30m – Myq talks about his name change.

Michael Kaplan Costume Designer – 

Jimmy talks about Myq appearing in his stand up.

Celebrity sightings!!

1h35m – Myq’s sighting: tv actress in a legal drama.

Talking TV shows and psychic.

The Good Wife talk.

Feud talk!

Gina Torres!

We’ll be right back!

1h45m – We’re back! Episode 2008!

Short and sweet on the commercials.

Myq asks Jimmy is he recalls the first time they met.

Myq was one of give or take 16 comics to appear on the Tonight Show with Conan O’Brian.

Talking Tonight Show intro music.

Myq wants to come out on a talk show to his own song, “walking to the stage.”

1h50m – We all understand Myq’s sing-a-long song.

No Kidding is Myq’s album about not having kids.

1h55m – Conan O’Brien episodes

Matt celeb sighting.

Shia Labeouf!!

Myq does a tone joke for us.

2h5m – Myq talks about how his friend Zach messes up words like tweet, text, etc.

Jimmy saw someone doing a joke of his on twitter the other day. It’s a listener of the show.

Myq talks about appreciating the non swear in phrases like S of a bitch or Ass h.

Taser –

Talking team names.

Thanks Myq!!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth