20F – Parking Your Car Sideways with Al Jackson

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Al Jackson


00 – Welcome in! 20F! Stands for fuck? Never! Jimmy won’t stand for it.

Jimmy’s sore.

Ethan and his wife, Chen, are here! Ethan looks 15 according to Jimmy.

Hi Chen!

They’ve been married for 4 years. No kids. Ethan says closer to 50 months.

Ethan looks young. He’s 32.

Talking scheduling Ethan’s visit.

He was originally gonna come on the day of Paul Reiser episode but we rescheduled since we had a double episode that day.

There’s a bug in here somewhere.

Seasons and people change.

Ethan is in this years fantasy league!

Jimmy’s checking the standings.

05 – Mad Dog is here giving us the standings!

Mad Dog not approving of one of Ethan’s picks.

Ethan is from LA but he doesn’t LIVE here. He lives in San Fran now. He has been to sketch fest, but apparently only for Pat. He did not go see Rock Solid though!

Ethan has never been to a concert?!

Eliot just sucked every once of subtlety and joy out of jimmy’s joke. “Shut it down weird hair!” – Jimmy

10 – Eliot got lippy earlier. IN FRONT OF CHEN!

Jimmy apologizes to Chen for Eliot’s lack of mustache.
Jimmy wants to know what Chen and Ethan’s first dance was to: Hall & Oates You Make My Dreams Come True.

Eliot misses his cue to sing with Jimmy.

Jimmy puts the kibosh on Matt’s episode title.

15 – Love the one you’re with – or settle for second best.

Jimmy talks about the LA Marathon!

He had to run from his car to get to his corral on time. He squeezed through a fence rabbit hole and ended up right where he was supposed to be.

Open Corral is a great steakhouse. The potato smashers are great!

More marathon talk.

Knee pain started around mile 9/10 but he kept going. He wasn’t tired and it was just soreness. Pain up at 11m, around 12 m it got worse. He decided to keep going until the half marathon mark.

25 – 7/11 guy was way too handsome for 7/11 but then lectured Jimmy for not having a cell phone with him.

Al gives Eliot a little tickle.

Jimmy introduces everyone to Al and vice versa.

Good word and we’re all proud of Jimmy! He wants to try next year but will do more training.

Al thinks Jimmy has a biker’s build.

2 miles of Pain is Eminem’s 4th album?

Ethan and Chen are both lawyers. Ethan works in mergers and acquisitions (Murder and Acquisitions is Eminem’s 5th album.)

Chen works in Capital Markets. IPOs essentially.

30 – Ethan wonders if Jimmy is in investor.

The caboose on the condescension train – Al

Jimmy talks more about his stocks.

Jimmy must be double counting his stocks because they’re folded in his wallet.

35 – Al tells a story about playing basketball in 7th grade and having nickels in his socks because he didn’t have pockets. Turned out he did get to play and had to stop because the coins were hurting his toes.

Ethan and Chen saw Hamilton in NYC. They loved it. Worth the money!

We’re gonna guess the lowest Hamilton ticket price.

Saturday night Mezzanine price

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

People Without Headphones is a great cover band name.

Al talks about his band experience.

Little Red Corvette is one of Al’s favorite songs.

Al says it’s one of Prince’s best songs.

Great Groove in Darling Nicky.

40 –

Jimmy’s favorite Prince song is Purple Rain.

The guys talk Purple Rain

You can call Prince a Genius!

What about Kanye?

Jimmy talks about signs at the marathon.

Talking about why Taylor didn’t tell Kanye to get the fuck off the stage. Jimmy is comparing Kanye to Suge Knight?

Al was at the show were the trump supporter through the wine glass at the comedian (John Capulo (sp?!).

Apparently it was a lesbian bi-racial couple that were trump supporters.
Jimmy enjoyed beauty and the Beast. He also saw Kong with his mom, they didn’t like it at all. Apparently Brie Larson is horrible.

Kong talk!

My F word is Frasier!

Me as showrunner for scream?!

Ethan’s F word is Friday Night Lights.

Jimmy might put FNL into his top 10 of all time.

Johnny spoiler is at it again! Matt spoiling Crashing.

Al likes Chen’s jeans!

Chen’s F word is Friends!

She’s lived here for 7 years. Is Chen the first Chinese person to be on the show?

Al talks about Billy Ocean’s wardrobe.

David Birney – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Birney

Eliot’s F word is: Family Feud

How obvious is it that Steve Harvey wants the black families to win? – Al

Steve Harvey video –

Eliot talks about the Karaoke night he did with a listener. Rachele and Ricky.

1h15m – Garon Cockrell Karaoke?

Rachele picked Leeroy Brown for him to sing.

Apparently, he also did You Make My Dreams Come True.

Al’s been crying more at movies lately.

Matt’s F word is Firefox (?) apparently it’s a helicopter TV show? Nope it is a film.

He goes back to Frasier.

1h20m – Hello Al! He’s been working on Bob and Tom lately. Al’s F word is (after careful thought) Friday Night Videos

Fridays – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0080219/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

How is a cat not in your lap with those glasses? – Al to Jimmy

Jimmy’s F word is The Flintstones! NO winner.

Hamilton ticket price guesses:

Ethan: $600
Chen: $500
Matt: $520
Garon: $550
Eliot: $635
Al: $485
Jimmy: $675

Price is right rules?

Most expensive ticket is $3500

$616.67! Ethan wins!

Jimmy throws his money to him. It’s a great throw.

Matt talks about how he’s never been to a strip club.

Al has a strip club story. He accidentally tipped her $100 instead of $1. That was his only money for the week. Thee Dollhouse. In Sunny Isles. Where the golden girls takes place?

Strip Club talk.

1h30m – Should Matt and Jimmy go to a strip club?

Matt would go if it is a group office situation.

Jimmy talks about people going to strip clubs together that creep him out. Couples, groups of “progressive” women.

1h35m – Al was put up in a Sheraton! Hooters v Twin Peaks?!

Al did not go to Twin Peaks this time but he did in the past and it was gross.

Talking Chicken Wings!

Al recommends the Lemon Pepper Dry Rubs

1h40m – Celebrity sightings!!!

Not Angelyne! Why is Jimmy talking about her??

Janice Dickinson!

The first supermodel?

Dave Koechner! Jimmy gets it!

“Turning things on the thead!” – Me

Get Out talk.

Chen was at Pardcastathon in full!

2014! Chen fell asleep and Jimmy made fun of her for it.

PCAT talk. Ethan can’t decide what year he went.

Lawyer talk. Ethan mainly deals with contracts.

Talking new Transformers.

Shutting down Eliot but then Jimmy apologizes.

Jimmy forces Chen to apologize.

I Spy was on NBC – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_Spy_(1965_TV_series)

2h – Undercovers! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Undercovers_(TV_series)

Aunt Jemima?!

Eliot gives and we’re not buying! “keep moving gypsy!” – Jimmy

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth