1913 – Settling Up with Anthony Rapp

Anthony Rapp

Anthony Rapp

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Welcome in! False start! Matt was not rolling when we started.

Happy Halloween!

Less than a week to go until the election once this episode comes out.

Brief baseball talk. Graham was at the recent game.

All positive energy!

Talking flying W and Joe Mantegna.

Bleacher Bums – 

Talking the kids Halloween costumes! Zoe was Angelica Schuyler, Charlie was BB-8 with a thumbs up flame! (sort of).

Charlie’s class danced to Thriller at a school function today.

05 – At an assembly, Oliver’s class sang Man in the Mirror. Jimmy’s decided Oliver is old enough that he doesn’t have to see the Halloween school parade anymore.

Jimmy’s gonna see plenty of costumes trick r treating tonight.

Jimmy says elephant!

10 – Eliot’s not here today. He’s not doing well today with some kind of stomach illness. Possibly Ferris Wheel related.

Jimmy and Matt talk about the most hackneyed adult costumes.

Jimmy thinks there is a 1 and a 1a.

They both agree that it’s Stranger Things. Tons of people are doing these costumes. Also Trump.

Joseph talks about his costume that he made for Nightmarsical.

Jimmy and Matt talk trick or treating with the kids and whether they are dressing up.

Matt IS dressing up. He’s gonna be Poe Dameron to go alone with Charlie’s BB-8.

15 – Talking catheters and adult diapers.

Matt asks about catheter bates in Misery.

Great time at the Now Hear This fest! Great crowd for a 730 show on a Friday night in Anaheim. Jimmy’s really happy with the crowd we got.

John Ross Bowie was the guest and made a 2-hour drive to make it!

Anthony Rapp and Muneesh are here!

Talking customs, school, teachers, etc.

35 – We’re back!

Talking celebrity getting cubs tickets that should have gone to older fans!

Talking shirts and inks!

Jimmy sings a bit and thinks he sounds great!

Playing the ferris wheel video.

Joseph didn’t make it.

45 – Lovecraft is a B-52s song?!

Matt sings for us.

Lots of Jim Parsons commercials during the world series apparently.

Jimmy talks commercials.

Anthony wants to talk about the name Indians. Jimmy’s fine with it, but not with that same logo.

Muneesh say’s mother fucker a lot. Matt thinks he should be the new Indians logo. Maybe the Cleveland Spiders is a better team?

Talking about intimidating mascots.

Spiders and Snakes –

50 – Jimmy plays some Spiders and Snakes for us.

We’re betting on the charting of Spider’s and Snakes!


Anthony – 14
Joseph – 13
Muneesh – 8
Matt – 32
Jimmy – 5

Jimmy wins!

We hear some more.

60 – Mr. Mxyzptlk can retcon?!



The Clubhouse Podcast! Had a fun time recording today.

Jimmy talks about having a great night out. Jimmy talks about not being great with strangers but the people he was with really were great people.

65 –

Talking about Anthony and Adam’s show.

Tours over unfortunately but there will be an audio release of it soon!

Talking travel plans and reformatting the show?!

Talking cake controversy! “It’s almost vegan.”

70 – Jimmy’s go the go-ahead to take his upgrades to first class when traveling with Matt.

Jimmy brings up a story from the Clubhouse podcast.

Jimmy asks Anthon where he was when the Cubs made it to the series. They won during his set and one of the people in the crowd yelled out to him that they won.

Anthony wants to talk about the financial stakes in the Cubs.

75 – Anthony talks more about the experience of finding out about the win and where it happened in his song set.

Talking about the Ricketts, who own the Cubs.

Laura Ricketts is openly gay –

Voting Trump! Jimmy and Matt go through who we support.

Anthony talks about when the Reds won in Oakland they didn’t get a party because marge schott was pissed thy didn’t win in cincinatti.

They had their party at a Carl’s Jr.

80 – Joseph’s getting married May 6! He tells us his engagement story again.

Hillary and Anthony have the same birthday.

I’m an award-winning screenwriter!

We’re gonna take a break and come back to talk Hamilton, and paying off bets.

We’re back!


Let’s get to the money!

Jimmy talks briefly about Anthony’s show.

The O’Jays –

Anthony does an REM song (Losing My Religion) at his show but they’re not his favorite band. The Beatles are Anthony’s favorite band.

Muneesh settles the bets for us!

A lot of “concrete has gone under our shoes” since Anthony was here last according to Jimmy.

90 – Muneesh gives us the details on the bets.

95 – Jimmy lost more cash than he brought with him. Anthony cleaned up. Jimmy tries to plan the next series of bets.

Matt assures them that they are free to do this off the air.

Mr. Spic and Span!

“You’re soaking in it!”

Baseball logo talk.

Good luck Trump!

Bye guys!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth